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Christian Fortune

Christian FortuneChristian Foertune and Christian Beadles arriving for Waiting 4 U TourSarahmonline Christian Fortune@Christian4tune

Christian Fortune, a set on Flickr.

Christian was born July 12, 1991 in Pasadena, Ca. His first big acting job was in the movie The Perfect Game. His co-stars were Jake T Austin, Ryan Ochoa, and Moises Arias. During shooting, he and Jake became friends.

They started filming a really funny web series on You Tube called The Tales of Sebastian. Christian loves acting, football, and hanging out with his friends.

We’ve run into him at Cody Simpson and Greyson Chances Waiting4U tour, bowling at Pinz, making a movie on the Santa Monica pier and a few other places.

He’s a really sweet guy who loves to meet fans and make people happy! He’s always in a good mood when I see him. Click on the first pic to see video of him and Christian Beadles arriving at the Waiting4U tour. Wow do they have a lot of teen girl fans!!

His Twitter is

I hope you enjoyed learning about Christian!

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Christian Beadles Caitlin Beadles

Christian BeadlesChristian BeadlesGods Girl Caitlyn BeadlesChristian Foertune and Christian Beadles arriving for Waiting 4 U Tour

Christian and Caitlin Beadles met Justin Beiber when he moved to Atlanta. Caitlin dated Justin and Christian became friends with Justin before he got famous. They are also well known for their You Tube videos. They love God and are very close to each other. Cristian was in the Eenie Meenie video with Justin Beiber and Sean Kingston. Caitlin was in the video “One Time”
In 2009, Caitlin had a very serious jet skiing accident where she almost lost her leg. She actually was close to death and had a long recovery in the hospital. They spend a lot of time in LA. Christian is really comfortable with fans and uses Twitter to invite them to meet them up at City Walk LA.
I met them at the Cody Simpson/ Greyson Chance concert. Caitlin is a little more quiet and shy but she’s really sweet.
Christian also hangs out with Christian Fortune. They have a lot in common.
Their Twitters are @LittleCBeadles
and @GodsGirl8494
I hope you enjoyed learning more bout these 2 nice people.
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