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Meeting Joe Jonas

Joe JonasJoe Jonas AutographJoe Jonas posing for photos!!

Meeting Joe Jonas, a set on Flickr.

We met Joe at Wango Tango May 14, 2011. He was there to introduce his first single as a solo artist, apart from his brothers Nick and Kevin. The song is called “See No More,” He took pics with fans going in and on his way out! My mom took video. He hugged fans, took pics, someone even kissed him. There was a guy from Pop Candies who took video of Joe with me. Joe also gave me his autograph. I’m so happy I met him! He was very quiet and sweet with all of us! I can’t wait for See No More in June.

102.7 KIISFM Wango Tango 2011

Joe JonasJoe Jonas posing for photos!!Bella Thorne arriving at Wango TangoKei$ha atWango TangoMax AdlerMark Ballas
Sammi HanrattyWe found the VIP partyAdam HicksHarry ShumRomeo MillerAdam Hicks
Lucy Hale102.7 KIISFMSharni Vinson and Elizabeth MathisSasha Jackson Elizabeth Mathis and Sharni VinsonNew BoyzAdam Hicks
Samantha BoscarinoChase JordanWango Tango dog tag!!Wango Tango 2011

102.7 KIISFM Wango Tango 2011, a set on Flickr.

On May 14th 102.7 KIISFM had their annual event called Wango Tango! The line up was pretty awesome: JLO w/ Pitbull, Cody Simpson, Selena Gomez, New Boyz Far East Movement, Matt Morrison, New Boyz lots of others!!
They had a Village that opened at 12 with booths, food, performances, and autograph signing. We found the VIP entrance and hung out with friends
We met :
Max Adler
Harry Shum
Sammi Hanratty
Mark Ballas
Adam Hicks
Samantha Boscarino
Sharni Vinson
Elizabeth Mathis
Sasha Jackson
Chase Jordan
I saw:
Blake Michael
David and Lorenzo Henrie
Ryan Newman
Bridget Mendler
Bella Thorne

The performances were amazing!!
I had a LOT of fun seeing my Twitter friends and making new ones!!

I posted pics and videos so you can see how cool some celebs are Romeo, Lucy Hale, Joe Jonas, Harry Shum and Max Adler were very kind to pose for pics with many fans!
We will definitely be back next year!

Meeting Lucy Hale

Lucy HaleLucy Hale giving me her autograph!!Lucy Hale autograph

Meeting Lucy Hale, a set on Flickr.

I love Lucy —- Hale from Pretty Little Liars!! She is so pretty and sweet! I met her at a restaurant on March 12, 2011. We try not to bother celebs when they are eating or with friends…but it was Lucy Hale!!! We asked for a pic and she left her seat and her friends to talk with us. We talked about Sasha Pieterse because we know her and have met her a lot. Lucy said “Oh You know Sasha? Isn’t she sweet? And she’s only 14!!
Then we asked for an autograph. We just happened to have a PopStar Magazine with us!! She’s awesome!!!
Watch her and support her!!!
We took a short video while she signed my magazine!!
follow her on Twitter @Lucyyhale show her your love!!
She’s awesome!!

Cody Simpson KIIS102.7 Wango Tango contest/concert

Cody Simpson with 102.7 KIISFMCody Simpson at KIIS102.7 FM contestCody Simpson 5/12/11Cody Simpson with 102.7 KIISFMCody Simpson with 102.7 KIISFMCody Simpson s Autographed  Pic
Cody Simpson singing at a private concert for 102.7 KIISFMCody Simpson singing 5/12/11

On May 12, 2011, When Cody Simpson was still on his Waiting 4 U Tour with Greyson Chance and Shane Harper, he stopped to do a little contest with KIISFM102.7 The first people to follow clues on Twitter won two tickets to Wango Tango. A friend helped us find them! at Pinz in Studio City! KIIS gave out sunglasses. The Cosdy came there was a little Q&A then he sang a song or 2.. He wants everyone to know he’ll be opening at Wango Tango!
After, he passed out signed pics to fans and posed for pics!!
When he saw me he said, “I know you!” “I see you on Twitter.” Fun Night!!

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