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Meeting Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld picHailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld gave me her autographHailee Steinfeld at a Shake it up taping

Meeting Hailee Steinfeld , a set on Flickr.

Hailee is a young actress that beat out 15,000 actresses for the role of Hattie Ross in the Movie True Grit. She did such a great job on that movie that she was nominated and won tons of awards! She presented at the Oscars with Justin Beiber. Her fashion is amazing. She has been to many premieres and events and people love seeing her. She didn’t get the role in Hunger Games but did get the role playing Juliet.

We met her after a taping of Shake it up. She is very good friends with Adam Irigoyen an actor on that show!
She came over when we called and took a pic, chatted for a while and gave me her autograph.

The actor who plays Deuce is Adam Irigoyen. He has a Twitter and when Hailee Steinfeld started to get really well known he kept tweeting that she didn’t have Twitter. We saw a poser on Twitter that EVERYONE was believing. It was right around Oscar time. The poser had about 3000 followers and was fooling everyone! It bugged us so much so we set out to expose the poser! Other people on Twitter helped  HaileeSteinfans, TeamSteinfeld, LoveforHaileeS ,SteinfeldNation, CarlyDemetria and Dbeist all  helped. Some people were mad about us doing that and sent mean tweets!
They finally deleted the Twitter. Hailee confirmed that she has never had Twitter last night when we met her. She even thanked us for exposing the poser!!
I can’t wait to see what roles Hailee gets next!!

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