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20,000 followers for Caroline Sunshine by 7/4/11

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Shake it up fans recognize Caroline as Tinka Hessenheffer. She and her on screen brother Gunther, are foreign exchange students with funny accents. The dress very oddly and have crazy traditions from their mysterious home country!

Caroline is 15 years old she was born in Georgia and was raised in Orange County. She has loved acting since an early age. according to Wikipedia, she played Goldilocks in a class play as a kindergartener. When she was entering 6th grade, she got a role in a commercial. Then she starred in a movie called Marmaduke. In 2010, she started taping Shake It Up.

When Shake It Up first started there was a poser who had lots of followers. We met Caroline at a charity event called Kids Helping Choc. She told us her Twitter was @4castisunshine. When we realized she had a poser, we tried to expose the poser and get tons of followers for her.

Caroline is 15 and her birthday is September 5th.

She’s a great person! She loves entertaining fans on the show. She tries to reply back on Twitter and really appreciates her fans! Let’s get her to 20,000 followers by 7/4/11 OK?? Let’s do it for Tinka YA???

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