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The Time I Met Selena Gomez

In the fall of 2009 Miley Cyrus had a concert in Orange County. My mom said we could take the day off of school go to the concert, spend the night in O.C. go to Disneyland the next day since we had a pass! The concert was great! I loved the hotel and the next morning, we headed off to Disneyland. When we went into It’s a Small World it was cloudy. When we came out it was raining. We had parkas but Disneyland in the rain isn’t too fun. I told my mom I wanted to go home. It was only like 1 o’clock so it was kind of a bummer. We got home by about 3:00. I went to my room and was hanging out in my room. About an hour later my mom bursts through my door and says, “Do you want to meet Selena Gomez?” I was like “sure”! So, I put on a Selena Gomez Wizards of Waverley Place shirt and we ran to the car. My mom said that she got on Twitter and found out that Selena had been tweeting that she was going to do a signing with her and the Scene at a secret place in the San Fernando Valley. Every so often, she gave a new clue.. like it’s in the valley, it has a yummy treat, Finally at 4:00 exactly she tweeted Menchies and the address:

Selena and the Scene were going to give the first 100 people tickets to their first ever concert at the Roxy. She planned to stay as late as possible to meet as many fans as she could. We drove as fast as it was safe to. When we got there it was crazy! A line was forming outside and people were trying to find parking. My mom and I got there and I had a poster I made for Selena if I ever met her. It was always in the car. People were a little suprised that I was so prepared with my T shirt and my poster.

Paparazzi were across the street and soon the line began moving fast. People were coming out with signed pink cards and tickets. We just missed the cut off for tickets but I still got to meet her and the guys!

We went down some stairs. The security made my mom put her camera away. Selena looked up at me and said, “I like your glasses.” I gave her the poster. She smiled and got up and gave me a hug and a kiss! You can see her lipstick on my cheek in the picture above. She stayed really late and met about 500 fans that day!

Selena Gomez is one of the nicest celebs I’ve met. I’ve seen her in concert at the House of Blues in Anahiem, the LA County fair and I went to a CD signing at the Southcoast Plaza, We waited about 7 hours to meet her that day. She was so sweet again meeting as many people as possible and staying much later than she had to. She recently had a concert at the Roxy. Tickets were $150.00 and included a meet and greet. We couldn’t afford to get tickets  but we went down anyway hoping to see her on the way out! Some of our friends from Twitter were hanging around outside. Someone who worked at the Roxy saw me and brought me and some of my friends in to see the concert! It was great! Selena even brought a little girl on stage to sing a Year Without Rain with her!

Selena really is an amazing person! I feel lucky to have met her twice and seen her in concert 3 times!

I have more pics on my Flickr and Twitpic

I hope you enjoyed my story

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