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Season 3 Good Luck Charlie taping of Episode 2

Season 3 of Good Luck Charlie began taping recently at the studios in Downtown LA.


Episode 2 was called Teddy’s Bad Luck. There were 3 stories happening at once.

1. Teddy and Spencer are back together and the school thinks Teddy is a jinx. Ever since they got back together the basketball time has been losing. Teddy and Shane plan a fake break up to prove them wrong.

2. Gabe overhears his parents talking and thinks they are going to send him to military school. He decides to act extra nice to change their mind.

3. PJ gets too old to get his hair cut at the Orange Balloon. Bob takes him to his barber shop and PJ falls for a cute hair stylist played by Rachel Melvin.

The episode is really funny! Amy is pregnant (not Leigh Ann) and Mia has some really funny lines!
She pre tapes her scenes before the audience comes in and we saw her scenes on Playback.

The cast had a scene that was really tricky and they kept messing up. Then they got the giggles and Leigh Ann accidentally called Gabe, Bradley! it was so funny!!

Tapings are fun! A warm up guy and the audience coordinator keeps everyone comfortable and passes out candy, has prizes and contests.

After the taping, they cast and crew had a surprise for Bridgit! They celebrated her birthday early with cake and balloons which they shared with the audience!

We were all able to come down to the set to take pics and get autographs!

It was really fun!
Eric is really nice. Leigh Ann Baker is nice too and short!

Shane Harper was really sweet!











Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures Premieres July 1, 2011.

Dillon Lane and Taylor Gray Bucket and SkinnerTiffany EspensenAshley ArgotaTiffany EspensenAshley Argota And Robbie AmellAshley Argota
Ashley ArgotaAloe from Bucket and SkinnerTaco Taco Taco at Bucket and SkinnerThe syudios Bucket and Skinner is filmedTaylor Gray Bucket and SkinnerTiffany Espensen-- Piper
Dillon Lane ---SkinnerAshley Argota She stars on Nck's new show Bucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner scriptBucket and SkinnerCurtain Call for Bucket and SkinnerCurtain call for Bucket and Skinner
Taylor Gray and Dillon LaneTiffany EspensenGage Golightly Ashley Argotahapy times after the silent auction wins!!Dillon Lane,  Logan Miller,  Kelli GossTiffany Espensen

Bucket and Skinner is a new Nickelodeon series premiering July 1, 2011. It’s about two surf boarders who are best friends.

It stars:
Ashley Argota as Kelly
Tiffany Espensen as Piper (Kelly’s kid sister)
Taylor Gray as Skinner
Dillon Lane as Bucket
Glenn Mccuen as Aloe
DC Cody as Sven

I’ve met the stars many times including at the Teen Choice Awards, tapings, Ariana Grande’s 18th Birthday party and Lollipop Game Day!

The show is taped in Hollywood at the Sunset Bronson studios. The 3 main sets are Taco, Taco, Taco (a taco restaurant) , a surf shop, and a beach, sometimes a school set is used since all the kids go to high school. Piper is younger but ends up at the high school

In the one episode called #EpicElection Skinner (Taylor Gray) falls for Kelly (Ashley Argota) so his buddy Bucket (Dillon Lane) nominates him for class President. He runs against Aloe, a popular athlete played by Glenn McCuen. Bucket needs help and asks Piper (Tiffany Espensen) to help him.

I’ve been to two tapings. Each show has the word Epic in the title. At the tapings the audience sees one show on the monitors as the audience is getting seated and settled.

At the first taping, we saw #EpicElection episode and watched them tape #EpicBobo. In that episode, Uncle Three Pieces’ surf board gets ruined and the guys try to hide the facts from him. Piper gets into the act trying to find clues CSI style. It was really funny!!

At the second taping, we watched #EpicBrain on the monitors. In this episode, the guys get placed in a gifted program due to a mix up on some tests. They have to prove how smart they are by making a special science project. Then we watched them tape #Epic Showdown. In that episode, Aloe’s sister Vera, comes to town and we see how jealous he is of her. Also, the boys have to deal with a bully and they have Binner come to help them.

The show is really funny! The four main characters are so talented and Glen and DC are pretty entertaining causing problems for the guys!

We’ve met, interviewed and know Ashley and Tiffany. We are so happy for them and know that you guys are gonna love this show! They were both cover girls for Dreamagazine!

Taylor, Dillon, Aloe and DC are all new to being famous and are so sweet.

Follow them all on Twitter and show your love and support.

Ashley –@AshleyArgota9

Tiffany –@TiffyEspenson

Taylor — @_Taylor_Gray_

Dillon– @DillonLane3

Glenn — @GlennMcCuen

DC– @DC_Cody


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Shake It Up (My experience at tapings and meeting the cast)

Shake It Up

Starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman

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Shake it up is an awesome new Disney Channel original series. It stars 7 young people and is set in Chicago! I’ve gone to two tapings of the show and met the young talented stars several times! It has dancing, music, friendships, comedy, drama, and everything you want in a show! In the pilot episode the girls who love dance get chosen to dance on Shake It Up a TV show based in Chicago. Stefanie Scott was originally cast as Tinka and then replaced by Caroline Sunshine. Each week, different guest dancers perform. One week , for the taping of Meatball it Up, Quest Crew were the guests. (We were at this taping. It was originally called “She Works Hard for the Money”) Other guests have been Kenton Boyd and Chris Trousdale. We were also at a taping called Match it Up where CeCe tries to find a girlfriend for Deuce.

The stars of the show:


Bella just turned 13. She plays Cecelia Cece

Bella was born in Florida and has 3 siblings. She got her first modeling job at just 6 weeks old! She been in over 40 commercials and modeled for Kohl’s and Justice! She co-starred in Big Love and got her big break in Shake it up! She supports charities and when she turned 13, she used Twitter to ask for donations to her favorite charity.

Her character Cece is outgoing, energetic and always takes risks. We found out in a recent episode that CeCe, like Bella, has Dyslexia and has fears and anxiety related to having this disorder. Cece has a little brother Flynn, played by Davis Cleveland. They have a single mother who is a police officer in Chicago!

You can follow her on Twitter at @Bellathorne143 . She tries really hard to reply to her fans. She tends to tweet late at night and after Tuesday tapings.

Zendaya Coleman

Roshon Fegan

Zendaya Coleman

She just turned 14.Her Twitter is @Zendaya96 . She hasn’t been too active but recently is tweeting a lot more. Follow her!

Her name means “give thanks”. Her mom is a teacher in Oakland. She has modeled for Macy’s, Mervyn’s and Old Navy. Her mother remains in Oakland and Zendaya is living in LA with her loving father. Happily, Zendaya goes home for the holidays and her mom can travel to LA often. Two of the times that we met Zendaya, her mom was here in LA as well!

Zendaya Plays Raquel “Rocky” Cece’s best friend, Rocky is timid, nervous and wants everyone to like her. Cece is always pulling Rocky along pushing her out of her comfort zone! Her brother ,Ty, is played by Roshon Fegan.

Roshon Fegan

Roshon’s dad is Roy Fegan, an actor. At 18, Roshon is the oldest actor playing a kid on the show. You may recognize him as Sander from Camp Rock And Camp Rock 2. He plays many instruments and is very talented! Roshon’s dad is African American and his mom is Filipino. He was also the “amazed kid” in Spider Man 2. He was born in LA. We have et him about 4 times and he’s always been a gentleman! His Twitter is @Yaboyro . I hope you follow him and show him your support.

His Character is Ty, Rocky (Zendaya’s) big brother. He’s a ladies’ man with a big heart. He tried to teach Flynn how to get a girlfriend and Gunther how to be cool! He took Tinka on her first date and was a sweetheart! He and Deuce (Adam Irigoyan) are good friends.

Kenton Duty

Kenton is 15 years old and plays Gunther, a really funny foreign exchange student. His sister is Tinka. They love dancing and dressing in really sparkly clothes. Tinka and Gunther are like Ryan and Sharpay in High School Musical. Their characters are really funny and silly. When they babysit Flynn, they don’t understand things and Flynn tricks them a lot. One of Gunther’s famous lines is “Hello Bay-Bee” When he says it, it’s really funny. We’ve met him like 5 times and his Twitter is @KentonJDuty There IS a poser @KentonDuty with 1,500 followers! Kenton is a really sweet guy who cares about his friends, fans and charities.

Kenton started acting at 9 in Dallas Texas. Kenton has been on Lost as the young Jacob and on Jay Leno as a teenager and as a spelling bee kid. He has been on Ctrl and Crazy on the Outside.

Caroline Sunshine


Caroline Sunshine is also 15. She plays Tinka. Gunther’s Sister. She is sweet and supportive of her brother. Her date with Ty was really sweet. She is a great dancer and has a big heart!

Caroline was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She has 2 younger brothers and supports several charities. You may recognize her from her role in Marmaduke.

Her Twitter is @4castissunshine she has some posers that have fooled many people. I promise you that we have met her and know her Twitter. She is busy and doesn’t tweet much but please don’t get tricked by the posers!!!

Adam Irogoyan

Adam plays Deuce ,a friend to Bella and Cece and Ty’s best friend. Deuce is always trying to sell the girls something strange to make a buck. On one episode, he sold them some clothes that were electrified and shocked them. Once, he sold them watches where one girl had the hour hand and one girl had the minute hand. In a upcoming show called Match It Up, Cece tries to find the perfect girlfriend for Deuce. She is JUST like him!

He is 13, born in Florida and played on Wizards of Waverly Place as a “New Conscience” . He has a brother named Jake. He has always been sweet when we’ve met. His Twitter is @AdamIrigoyan
Davis Cleveland

Davis is only 8. He has been on Zeke and Luther as Roy Waffles, Luther’s little brother. He played Chauncey on Pair of Kings (Big Kings on Campus, we were at this taping). He was also on Hannah Montana as “Funtopia Kid” He has also been on commercials lately. He just got on Twitter over Christmas break. His Twitter name is @SIUTexan. He’s awesome and tweets back. You gotta follow this cool guy!! In Match it Up Henry needs Flynn’s help to be a Scout.. It’s pretty funny!

His little friend , Henry is a cute actor named Buddy. his Twitter is @Budster925 He plays a really smart kid named Henry who tutors Cece.

This is a great show, really entertaining and sweet. We think it’s a little silly when kids can open their own bank account with no adult around, and Flynn seems left alone a lot.. but we understand it’s a t.v. show.. We’re excited about new guest stars.. Cat Seeley is playing a principal soon..

We are going to a taping on 1/18/11 and will bring you the up date!!

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Meet Stars at TV Show Tapings

This may be the best kept secret in Hollywood. When your favorite comedy, talk show, and game show is being taped, most are taped in front of a live studio audience. Not only is it free to attend these tapings, it’s illegal to sell tickets to these events. Now, of course, you are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.” In a way you’re right and in a way you are wrong. It is absolutely possible to attend these tapings. Simply Google audience tickets and you will find several companies that can help you get tickets. is one of the largest companies that offer this service. You usually register on line and receive tickets through email. Make sure you read all the info about minimum ages, check in time, what allowed in terms of cameras or food.

The bad news is that these services often overbook tapings and having a ticket does NOT guarantee admission. Each show is a bit different but often VIPS (executives and family and guests of the actors) receive priority access, then groups that are specially invited based on a certain demographic (for example Shake it Up gives priority to dance groups and cheer leading squads). Then people who have been turned away in the past and allowed in. At this point the people with general tickets are allowed in. Some studios are larger some are smaller so there is just n way of knowing for sure if you’ll be able to get in. My advice is go early. Obviously, if there is space after all the “special” people go in the people in the front of the line go in next!

If you are lucky enough to get in, you are in for treat! There is often a warm up guy to keep the audience entertained in between filming. You may watch a prior episode or if its a new show, you may see the pilot to catch you up on the characters, setting, etc. Tapings take 3-4 hours and are very repetitive. One scene may be shot several times to get different camera angles or try different punch lines or expressions. Sometimes, there is a special guest star which is quite a treat! Most times the staff bring you pizza and water and the warm up guy has little contests and talent shows. Audience members can earn raffle tickets or prizes.

After the taping, you are usually allowed to get autographs from the actors from the audience seating area. Sometimes pictures are allowed but always wait for permission. Each show has their own rules!

I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if it has by leaving a comment!


The tapings I have been lucky enough to go to are:

Shake it Up

Pair of Kings

I’m in the Band

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