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Tips for Spotting Celebrity Posers on Twitter

Twitter is an awesome way to feel connected and close to their favorite celebrities on Twitter! Anyone can open an account on Twitter and pose as a celebrity. Posers can use pictures found online, link You Tube and fan accounts, and trick lots of people!

Twitter does have a system to verify celebrity accounts and you will see a blue circle with a check mark if an account is verified.(There is also a fake one of these too. Check a real verified account like Justin Bieber so you know what a real one looks like) From what I’ve read, celebs need to have a lot of followers and a lot of posers and file to get verified status. This takes a while. In the meantime, posers pop up. Followers feel honored and excited to get a reply, RT, or follow by someone they think is a celebrity. You have to do a little research and use common sense to spot Twitter posers! Many posers pose as child celebrities because they know many followers will be young people. I have over 1000 followers on Twitter and I know a bunch of my followers are following posers! I really want to help you guys out and get posers exposed! These people are obviously lonely and bored. I kind of feel sorry for them but what they are doing is WRONG!!!

You may wonder how we know so much. It’s because when we meet them we ask!

Alexirob’s 10 Tips to Spot a Celebrity Poser

1. People who should be following them, aren’t! If the star is a child or part of a cast are the parents or cast mates following them?  Carolina Sunshine had a poser yet none of the Shake It Up cast was following her!

2. Posers often ask for shout outs or follows from other celebrities. Real celebs DON’T do this!

3. Posers only post pics that are found easily on other websites like Just Jared or Ocean Up. Real celebs stars post funny pics from set or just candid pics of their everyday lives like their snack or pet!

4. Posers often mess up and confuse their lives and the celeb their posing as. One asked for shout outs on her real birthday (not the celeb’s)

5. Posers Tweet and reply a LOT. Real celebs have super busy lives and come on Twitter every so often and then only for a while.

6. I find that if you look at whose following them or who they follow you’ll see a lot of posers on both lists.

7. They tweet other child stars that aren’t following them. A Noah poser was tweeting Madison De La Garza, Emily Grace, and others, but they wern’t following her.

8. Their Twitter name is really close to the celebs but they double a letter or switch 2 letters like “ie” or “ei” or switch an “i” and an “l”

9. Try to expose other posers who are posing as the same celeb.

10. They say that there account is “secret” just for fans.. that’s why their family or cast isn’t following.

11. A Twitter follower added that the real celeb has more followers! If you look at a few accounts that are supposed to be for a celeb the one with the most followers is almost always the real one. I have to say though that some celebs are very shy. Carline Sunshine’s posers have more followers than her real account!


Hailee Steinfeld

Dakota & Elle Fanning

Avalon Robbins

Stars That Have Very Successful or a lot of Posers

Sterling Knight-real @sterlingknight

Emily Grace- real @EmilyGraceEms

Caroline Sunshine real- @4castisSunshine

Kenton Duty real- @Kentonjduty

Noah Cyrus real – @ForevsNoahCyrus

Leo Howard real @IamLeoHoward

Bailee Madison real @BaileeMadison

I hope this helps! If you have more tips or posers to add, please leave it as a comment OK? Thanks!

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