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Meet Gracie Whitton in Grapvine, TX at a screening of Scary Movie 5

Gracie Whitton plays Ashley Tisdale’s daughter in the latest Scary Movie movie. It will be in theaters April

Gracie announced on Twitter that she would love to meet fans at a screening in Grapevine, TX and will even be able to give 2 tickets to a lucky fan!

Here’s her tweet:
@GracieWhitton: @alexirob I will be at Grapevine Mills AMC 30 on Apr in Grapevine Tx at 8pm for a private screening of SM5. ­čÖé I would love to meet fans!

Here’s the address:
4360 Western Center Blvd #132 Fort Worth Texas 76137


If you are in Grapevine TX go meet Gracie! You meet even get to watch the movie too!

Meeting Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan -Deborah Ann Ryan was born May 13, 1993. Ryan is best known for starring as Bailey on the Suite Life on Deck .She started acting in professional theaters at the age of seven She was on the Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse and then was discovered in a nationwide search by Disney.

In 2010, she starred in the film 16 Wishes as Abby Jensen which was the most-watched cable program on the day of its premiere on the Disney Channel and one of the most-watched movies on television. She also starred in an independent film called What If with Kevin Sorbo and Taylor Groothuis!

Debby was born in Alabama and has an older brother named Chase. Her dad was in the military and The family spent time in Germany. When Debby was 10 they moved to Texas. Debby was bullied in high school for being in the chess club and the school mascot.

She began getting acting roles. In 2007 she was in Barney, then she was in Longshots with Ice-Cube and Keke Palmer. She played Edith, a mean girl.

She really is involved in charities especially The Ronald McDonald House and Friends for Change. Two of the times I met her were at charity events.

She is also a singer and plays instruments. In December 2010, her song, Deck the Halls, was on Disney Channel and on the Search for Santa Paws DVD as an extra. Her brother Chase is in this music video!

I first met Debby at a charity event in Downtown LA. It was called Inspire a Little Love. She arrived late and the event ended early. We didn’t even know she was going to be thee so it was a happy but rushed surprise! She and her mom were sweet and we took the pic.

Just before 16 Wishes was coming out, Debby and her co-star Jean-Luc Bilodeau were having a signing at a Book Store in LA. My mom and I love to show our support for stars and meet them. We got there really early expecting a long line. We were the only ones there for a while!

We hung out and watched the workers come in and open the store. We waited for hours until other fans arrived. As tie for the signing got close, Debby and her manager, mom, brother and others arrived. The workers told her mom that we had been there since early in the morning. As we were sitting around waiting for the signing and Debby was doing interviews in the back with Just Jared and Ocean Up Debby’s mom found my mom. She pointed at her and said, “You, come with me and bring your daughter” She took us in the back TO MEET DEBBY!!!!!

Debby thanked me for being such a big fan. She asked if I was excited about 16 Wishes and thanked me for being a SUPER FAN! My mom and her mom talked a little. My mom said Debby’s mom really liked that Baily, Debby’s character is smart and doesn’t act like a typical teenage girl character on the show. She also said that Chase was a proud big brother but hated publicity and was really shy! He worked on a song in 16 Wishes with Debby. Debby and her mom moved from Texas to help Debby with her career and Chase stayed behind for a while so that song is really special!

That was really special to have that time with Debby!

A while later the Q and A started then the signing. We were in the front row so we have tons of great pics.

After about 20 minutes the signing started and we were able to take more pics with Debby and Ryan

Lots of people came to the signing that day! Meeting Debby, John Luc, her mom and Brother was really special!

Here’s a pic I took with Chase and his friends who are also in his band!

My mom sent one of the pics I took with Debby to Bop Magazine and I was in the December issue on the fan photo page.

The next week we won a contest to go to the screening of 16 Wishes at a studio in LA. I met so many stars there, MDot, Nicole Anderson, Tiffany Thorton, Chloe Bridges, James Maslow, Joey King, Bailee Madison and many others. Of course Debby, Jean Luc and Chase were there! I also some members of the cast that were there.

After the red carpet, we all went in and Debby was on stage talking about the experience and the movie! Then we got to see it on the big screen with all the actors, their guests, the crew, the producer, the director, etc.

Just recently Debby Ryan had a Meet and Greet at citadel out lets. A lot of people showed up for it and she signed autographs and took pics with lots of people. She also answered questions that fans asked. I have pics and video from that day on my Flickr.

I met her one other time at a charity event. I didn’t spend a lot of time with her that day, but I do have a picture with her and of her on the red carpet.

I’ve met a lot of stars from Disney and Nick shows. Many are nice but Debby is super sweet! She is really humble, talented and appreciates her fans!

You can show your support by:

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I hope you enjoyed this blog my mom and I wrote together!

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Meeting Justin Bieber Never say Never Screening

My Fan Encounter 11/19/09

I met Justin Beiber on November 19, 2009 at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles. The first 500 people who pre ordered his My World CD about a month before then received wristbands and were able to get their CD’s autographed following a free concert. My mom and I lined up at 4am and waited until the store opened. We were all alone in front of that store for hours.. finally a few other fans lined up behind us.. We pre-ordered 3 Cd’s for $10.00. We invited my friends at school to join us but no one was interested. November 19th finally arrived and we tried to sell our 2 extra CD’s to people. I guess people thought we were tricking them and it took a while for people to buy them from us so we didn’t lose any money. The 500 people who pre ordered th CD’s were allowed to enter a blocked off area in front of the stage and by the time Justin did take the stage 1000’s of screaming fans were packed in the surrounding area. There were several warnings to back up because the fans in the very front were being pushed into barricades. Justin came out and also asked fans to back up saying that fans in the front were getting “squished”. After the last song all the fans tried to rush the stage but only the 500 with wristbands were allowed to go on stage and get thier CD autographed. The people were saying we had to put our cameras away but my mm got pretty up[set since we were the FIRST people to pre oder the CD. So one of the workers took my mom’s camera took the picture above and Justin signed my CD. When he saw my shirt, he said “I like you shirt! You’re awesome” and he gave me a high five!

Never Say Never 3D

One year later, Justin has written a biography, performed all over the world and filmed an amazing 3D Movie called Never Say Never 3D

My mom and I were invited to a screening at the Paramount Studios Lot. We aren’t famous and we don’t know anyone who worked on the film. We just got invited from an E-mail to Girl Scout troops. I also saw some recruiters outside of a theatre in Burbank. We weren’t sure it was Never say Never 3D but the paper said, “You are invited to a private screening of a highly anticipated Musical 3D movie.

Well, we arrived at the lot early and a long line had already formed. We were given a survey asking our ages and what shows we’ve seen and what musical artists we liked! Soon we were led on the lot and offered popcorn and water! Once the theater was full a man came to the front and said, “Thank You for coming. You are the first people in the world to be able to watch Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never 3D! The crowd applauded as many had already guessed correctly that this was the movie we’d see.

The movie starts out with You Tube clips of baby animals sneezing and babies laughing, then a video of one of Justin’s early performances played. We next see Justin backstage at Madison Square Gardens preparing to take the stage. We then go back to 10 days before and the movie follows Justin and his incredible team as they handle the ups and downs of those 10 days. Often baby pics and video clips of his early days were played as well. We learn about his mom having him as a teenager, his dad leaving them when Justin was 10 months old and how Justin began to play drums and sing at a very young age. We saw his grandparents interviewed and how important they were helping raise Justin.

The fan clips were so funny! Before concerts, the film crew would pull some fans aside and film them talking about Justin Beiber. One amazing thing that was covered was how before shows 20-30 tickets were held back and Scooter and Patty or others would go out and find fans without tickets and surprise them with great seats. Also, we saw the girls who were pulled on stage during “One Less Lonely Girl”.

There were several clips of Justin singing with other singers, Miley Cyrus, Boys II Men, Usher, Jaden Smith, Ludicris, etc.

We meet his voice coach who has a huge role in his life. We also see how Scooter Braun discovered him on You Tube and did everything he had to do to get Justin to the USA to launch his career. Radio stations and record labels weren’t interested in him and they had to work hard to get his music played on the radio! His first concert was in front of 40 fans at a water park in the rain! You see Kenny his body guard, his stylist, and his friends from Canada.

You get the sense that Justin has a team of caring committed people that are going to keep him grounded, humble, and healthy. The team prays before each performance. The one time Justin had to cancel a show due to poor health, you see how upset he is to disappoint his fans and how his “team” tries to help him cope!

The special 3D effects are amazing. You see every freckle and zit on each fan and at one point Justin stands in front of a screen and flips his hair. It’s so amazing and high definition!

This movie is very fun and enjoyable. It has a great mix of documentary, music and humor!

Go see it in February!

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