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How to plan a celebrity charity event (a kid’s guide)

Scott Grimes, James Denton and Bob GuineyDidi BenamiJosh SussmanOrlando BrownDavid S LeeColin Owens and Bob Guiney
Tim Urban sang a few songs after our charity B-Ball gameTim Urban from American IdolAnnette CelinFrankie ZulferinoArjay SmithKiko Ellsworth
Byron CherryDebra WisonTim Urban's autographRomi Dames1st page of script cover for How I met Your MotherSigned cast photo and script for How I Met you Mother

We worked hard to help our friend organize a charity basketball for her charity called called Angels in Fur. Getting an event like this together is VERY HARD WORK!

Once you have a charity you want to raise money for,
You need to:
1. Get a place big enough to have your event. It has to be safe, wheelchair accessible and and nice. Only outdoors if it won’t be too hot or won’t rain.
2. Get celebrities to commit to come. Most can’t promise so you get permission to use their name and picture and say “celebrity guests subject to change”
3. Get sponsors to donate gifts for gift bags for the celebs, raffle items, auction items (Things like signed cast photos, gift certificates for places, tickets to amusement parks are great) and food and drinks for guests and volunteers.
4. sell tickets to your event
5. have lots of security and volunteers.
6 have wristbands for different groups Volunteers, celebs, VIPs, friends family of the VIP’s, press, general admission. EVERYONE should have a wristband!!!
7. have lots of meetings so everyone knows how to help before and at the event.
8 advertise your event on Twitter, make flyers, get the local news to talk about it.
9 get press to your event and get a red carpet.
10 Have fun!!
We had fun at our event.
Some cool stars came
Tim Urban
Scott Grimes
James Denton
Bob GUiney
Josh Sussman
Romi Dames
Brooke Scher
Orlando Brown
Debra Wilson was our MC.

Helping charities is a great way to help make the world a better place and you will feel really good about yourself!

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