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Happy 18th Birthday Raini Rodriguez

Raini RodriguezRaini and RicoRaini Rodriguez

On July 1, 1993 Raini Rodriguez was born in Bryan, Texas. Her parents are Diane and Roy and her little brother is Rico Rodriquez. Rico plays Manny on ABC Family’ s Modern Family.

Raini has been working as an actress since 2006. She played Denise in a show called Huff. She also played Isabel Montoya on Handy Manny. She guest starred on Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Betsy on Sleepover Suite. That was a funny episode where the boys let some girls have a sleepover in London’s Suite. She also played Annoying Arlene on Disney XD’s I’m in the Band. She was so funny and always followed Tripp around because she was in love with him!

Her biggest role was playing Maya Blart in a movie called Paul Blart Mall Cop. She played Kevin James’ daughter and the two of them were the main stars of the movie!

I first met Raini with Rico at the Toy Story 3 premiere. They were both so sweet and gave me their autographs.
That day my mom asked “When will we be fans at YOUR movie premiere?” Raini said, Actually, I’m going to be in a movie called Prom.”
She was so sweet and we’ve supported her ever since.

We saw her again a few times at premieres and charity events.
We saw her at The Hollywood Christmas Parade.

We were looking forward to Prom for over a year and when Prom did come to theaters, I was actually able to be on the red carpet as a reporter! Raini was tweeting away that day and was so excited. The after party was going to be a Prom so she had two dresses!
She looked beautiful in both dresses.

We got to see the movie and loved her as Nicholas Braun’s little sister.
She was so funny giving him advice. The best part was the Prom pics at the end. When Prom is available on DVD, we will definitely get a copy!

Rico and Raini were Grand Marshalls at the 2011 Garden Grove Parade. It was kind of far from our house but we woke up early to go to the VIP breakfast! They were there with their parents. After we all ate, they came over and met with fans before the actual parade.

She is going to play Trish in Disney’s New Original Series called Austin and Ally.
She filmed a movie called See if I Care and played the role of Tavita.

Raini is a very sweet person. She loves her fans. I hope she has an awesome birthday!!

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Prom Premiere Cast and Disney stars / Rebecca Black

Prom Premiere Red CarpetRebecca BlackMy mom's parking passThe After Party was at Hollywood High School!Olivia Holt and Riley Dylan ScottChloe Bridges
Daryl SarbaMeaghan MartinAustin ButlerThomas McDonnellJosh SussmanNicholas Braun
Taylor GrayZachary Gordan

Prom Premiere, a set on Flickr.

I worked on the red carpet for Dreamagazine and interviewed lots of stars and after just hung out as a fan.

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