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Selena Gomez visits girl with fatal disease

Ryan Seacrest is the host of a radio show on KIIS 102.7. He also hosts and produces many other shows. He has a heart for children’s charities and has created radio stations at Children’s Hospitals to cheer kids up. At holiday time he has a special program called KIISmas giving. People nominate deserving families. Ryan picks some out and helps them with gifts, money, pays bills, trips to Disneyland, whatever he thinks might help the family have a great holiday.


On December 12, Ryan selected a family Sara nominated. Hana is a little girl with Progeria. This disease is so rare that only 10 kids in the US have it and so deadly that most kids die before they are 13. Hana just turned 13 in September. Ryan got the family Kindles and money.

As Ryan was talking to the mom and Hana’s tutor Sara, he learned Hana is a huge Selena Gomez fan. She listens to Who Says on her iPod on repeat during treatments.
Ryan told the family he would call Selena’s step dad and try to get Selena, who is busy recorded and doing concerts to call Hana at the hospital.
Ryan got in touch with Selena and she immediately left the recording studio to meet Hana. The visit was such a surprise to Hana that she almost couldn’t think of what to day to her idol!
As soon as her visit was over Selena flew to her next concert.

I’m so happy to tell people this story because Selena has haters and she shouldn’t. This story shows that Selena has a huge heart and cares about each fan!

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