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Meeting @Lucyyhale @Keeganallen @Sashaapieterse and @TylerJBlackburn from @ABCFPLL

Lucy HaleTyler BlackburnSasha PieterseSasha PieterseLucy HaleLucy Hale
Lucy HaleLucy Hale giving me her autograph!!Lucy Hale autographSasha PieterseSasha PieterseKeegan Allen
Sasha PieterseSasha PieterseSasha PieterseSasha PieterseSasha PieterseSasha Pieterse
Taylor Dooley me and Sasha PieterseSasha PieterseSasha Pieterse

Pretty Little Liars, a set on Flickr.

Pretty Little Liars is a television series created by Marlene King. It’s based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard, the show premiered on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family.

It is a mystery and drama. When you watch it you always wonder who the mysterious A is who always leaves notes and knows everyone’s secrets.

We’ve met only 4 cast members

Lucy Hale is really sweet. We met her at a restaurant and at Wango Tango. She is really cool about taking time to meet her fans!

Keegan Allen was really nice when we met him at the premiere of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never! Check out our cool JB 3D glasses!

Tyler Blackburn was really cool to interview at a gifting suite.

I’ve met Sasha Pieterse many times. When I first met her she was only 14. She’s 15 now. She is so pretty and sweet! She already graduated high school and wants to design her own jewelry line. Her style is chunky and wild. She even had a little wrench on a necklace she designed when I interviewed her at a Dreamagazine event!

She loves to support charities and her friends!

I love the show and would love to meet the other cast members someday!!

Meeting Lucy Hale

Lucy HaleLucy Hale giving me her autograph!!Lucy Hale autograph

Meeting Lucy Hale, a set on Flickr.

I love Lucy —- Hale from Pretty Little Liars!! She is so pretty and sweet! I met her at a restaurant on March 12, 2011. We try not to bother celebs when they are eating or with friends…but it was Lucy Hale!!! We asked for a pic and she left her seat and her friends to talk with us. We talked about Sasha Pieterse because we know her and have met her a lot. Lucy said “Oh You know Sasha? Isn’t she sweet? And she’s only 14!!
Then we asked for an autograph. We just happened to have a PopStar Magazine with us!! She’s awesome!!!
Watch her and support her!!!
We took a short video while she signed my magazine!!
follow her on Twitter @Lucyyhale show her your love!!
She’s awesome!!

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