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Hollywood Christmas Parade 2011 young celebrity guide

Sunday November 27, 2011 Hollywood Blvd will be lined with 1000’s of fans watching celebrities, marching bands, floats and huge balloons!
The parade will begin at 6 and is free!
Parking will be tough and tons of streets will be blocked off.
It works very well to park at the Universal City Metro Link Station and pay a few dollars for the short trip to Hollywood and Highland!
Dress warmly and prepare to see your favorite tv celebs!
I made a list of the Disney and Nick celebrities who are expected to attend:

Check this link for the complete list

This year’s Grand Marshal is
Marie Osmond.

This years Hosts are Erik Estrada Laura McKenzie.

Young celebs expected are:

Pretty Little Liars
Sasha Pieterse

Shake it up
Kenton Duty
Caroline Sunshine
Adam Irigoyen

ANT Farm
Stefanie Scott
Sierra McCormick

Good Luck Charlie
Bridget Mendler
Raven Goodwin
Bradley Perry
Jason Dolley

Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures
Dillon Lane
Ashley Argota

Kickin it Hannah Montana
Jason Earles

Supah Ninjas
Ryan Potter

Noah Munck

Booboo Stewart

Jonas LA
Nicole Anderson

So Random Sonny with a Chance
Tiffany Thornton
Allisyn Arm
Brandon Smith

The celebs will be riding in open top cars and waving to fans on the route! The parade is taped and when it airs you will see short interviews!

At the end of the parade, Santa will ride by on a special sleigh to officially bring in the Christmas season !

I hope if you go, you have an awesome time!!

Meeting @DrakeBell and @Daniellamonet of the Fairly Odd Movie

Drake BellDaniella MonetDaniella MonetDaniella Monet and Matt Bennett

Fairly Odd Movie, a set on Flickr.

On July 9th at 8 pm, Nickelodeon will air a special called A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! to celebrate the series’ tenth anniversary.
This show will be live action and CG, not animated!
13 years pass since Timmy (Drake Bell) first met Cosmo (Jason Alexander) and
Wanda (Cheryl Hines)

Timmy is 23 but is still living like a child! He is still in 5th grade and living at home. It’s the only way he can still keep his fairy odd parents!

When Tootie (Daniella Monet) moves in to the neighborhood, he kinda wants to grow up so he can be her boyfriend.

And Every movie needs a bad guy! Hugh J. Magnate (Steven Weber) , a larger than life oil tycoon, tries to get a hold of Cosmo and Wanda for his evil plans!

I really like Daniella Monet who plays Trina on Victorious. I’ve met her often and she’s so sweet! (not at all like Trina) I met Drake Bell once at Ariana Grande’s birthday party and he was very kind to my friend and me!!
I hope you enjoyed this blog. My mom and I work hard on them.

You can follow the stars of this movie
and me @Alexirob


Lollipop Theater Game Day

Ariana GrandeBooboo stewart Rico Rodroguez Ryan Ohoa and Zachery Gordon playing JengaAriana GrandeTaylor Dooley signing an autographRyan NewmanPapa Smurf
Savannah OutenRyan NewmanMadeline CarrollMadeline CarrollSarahMonline and meAriana Grande
Me after a great day at Lollipop Theater Game DayRico and Raini RodriguezAriana GrandeMe wth Gage Golightly and Ashley ArgotaThe Smurfs and me after a fun dayCiara Bravo Tiffany Espensen and me
Rico Rodriguez, Tiffany espensen and Ciara BravoA hug from PoShe's from Supah Ninja'sRico, Ryan and ZacharyBilly BushiWon the iPod

Lollipop Theater Game Day, a set on Flickr.

WOW!! on May 7, 2011, we went to Lollipop Theater Game Day at the Nickelodeon studios in Burbank California. Lollipop Theater is an amazing organization that brings movie premieres and actors/actresses to children’s hospitals!! Tim Allen, Kaley Cuoco, Steve Carrell, Billy Bush are some huge stars that support Lollipop Theater. Once a year, they have Game Day and tons of stars, sponsors, and press come and have a huge event! There was even a silent auction and I won an iPod. There were giant sized games like Candyland and Jenga.
There was lots of food, a Kung Fu 2 photo booth, cupcake decorating, colored sand boxes and lots of Nick characters. They even made personalized notebooks SO COOL!
Some of my friends won tickets and came. I know a bunch of the press that were there and a bunch of celebs knew me already. I even met new celebs I’ve been hoping to meet for a long time.
It was a super fun, busy 4 hours and I can’t wait to go back next year!

I saw
Chloe Bridges
Daryl Sabara
Glen McCuen
Taylor Dooley
BooBoo Stewart
Savannah Outen
Erin Sanders
Stephen Luhnsford
Tiffany Espensen
Ashley Argota
Dillon Lane
Taylor Gray
Ryan Newman
Ciara Bravo
Madeline Carroll
Raini Rodriguez
Rico Rodriguez
Zachery Gordan
Ryan Raymond Ochoa
Ariana Grande
Daniella Monet
Matt Bennett
Jared Kusnitz @Jared_Andrew
Anna Maria Perez De La Tagle

I met for the first time
Yvette Brown @Yvettebrown
Becky and Millie Rosso (no twitter)
Gracie Dzienny @graciedzienney
Tim Allen @OFCTimAllen
Billy Bush @BillyBush
Jade Ramsey @jade_ramsey
Ana Mulvoyten @anamulvoyten
Janel Parrish @JmeilaniXO
Kaley Cuoco @KaleyCuoco

Nick Characters
Sponge Bob
Power Rangers

Meeting Stars at Meet and Greets and CD/Book Signings



Meet and Greets and CD/Book/DVD signings are another way to meet stars. Many stars want to promote their careers, books, DVD’s or CDs and work with their publicist, managers, and the companies that are involved with the products work together to plan an event. We’ve attended many and they vary greatly. Some are very organized with ruled posted and requirements spelled  out clearly.

Typically, there are 3 types of meet and greets: The first is when a new DVD, CD or book is out and the artist is signing and promoting it! The second is when a star is just meeting fans as part of something like a radio, mall, grand opening event. The third is a meet and greet before of after a concert.

CD, DVD, Book Signing

Sometimes, as with Justin Bieber’s first CD, My World and his recently written book a purchase is required days before from the  same store sponsoring the event, a wristband is issued and then people return days later for the actual event. Most times however, you just show up and wait. Often the waits can be very long! We’ve waited 6-7 hours to meet Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. An important note is that pictures are not guaranteed at a signing. Even if you ask ahead and you are told yuo can take pictures, this can change at any time. All that is really guaranteed is the autograph! The artist is pressured by his/her management to see as many people as possible in order to promote the product. Sadly, fans have waited hours sometimes even camped out and then are only able to spend mere seconds with the star.

My tips for CD, DVD and Book Signings:

1. Get there early. Call the venue, book store, mall, etc ad ask how early you’ll be allowed to line up. Then get there earlier!

2. Plan ahead.

a. Bring cards games, magazines, activities we make a poster while we wait.

b.Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on,

c. Bring water and snacks, etc.

3. Be prepared!

a. have fresh or fully charged batteries

b. if you have a gift, have it ready to go

c. decide ( if pics are allowed) if you will take individual pics or a group ne.

d. If there is something you always wanted to say, Keep it in your mind
I have seen so many people get “starstruck” and forget the one rthing they waited hours to say!

*If they say no pics have a Designated Picture Taker who finds a spot to take the pic NOT AT THE TABLE  You’ll be told to put your camera away as you approach the table. That’s how the above pic with Demi was taken.

Basic Meet and Greets

The second type of meet and Greet is often sponsored by a mall, a store , or a radio station. In LA, Radio Disney has sponsored quite a few. The Disney Store has has grand openings and M&G’s were included. There are a bit less stressful. Many of the above tips apply. Most times fans can take pics and get autographs. Plan ahead and have one thing you really want autographed as there is often a one autograph per person limit!

Meet and Greets at Concerts

Often when a celebrity has a concert one option is to pay extra for a meet and greet. The Jonas Brothers charged $250 per person at their last concert! Bands like Allstar Weekend has them for free often and Honor Society has them as a bonus for a merchandise purchase. Again the tips above apply. When you are paying for them, the stars often spend a bit more time with each guest. Management and the celebs make sure that fans like their picture and have autographs. Sometimes, as with Selena Gomez’ last concert at the Roxy, pics are taken by a professional and the are available on line the next day!

OK I hope this was helpful! I’ll go back and edit as needed.

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Meet stars at Movie Premieres

Prior to most movies being released there is a Premiere. If you are luckey enough to live in a big city like Los Angeles, New York or London, you can show show up and watch the stars walk the red carpet in person.When you attend a premiere as a fan you aren’t going to be able to see the movie unless you have won a contest, have an invitation, or get very lucky! Also you aren’t likely to see the actual stars of the movie. They usually are driven straight the red carpet and are quite busy doing interviews and taking pictures for the press. You may however, see the invited guests of the movie company. For example, when Disney has a premiere they usually send invitations to the PR people of all Disney and ABC stars. Seeing stars this way has certain pros and cons however.

The pros are: The events are free, you will see more that one star, the events are very exciting with reporters, other fans and paparazzi! The cons are : Nothing is guaranteed (as with all free events), the major stars are very hard to meet, you don’t know who will be there ,unless they’ve Tweeted about it, and the events are very crowded!

Having gone to a few premieres in Hollywood, this is my advice:

1. Know the logistics of where the premiere is going to be. Most theaters establish a pattern for traffic, where the red carpet will be, where the reporters will be and where the viewing area will be. Once you know this, you’ll be able to maximize your chances of actually meeting people.

2. Arrive early. If stars do come to the fan viewing area, they are going to be able to interact with the fans that are right at the barricades.

3. Have a camera with fresh batteries and Sharpies and an autograph book. Use a durable bag/backpack and always have these things on hand!

4. If you see stars, call them by their real name..not their character’s name. Let them know how much you enjoy their work but keep it short and sweet.. so they can see other fans as well.. We often say. “Hi_____, we love you on _________ . Can we get a quick pic?” “You’re awesome!” or” “You’re so funny” and “Thanks so much for the ____”

5. Sometimes, we’ve hung around for the premiere to be over and catch the celebs on their way back to the cars.. Remember, the major stars will likely be picked up by cars and taken to an after party. You may get very lucky and the after party is walking distance from the theater. This happened to us 3 times. We were able to get nice pics after Secretariat You Again and Tangled! and It’s even more important to keep it quick and say, “Sorry to bother you but….could I get a quick pic” “Did you like the movie?” Thanks so much!!

*ETIQUETTE TIP 1: It is really bad etiquette to ask a celeb who is a parent with his/her  child/children for a picture or autograph if they are alone with their children. If it is clear that the other parent or a caregiver is attending to the children and the celeb is making eye contact and smiling with fans than by all means ask for a pic or autograph!

*ETIQUETTE TIP 2: If you see a celeb before or after the premiere and they are shopping or eating nearby or going back to their car, approach them quietly and resist the urge to shout their name and run towards them.. most celebs enjoy their quiet time when they aren’t “on duty” They love their fans and usually don’t mind a quick pic but if you bring a lot of attention to a celeb it can be uncomfortable and sometimes a security issue.. this happened to us with Ashley Greene at the Jonas Brothers concert and with Matthew Finley at the Road Dogs Game! Not that we shouted out their names, of course, but both needed security to escort them away when the crowds got rowdy!

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