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Meet Stars at TV Show Tapings

This may be the best kept secret in Hollywood. When your favorite comedy, talk show, and game show is being taped, most are taped in front of a live studio audience. Not only is it free to attend these tapings, it’s illegal to sell tickets to these events. Now, of course, you are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.” In a way you’re right and in a way you are wrong. It is absolutely possible to attend these tapings. Simply Google audience tickets and you will find several companies that can help you get tickets. is one of the largest companies that offer this service. You usually register on line and receive tickets through email. Make sure you read all the info about minimum ages, check in time, what allowed in terms of cameras or food.

The bad news is that these services often overbook tapings and having a ticket does NOT guarantee admission. Each show is a bit different but often VIPS (executives and family and guests of the actors) receive priority access, then groups that are specially invited based on a certain demographic (for example Shake it Up gives priority to dance groups and cheer leading squads). Then people who have been turned away in the past and allowed in. At this point the people with general tickets are allowed in. Some studios are larger some are smaller so there is just n way of knowing for sure if you’ll be able to get in. My advice is go early. Obviously, if there is space after all the “special” people go in the people in the front of the line go in next!

If you are lucky enough to get in, you are in for treat! There is often a warm up guy to keep the audience entertained in between filming. You may watch a prior episode or if its a new show, you may see the pilot to catch you up on the characters, setting, etc. Tapings take 3-4 hours and are very repetitive. One scene may be shot several times to get different camera angles or try different punch lines or expressions. Sometimes, there is a special guest star which is quite a treat! Most times the staff bring you pizza and water and the warm up guy has little contests and talent shows. Audience members can earn raffle tickets or prizes.

After the taping, you are usually allowed to get autographs from the actors from the audience seating area. Sometimes pictures are allowed but always wait for permission. Each show has their own rules!

I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if it has by leaving a comment!


The tapings I have been lucky enough to go to are:

Shake it Up

Pair of Kings

I’m in the Band

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