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Get Well Soon Matthew Finley @4MDot

Matthew Finley 4MdotMatthew Finley Camp Star FireMatthew Finley 4MdotMatthew Finley 4MdotMatthew Finley 4Mdot

On May 26, 2011, Matthew was riding his Ducati motorcycle on Molholland Drive in Los Angeles. He took a turn too fast and drove off a 100 ft cliff, He broke several bones and required many surgeries. He is still in the hospital recovering. His leg is broken in many places.

He starred in Camp Rock 2 as Luke Williams. He sang Fire, Tear it Down and Walking in my Shoes. He has also had many more songs as an artist.

Matthew is a really nice guy! I’ve met him at The Road Dogs Game, 16 wishes screening and Teen Vogue Generation Next. He loves his fans and finds time to meet witht hem and uses Twitter to stay in touch!

You can follow him on Twitter at @4MDot

Here’s a message from
the @CR@News Twitter account :
You can send me your GetWellSoon messages for him at!

Meeting the cast of Camp Rock

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Camp Rock 2 was a Disney Channel Original Movie that was a sequel to Camp Rock. It premiered on the Disney Channel on September 3, 2010.

Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) returns to Camp Rock with her mother Connie (Maria Canals-Barrera) for another year of summer camp. A rival camp called Camp Star was opened by a old friend of Camp Rack’s owner. Luke Williams (Matthew Finley , MDot) is the most talented performer of Camp Star. He is kind of the leader. He sings Fire at the bonfire when both camps come together. Many counselors and campers leave Camp Rock to go to Camp Star. The Jonas Brothers return as members of a band called Connect 3. When we first meet them, their tour bus has a flat tire and their bus driver Oliver (Big Rob) is trying to fix it. It rolls down a hill and the boys make it to the camp in a truck full of chickens. Chloe Bridges plays Dana the daughter of Camp Star’s owner. Nate (Nick Jonas) falls in love with her and sings Introducing Me to prove he really does love her and can share his thoughts with her! Roshon Fegan and Jordin Francis play Sander and Barron, two talented friends who like hip hop. Tess (Meaghan Martin) decides to go to Camp Star. At the Final Jam, she and Luke Sing “Tear it Down” Frankie Jonas plays Trevor. He takes video of the camp at that video is used at Final Jam when Camp Rock plays What We Came Here For.

There is a lot of funny parts in Camp Rock 2. There was also a lot of cool songs. At the end, there is a show down between the camps!

I was lucky enough to go to a screening of Camp Rock 2 a few months before it was on TV. We went to the Disney Studios and watched it there. After we met Paul Hoen and a few other people who made the movie. That was cool. They didn’t let us take cameras in but that’s where the pic above was taken.

Demi Lovato plays Mitchie Torres. I met her at a free concert in Glendale. She signed my Friends For Change Poster and was really sweet. She tried to meet a whole lot of fans that day, so I only saw her for a little while.

I haven’t officially met the Jonas Brothers but I went to and their Burn It Up tour, the Road Dogs Game and and The Camp Rock 2 tour in September 2010. I had front row seats so I really enjoyed the concert. I met Ashley Greene there. We went to the bathroom and when we came back, she was in our seat! I took a pic bit it doesn’t really belong here.

Some of the Cast of Camp Rock

Demi and Joe singing Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I’ve met many members of the cast at different events, screenings, premieres, and charities. They have all been nice. I hope you follow them all on Twitter and follow @CR2News .. they are huge supporters of the movie and members of the cast!

Marie Canals-Barrera before the concert

Maria also plays Theresa, the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place. She is married to David Barrera and have two little girls. She is very nice and helps charities and her daughters’ school. She even did a book reading at a local book store and invited her fans to come down to meet her.

Follow her on Twitter at @Maria_CB

Alyson Stoner at the Step-Up 3D Premiere

I’ve met Alyson about 7 times. She is an awesome dancer and loves to support her friends and charities. She went to Shane Harper’ s concert at the Roxy. She was also at the premiere of Jake T. Austin’s movie The Perfect Game. She attended Debby Ryan’s 16 Wishes premiere and she played basketball with the Hollywood Knights. I met her at these events and a couple of charity events too. She is SOOOOOOO sweet.

Follow her at @AlysonOnTour

Roshon Fegan at 16 Wishes Premiere

Roshon was great in Camp Rock but he is even more amazing as Ty in Shake it Up. He is 18 and I’ve met him a couple of times at premieres and at tapings. He is very nice and sweet and super talented.

Follow him at @YaBoyRo

Chloe Bridges at 16 Wishes Premiere

Chloe Bridges at a charity event in LA

Chloe starred in Legally Blondes with Britanny Curran and was Dana in CR2. A lot of people wished that Nick was singing to them instead of her!

I’ve met her at a premiere and a charity. She was very nice to me and my friends.

Her Twitter is @ChloeBridges

MDot at a charity event in Hollywood

Matthew Finley , MDot plays Luke Williams. He is so talented and sweet. I wrote a whole blog just for him. Please check it out!

His Twitter is @4MDot please follow him.

Meaghan Martin

I only met Meaghan who plays Tess one time. She was very nice.

Her Twitter is @EtteJNahgaem

I loved the movie! I think Demi and the Jonas Brothers are great together. I loved all the supporting cast and I hope they all have a lot of success in their lives and their careers.

I hope you liked this Blog, my mom and I worked hard on it!

Follow me on Twitter at @AlexiRob

Check my pics of another stars on Flickr

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Meeting Matthew “MDot” Finley

Matthew “MDot” Finley is best known for playing Luke Williams in Camp Rock 2. Luke is at Camp Star which is a rival camp trying to take campers and counselors way from Camp Rock. Luke sings “Fire” when we first meet him in the movie and at the end of the movie he sings a duet with Meaghan Martin called “Tear it Down”.

MDot is what is known as a triple threat. He’s an awesome dancer, actor and singer AND he plays 5 instruments: piano, drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone! What you may not know about him, what you won’t find on Wikipedia is he is a really nice guy! I have met MDot 3 times! He has always been a sweet, gentle man. He has been kind to me and my mom in person and on Twitter! He really is humble and knows that without his fans, he doesn’t have a career!

MDot is 23 years old . He is super talented and won an award called the Urban Threshold Music Award in 2007 but deserves to win more. He is currently working on an album that he says will be “The best R&B/Pop album without a Parental Advisory sticker on it”.

I first met him at Debby Ryan’s 16 Wishes Premiere. He was waiting to get on the red carpet. Someone asked if we got a picture with him. We didn’t recognize him because Camp Rock 2 hadn’t come out yet. The person asking said, “Go meet him, He’s gonna be huge!” So we went to say “hi” and got a quick pic! He had a great smile and was super friendly!

In September , we went to the Road Dogs Game. Mdot was sitting in the stands taking pictures and giving fans autographs. At one point, he left his seat. He was followed by fans who wanted pics. That’s when we took the pic above. We also got an autograph! Security gave him a hard time accusing him of creating a disturbance because a lot of fans were standing around in a big group. He was almost kicked out of Blair Field! He kept having to explain that he was only trying to hang out with fans. My mom kept her camera on everything in case we needed proof that Mdot wasn’t doing anything wrong. We thought the security weren’t really being respectful but Mdot was a gentleman and kept his cool the whole time. Finally, someone from the team came out just as Matthew was being taken off the property!

That night, he took the stage at the Verizon Ampitheatre In Irvine as part of the Camp Rock 2/Demi Lovato/Jonas Brothers Concert. He was awesome and with front row seats were really able to enjoy his performance.

We next met him at a charity event in Hollywood. We first saw him in the parking lot on his way in. He recognized us from The Road Dogs Game and hung out with us a bit! He had a little Mickey Mouse in his pocket.When we tweeted the picture below, he tweeted something right back about me like ” I love this little girl”. I got a bunch of followers that night!

We’ve met a lot of stars, most are nice but MDot really stands out as one of our all time favorites!!!

I ask you to support this great guy .

1. Request “Fire” on Radio Disney

2. Look for his songs, singles and album- Nice to Meet You, A Million

3. Follow Mdot on Twitter @4MDot

He is such a nice guy and a real gentleman! I am looking forward to seeing his career take off!

I hope you enjoyed this blogplease comment/share

I have tons more pics on Flickr

You can follow me on Twitter @Alexirob

My mom and I write these blogs together!

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