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Season 3 Good Luck Charlie taping of Episode 2

Season 3 of Good Luck Charlie began taping recently at the studios in Downtown LA.


Episode 2 was called Teddy’s Bad Luck. There were 3 stories happening at once.

1. Teddy and Spencer are back together and the school thinks Teddy is a jinx. Ever since they got back together the basketball time has been losing. Teddy and Shane plan a fake break up to prove them wrong.

2. Gabe overhears his parents talking and thinks they are going to send him to military school. He decides to act extra nice to change their mind.

3. PJ gets too old to get his hair cut at the Orange Balloon. Bob takes him to his barber shop and PJ falls for a cute hair stylist played by Rachel Melvin.

The episode is really funny! Amy is pregnant (not Leigh Ann) and Mia has some really funny lines!
She pre tapes her scenes before the audience comes in and we saw her scenes on Playback.

The cast had a scene that was really tricky and they kept messing up. Then they got the giggles and Leigh Ann accidentally called Gabe, Bradley! it was so funny!!

Tapings are fun! A warm up guy and the audience coordinator keeps everyone comfortable and passes out candy, has prizes and contests.

After the taping, they cast and crew had a surprise for Bridgit! They celebrated her birthday early with cake and balloons which they shared with the audience!

We were all able to come down to the set to take pics and get autographs!

It was really fun!
Eric is really nice. Leigh Ann Baker is nice too and short!

Shane Harper was really sweet!











5000 followers for Tucker Albrizzi by 7/4/11

Tucker AlbrizziTucker AlbrizziTucker Albrizzi

Tucker Albrizzi, a set on Flickr.

You know this col guy from Big Time Rush AND Good Luck Charlie!!

By the way he is NOT the red head from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That guys name is Robert Capron.

Ob BTR, Tucker plays Tyler. He’s always hiding from his mom who usually wants to take him to an audition. On GLC, he’s Jake, Gabe’s friend!! As if it wasn’t enough being on two shows on two major networks, Tucker also appeared in I am Number 4, and has filmed a few upcoming projects.

You know the series of dog Buddies movies???
Snow Budddies, Space Buddies, Santa Buddies?? well Tucker will be the voice of Bartleby in a new movie called SpookyBuddies. He also will be the voice of Harrison in a new movie called Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip-Wrecked.

As if that wasn’t enough, he is also cast to play a main character in a new Disney XD series called Pack of Wolves. Its about a single dad who’s a scientist raising 3 sons. Robbie Tucker and Paul Vogt play his brothers. A spy rents a spare room in the house and teaches the boys all kinds of spy tricks!!

Tucker is one busy guy!!
I’ve met him at events and he’s very nice. He’s a little shy on the red carpet but I think its because he really doesn’t want to brag.

His brother is Patrick Pedraja who was the 2007 CNN Heroes Young Wonders winner at the age of 12. Tucker helped his brother organize international marrow drives for charity.

Tucker is 11 years old He loves acting, panda’s and video games!

His Twitter is @TuckerAlbrizzi

His fanmail address is
Tucker Albrizzi PO Box 2240 Suite 442 Toluca Lake, CA 91610

I wrote a blog on getting autographs using fan mail.

Tucker is a really great guy! He’s fun to follow on Twitter.

I want him to have 5000 followers by 4th of July 2011. If you don’t follow him yet, please do and ask your friends on Twitter to ok?

G Hannelius

G hanneneliusG HanneliusG. HanneliusG. Hannelius and Taylar HenderG. Hannelius and Taylar Hender

G Hannelius, a set on Flickr.

G (short for Genevieve) was born
12/ 22/1998 in Boston, She is an actress and singer.
She played Courtney in Surviving Surburbia on ABC in 2009.
G. plays Amy Little on Disney Channel’ s Leo’s Little Big Show co-starring Leo Howard. She is very expressive and funny. A few times she even sang on the show. Once, she sang a cool rap song.
G. starred in a lead role in Den Brother, a Disney Channel Original Movie also starring Hutch Dano. She has guest starred as Jo Keener on Good Luck Charlie. She started off as a bully in the earlier episodes then she got friendlier towards Gabe in other episodes. She also was a pretty regular guest star on Sonny With a Chance. Her character was a spoiled, rich girl named Dakota. Once she got a bike for her birthday and Sonny and Tawni ran over it. She had so many tantrums, her name became Sharkota.
She is set to play Wednesday Malone in a new Disney series that is a spin off of High School Musical called Madison High. If the show gets picked up her co stars would be Mark Indelicato, Kat McNamera, Leah Lewis, and Nolan Sotillo.
G also has a few song on iTunes
Two in a Billion and staying up All Night!
Her celebrity crush is Zac Efron. And she really loves Glee. She just went to Glee Live and had a great time!
I’ve met G a few times She is really very sweet! She loves her fans and loves to support charities
She recently co hosted an event called
A Window Between World’s and invited fans to meet her. Support her charity here.

I’ve met her and interviewed her. She really a great person. She has some strong opinions and isn’t afraid to express herself!

Follow her on Twitter @G_Hannelius Show your support her by buying her
songs on iTunes and watching any new shows she’s in!!

I hope you liked this post.

My mom and I work hard on these.

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Good Luck Charlie (meeting the cast and going to a taping)

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Good Luck Charlie is a Disney Channel Original series about the Duncan Family! It premiered April 4, 2010. The creators wanted wanted to create a program the whole family could enjoy. The show follows the families’ ups and downs as they get used to having a new baby, Charlotte “Charlie” Duncan, played by Mia Telerico. In each episode, Teddy Duncan played by Bridgit Mendler films a video diary about lessons and advice about life and growing up for Charlie and in each video she always says “Good Luck, Charlie!” There are 4 kids in the family and a mom and dad!

PJ, 17, played by Jason Dolley

Jason Dolley was born in Los Angeles and has been on several Disney shows. He co-starred with Kyle Massey on Cory in the House. He was in Minutemen, Read it and Weep and Hatching Pete. He takes college classes and enjoys playing piano, guitar and video games. I’ve met him at charities and events. He is nice to fans and is really sweet with Bridget and Bradley. He really does act like their big brother!

Teddy, 16, played by Bridgit Mendler

Bridget is a talented, gorgeous and sweet person. She was born in Washington D.C. and moved to San Francisco at 8 then began working on General Hospital when she was 11. She has been in the Clique, Jonas and Labor Pains. She first worked for Disney on Wizards of Waverly Place as Justin’s Girlfriend, Juliet. Not only is she a gifted actress, she is also a great singer. She sings the theme song for Good Luck Charlie, Hang in There Baby. She also sang a song for the soundtrack for Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue called How to Believe. Recently, she sang and has a video called This is my Paradise. This song is from Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Bridgit also supports charities, most publicly, First Books. This organization helps kids from poor families have books in their home. This will help them be better readers and more successful in school and life! We’ve met Bridget often and she’s very sweet to her fans. When we compliment her about her singing, she’s kinda shy. We think she is amazingly talented and love it when she comes out with a new song! Request them on Radio Disney! She is co-starring in a new Disney Channel Original Movie called Lemonade Mouth. It also stars Hayley Kiyoko, Adam Hicks, Chris Brochu, Blake Michael and others!

Gabe, 11, played by Bradley Steven Perry.


Besides playing on Good Luck Charlie, Bradley has been filming Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure where he will have a major role co-starring with Ashley Tisdale. Bradley is really funny and talented. When we went to a live taping he did a lot of funny things to entertain the audience. They celebrated his 12th birthday on set. The whole audience got cake!

Leigh Allyn Baker plays the mom, Amy, who is a nurse

Leigh was born in Kentucky and has been acting a long time. She played a role on Hannah Montana as a morning show host named Mickey. She also is the voice of Abby on Back in the Barnyard! She’s a mom in real life too. She has one child.

Erik Allen Kramer plays the dad, Bob, who is an exterminator.

Eric was born in Michigan and has been acting for a long time. He played Coach Gunderson on Wizards of Waverly Place!

The series has several talented recurring characters that kkep the show really interesting and funny!

Ivy played by Raven Goodwin

Raven was born in WashingtonD.C. and starred in Nickelodeon’s Just Jordan and had a role in Huge.

Emmett played by Micah Williams

Micah has had several roles. He was in Bruce Almighty and Jump In.

Skyler played by Samantha Boscarino

Samantha has played many roles in The Clique, The Perfect Game, Parenthood, and Mr. Troop Mom. She also played Lisa Cucay on Wizards of Waverly Place. Her father in that episode was played by David Barrera, Maria Canals-Barrera’s husband.

Jo Keener played by G. Hannelius

G was born in Boston and has had a many acting jobs with Disney. She was Tiffany on Hannah Montana, Dakota on Sonny with a Chance, Emily in Den Brother and Ms. Dempsey on I’m in the Band. She also starred in Search for Santa Paws with Kaitlyn Maher and Madison Pettis. She stars as Amy in a Disney Channel show called Leo’s Little Big Show with Leo Howard. She has had a few chances to sing on the show. She sang Rap Up! and Amy’s Fairy Song. We’ve met her at charities and premieres in Hollywood! Follow her on Twitter she loves to chat with fans!

Spencer Walsh played by Shane Harper


Shane was dancer in High School Musical 2, starred in Flipped and was Fidel in Wizards of Waverly Place season 4. He is also a great singer and had a concert at the Roxy in Los Angeles. He supports many charities and so do we so we’ve seen him several times. He is very kind to me and all his fans!

When Shane had his concert at the Roxy, Bridget, Jason, Bradley, Micah and Samantha came out to show their support! Alyson Stoner was there as well. That was a really fun night!

Good Luck Charlie got picked up for season 2. A feature-length Christmas Christmas themed movie will start filming in March 2011 and premiere around the holidays 2011. I also read somewhere that there is going to be a crossover with the cast of Shake It Up!

The series stars a great cast of actors most of whom I’ve met. I’ve never met Mia. Sadly, Mia’s scenes are pre-recorded during the day. So when we went to a live taping, she wasn’t there. We watched her scenes on monitors. When someone asked Bridgit where Mia was, she said, “She’s a little baby! It’s past her bed time!

The show really is funny and entertaining!

Support the show and cast by watching the show and following everyone on Twitter. Jason, Bridget and Bradley tend to not tweet with fans too much but they do post updates and Bridgit often posts pics of really nice things like sunsets and sunrises. Bradley is a big sports fan! The other cast members tend to tweet with fans more .

I hope you liked this Blog

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Meet Stars at TV Show Tapings

This may be the best kept secret in Hollywood. When your favorite comedy, talk show, and game show is being taped, most are taped in front of a live studio audience. Not only is it free to attend these tapings, it’s illegal to sell tickets to these events. Now, of course, you are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.” In a way you’re right and in a way you are wrong. It is absolutely possible to attend these tapings. Simply Google audience tickets and you will find several companies that can help you get tickets. is one of the largest companies that offer this service. You usually register on line and receive tickets through email. Make sure you read all the info about minimum ages, check in time, what allowed in terms of cameras or food.

The bad news is that these services often overbook tapings and having a ticket does NOT guarantee admission. Each show is a bit different but often VIPS (executives and family and guests of the actors) receive priority access, then groups that are specially invited based on a certain demographic (for example Shake it Up gives priority to dance groups and cheer leading squads). Then people who have been turned away in the past and allowed in. At this point the people with general tickets are allowed in. Some studios are larger some are smaller so there is just n way of knowing for sure if you’ll be able to get in. My advice is go early. Obviously, if there is space after all the “special” people go in the people in the front of the line go in next!

If you are lucky enough to get in, you are in for treat! There is often a warm up guy to keep the audience entertained in between filming. You may watch a prior episode or if its a new show, you may see the pilot to catch you up on the characters, setting, etc. Tapings take 3-4 hours and are very repetitive. One scene may be shot several times to get different camera angles or try different punch lines or expressions. Sometimes, there is a special guest star which is quite a treat! Most times the staff bring you pizza and water and the warm up guy has little contests and talent shows. Audience members can earn raffle tickets or prizes.

After the taping, you are usually allowed to get autographs from the actors from the audience seating area. Sometimes pictures are allowed but always wait for permission. Each show has their own rules!

I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if it has by leaving a comment!


The tapings I have been lucky enough to go to are:

Shake it Up

Pair of Kings

I’m in the Band

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