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Glee Concert 5/28/11

Alexi at the Glee ConcertDiana asks Blane Warbler to mke out at the Glee ConcertChris Colfer invites Blane Warbler to join Glee ClubBorn this Way continued Glee ConcertBorn This Way continued Glee ConcertSingle Ladies Glee Concert
Friday Glee ConcertGlee ConcertSafety Dance Glee ConcertSomebody to love  Glee ConcertTeenage Dream Glee ConcertLoser Like Me Glee Concert
Born this Way Glee ConcertFirework Glee ConcertBritany Spears song sung by Diana Glee ConcertDon't Stop believingRaise Your Glass Glee Concert

Glee Concert 5/28/11, a set on Flickr.

We went to the Glee Concert on 5/28/11. They sang some amazing songs! Our seats weren’t great but it sounded and looked great live!
They performed:
Born This Way
Loser Like Me
Single Ladies
Safety Dance
Somebody to Love
Teenage Dream
Don’t stop Believing
The Warblers sang few songs too
including raise your glass.
i took vids of the songs and some pics in the lobby!
There was great lighting, confetti and streamers!! So much fun!!!
heard there were some celebs in the audience but I didn’t meet any ..

I hope you liked this post.

My mom and I work hard on these.

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