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Keep in Touch with Stars Through Fan Mail Addresses and Twitter

I’ve met tons of stars. I live in LA and go to many events. If you don’t live in LA , or even if you do, you can keep in touch through Fan Mail and Twitter. Many stars have FaceBook too but I don’t know a lot about that.

Getting Autographs Through Fan Mail Addresses

If you can’t meet the stars in person, you can still keep in touch with them and ask for an autograph! The best way to do this is by sending an envelope to them that has your address and stamps on it already! This is also called a SASE, self-addressed stamped envelope. You then put this envelope inside another envelope along with a personalized letter, drawing, poem, whatever you want! Let the celeb know how much they mean to you and let them know what you’d like back, like an autographed headshot. Be patient, some celebs get 100’s of fan letters a day! It may takes weeks or months to get a response.

Allstar Weekend

c/o Hollywood Records

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91505


Casts of Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie,

Suite Life on Deck, and Hannah Montana

c/o Disney Channel

3800 Alameda Ave.

Burbank, CA. 91505


Casts of iCarly, Big Time Rush and Victorious

c/o Nickelodeon

4401 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles CA. 90027


Justin Bieber

c/o Island Def Jam

825 8th St.

New York, NY 10019


Zac Efron

P.O. Box 960

Avila Beach, CA 93424


Jonas Brothers

c/o Hollywood Records

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521



c/o Sony Records

550 Madison Ave.

New York, NY 10019


Lady Gaga

c/o Def Jam Records

825 8th Ave.

New York. NY 10019


Taylor Lautner


9601 Wilshire Blvd.

3rd Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Rob Pattinson and Booboo Stewart

c/o Summit Ent.

1630 Stewart St.

Suite 120

Santa Monica, CA 90404


Katy Perry

c/o Capitol Music

150 5th Ave

New York, NY 10010


Pretty Little Liars Cast

c/o ABC Family

3800 Alameda Ave.

Burbank Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505


Taylor Swift

c/o Taylor Swift

242 West Main Street

PMB 412

Hendersonville, TN


Following Stars on Twitter


Twitter is amazing! You can follow stars on Twitter and feel really connected. Some stars use Twitter for different reasons:

Some stars use Twitter only to let fans know about their upcoming projects and events and rarely check their mentions.

Some stars use Twitter to communicate with fans and will reply and follow fans even if they don’t follow them. They go out of their way to check mentions.

Some stars follow rules from their parents, managers or publicists and only follow fan Twitters, people they know and cast mates.

Some stars only follow people on the 1st of the month or use a follow as a prize for a contest.

Some stars have a Twitter but hardly ever tweet.

Some stars don’t have Twitter but have posers. BEWARE!

When I meet a star, I ask about their Twitter. Bella Thorne follows a few people on the 1st of the month. Tucker Albrizzi only follows a few fans as a prize for winning contests. Keke Palmer and Doc Shaw followed me as a reward for winning a contest! Ariana Grande only follows Fan Twitter accounts and cast mates. Booboo Stewart said he gets so many tweets he probably sees less that 10% of them. Romi Dames, Erin Sanders, Caitlyn T. Love, Geno Segers, Bella Thorne and Sasha Pieterse are all awesome about getting back to their fans and replying often. Usually this happens late at night as they’re winding down from a long day! I notice Bella does it after a taping.

Please use Twitter etiquette:

1. Don’t spam your followers or a star.

2. Never copy and paste. If you like what you read the RT it!

3. Don’t pose! Be honest. Be yourself.

4. Don’t post spoilers! If you are on the East Coast you may know something 3 hours before the west coast. Don’t spoil anything!

5. Don’t cuss a lot or for no reason! My mom makes me unfollow people who cuss for no reason.

6. Be nice! Even though people don’t know who you are, your words still hurt! I’ve read posts to Madison De La Garza that were just cruel! She’s a little girl and doesn’t deserve that.

7. Don’t ask other twitter friends to get people to follow you or deliver messages. That’s just not cool! Twitter should be fun, not work!

A Few Words About Posers

I have had a lot of experiences with posers. I know because when I meet celebs in person, I find out their real Twitter name! I kind of feel sorry for posers. They must have a pretty sad life if they spend hours pretending to be someone else. I feel sorry for them but I’m also pretty mad about it too!
They are liars and thieves. They are stealing someone’s identity! They are also fooling thousands of people and when they are exposed, all of those followers are disappointed! Many celebs are verified but not all so use these tips to spot a poser:


Tips for Spotting a Poser

1. People who should be following them, aren’t! If the star is a child or part of a cast are the parents or cast mates following them? For Example, if Noah Cyrus had an account, Billy Ray and Tish would be following her. Carolina Sunshine had a poser yet none of the Shake It Up cast was following her!

2. Posers often ask for shout outs or follows from other celebrities. Real celebs DON’T do this!

3. Posers only post pics that are found easily on other websites like Just Jared or Ocean Up. Real celebs stars post funny pics from set or just candid pics of their everyday lives like their snack or pet!

4. Posers often mess up and confuse their life and the celeb their posing as. One asked for shout outs on her real birthday (not the celeb’s)

5. Posers Tweet a LOT. Real celebs have super busy lives and come on Twitter every so often and then only for a while.

I hope this helps! If you have more tips to add, leave it as a comment OK? Thanks!

Here are some twitter names by show!





@GenoSegers (Mason)

Kelsey Chow had no Twitter when I met her at the TCA’s. If one pops up, check to see if cast members are following her. If not, don’t believe it!




@Yaboyro (Roshon Fegan) (Ty)

@AdamIrigoyan (Deuce)

@4castisSunshine (Caroline Sunshine)

Kenton Duty and Davis Cleveland didn’t have Twitters the last time I met them. I know Kenton has a few posers.


@SprouseArts (Dylan only) Cole doesn’t have one





I don’t know about Brenda..or Phil or Miss Tuttweiller







@RealChinaAnne (China McClain)








@FollowBailee ( Bailee Madison will guest star this season)




@TheGBakes (Greg Baker)


Stephen Full doesn’t have one

Big Time Rush









@TuckerAlbrizzi (cute red headed boy)


Demi’s twitter has been deleted for now.. We love her and hope she is feeling better soon!


@DugyFresh (Doug Brochu)





Hannah Montana

Miley has left Twitter for the time being.


@DukeofEarles (Jason Earles)

@AriasBros (Moises Arias)









@MrEricLange (Mr. Sykowitz)

@DanWarp (Dan Schneider)














@BruinDude92 (Nathan Kress)

@MunkyTown (Noah Munck)


Miscellaneous Awesome People


@StefanieScott1 (working on a new Disney series called Ant farm)

@SammiHanratty1 (Christmas Carol, American Girl, Chrissa)




@Sashaapieterse (Alison on Pretty Little Liars)

@mammarazzi (Booboo Stewart on Eclipse)

@IllinoisActor (Brandon t. Russell)

@TheRomiDames (Tracy van Horn on Hannah Montana)


Stars of Camp Rock


@4mdot (Matthew Finley)

@EtteNahgaem (Meaghan Martin)




Child Actressess

@TaylorKG (Taylor Groothious (Sally on SLOD co-starred with @thedebbyryan in What If)

@pinkbowsforeva (Noah Cyrus)

@EmilyGraceEms (Emily Grace Reaves)

We hope you find this helpful. We’re only human though so if you find mistakes or could help us out by suggesting we add someone or add a show or fix something, we’d love your input. Just add it as a comment!


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