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So many fake suicides this weekend in Twitter


If you don’t like drama and cuss words freak you out DO NOT read this blog!!

Just added a new one to the end — a girl supposedly commits suicide by cutting her wrists and OD ing on pain pills while in the hospital for Leukemia — a friend jumps on and takes over the account in 45 min?

First of all, suicide is terrible and tragic. I know it’s very real and we lose too many teens to it every day!
There is a crazy fad on Twitter of saying someone is going to kill themselves or did kill themselves!

I’m 9 and I have Twitter @alexirob I love and support tons of celebs. I’ve met them and I let people know how when and where they can meet them too! Before you say I’m too young to say who’s faking and not.. 1 I’m not stupid some if these are obvious!
2. I’m not afraid of getting hate. Lots if people agree with me but are Too afraid of getting hate and losing followers. I’m ok if I Lose a few I’ll get more soon! 3 My mom and followers help me!

Faking suicides and illnesses is a growing trend and I’m sick of seeing it in my timeline! everyone I see #rip____ I get suspicious.

I’ve even seen tweets like I’m going to kill myself if this doesn’t get 10 RT’s. Remember, people often have many accounts on Twitter. So if someone says they are going to kill themselves or someone else did.. It’s often just that they let that one account go and are tweeting alive and well on other accounts!

I think most of the fake suicides are people who are sad, lonely and bored. So I feel sorry for them. I have a great family, friends, awesome life and hobby. I would never let a few mean tweets get me down!

Everyone has a choice to block people or make their account private. So sometimes it seems like people act like victims but I’ve even seen a person follow a hate account set up against them.

This weekend there have been about 5 times when i think it was a fake suicide/attempt. People FREAK out because I will call people out. Everyone Else ignores it because they don’t like drama or they fall for it. It started with
@arianasuniverse she said she wanted to die. She had been Ariana Grande’s fan of the month in December. Everyone freaked when she didn’t tweet for a night and thought she died. She tweeted the next morning that she “took pills her body went numb” and she woke up fine at home. She started tweeting right away thanking all the people who cared! Everyone thought she was a brave hero and helped her trend istopbullying and Joan Grande even tweeted her.

There’s no way to prove she really wanted to die or how many if any pills she took, but suicidal people aren’t just fine the next day – no worried parents- no doctors- no therapy-

Then there was @ibiebsglasses who was a 13 yr old who moved to England was teased for wearing a Justin Bieber jacket. A girl made up a rumor that she kissed someone – she went missing in London and police found her iPhone , a bloody knife and her body in the river.
The friends were in her account trying to trend #ripashley

Well London is really small and I have followers in London. If a 13 yr old was missing in London it would be in the news. If police found her it would be in the news- also this was/is her profile pic


But a follower found it on a tumbler


I really don’t think people are teasing that gorgeous girl for wearing a JB jacket.

And the friends stories changed all the time– Just not believable

I don’t know what to think about this


If its true that is VERY sad..

Someone actually tweeted me about their experience and said they
Cut their wrist and tweeted a pic of their bloody, cut wrist and tweeted it to see if people cared.. She was happy they did. I said if you really wanted to die you wouldn’t have taken a pic posted it and then checked your mentions. If you wanted to die you would have kept cutting until you were dead. You will NOT believe what she said– ” then who would take a picture of my dead body and post it?”

Now there is this story that is the craziest of all– I feel bad for the person who made it up! But they keep arguing on Twitter and getting their friends to go after me so I HAVE to share and let YOU decide if you believe it!

It started off she was replying to @arianasuniverse she said “I tried to kill myself yesterday and I’m sorry I did”

I thought that was weird because if you REALLY try to kill yourself and wake up in a hospital — no one is gonna let you tweet especially if twitter and hate on twitter made you want to die!!

So I read @demishakesitup timeline.,
Here are some highlights





So a girl tries to kill herself by cutting and putting a belt on her neck and the 7 yr old sister starts tweeting trying to get RTs a TT and does a competition??
Then is the sister dead or not?


I’m pretty sure a hospital didn’t call home and talk to the 7 yr old and they would KNOW if the girl was dead –
Today the girl says the hosp called home and talked to the parents wouldn’t YOUR parents be at the hospital with you?
Then the girl tweeted at 2:07 US time


But she didn’t wake up till


Also would a 7 yr old be allowed to be with her sick Sis and the first thing she’s doing is tweeting?


And 2 hours later, she’s back home on Twitter – if anyone was admitted to a hospital after a suicide attempt they would be kept and given lots if therapy and good care to see what was wrong maybe get medication – parents would probably not let them tweet for a while or make their account private do they wouldn’t have to deal with haters especially if that’s what made the girl do it.

So today she keeps tweeting me and stirring things up. I said her story doesn’t make sense she says her friends believe her. I said they are sweet and not that smart — I know it’s mean but this story did NOT happen!
So she’s getting her followers to attack me. I get a lot of hate for doing this.



It’s kinda funny because bullying is what makes kids “kill themselves, I expose the fakes, then I get bullied, so I guess I should kill myself now right?
Of course not!! If you are getting hate on Twitter block the person, make your account private and only tweet with people who love you!! There’s WAY more to life than just Twitter!!

Someone asked me to see if @arianabook s story looked real..
Hmm what do you think?

At first she thinks a Twitter friend is suicidal

Thanks if you read this till the end!!


Then she says this


Then she says she’s in the hospital ..


Then she’s happy again


Then she writes this




So remember she was in a HOSPITAL and feeling fine and freaked out by death — now she says she had a stolen blade all along -?? No way!!

Then “Payton” gets on the next day. Bella gave her account to her BoyFriend Brady. Who the heck is Payton. She doesn’t even sound like she cares.



Hey y’all who says that?? Sandy from Spongebob!! But who else especially when they found out someone they know killed themselves

Then this morning they used a spam
Site to get more followers


I hope you guys see this is another case of someone bored and trying to get attention — first she’s afraid of a friend committing suicide — then says she’s in the hosp – the leukemia —
Then a suicide note! If anyone actually was able to commit suicide in a hospital that would be all over the news! Also the blade stolen from the boyfriend and smuggled into the hospital? And pain pills??
It’s just not believable!

Posers, Fakers, and Haters oh My! The Dark Side of Twitter

Sorry to have you reading a blog about such negative stuff but there is a DARK side to Twitter Ijust have to share with you. I have have had a Twitter account for almost two years. I have over 10,000 followers and have read and written thousands of Tweets!
I like meeting celebrities as a fan and have been lucky enough to meet them on the job too! My mom and I use Twitter to support charities, meet new people, and help others learn how to meet celebrities. We post about any and every upcoming event we find out about!
Over the years, we have come across some crazy stuff on Twitter.
We think about 95% of people on Twitter are good, kind hearted and sweet! If you are reading this, then i bet you are one of the good guys! BUT the other 5% have issues!
Maybe their parents are divorced. Maybe their lives are really boring. Maybe they really have mental problems. Who knows? But there are people on Twitter who are doing very bad things.
The 3 we are going to talk about are:

When I tweet about these things because I think I found a poser or faker half the people say “How dare you judge them! ” What if you are wrong?” “Then you are the bully!” the other half want to know more and have tons of questions. So I can’t win on Twitter.
That’s why I’m writing this with my moms help!!

1. Posers — please know that anyone can open an account and say anything!
There are no Twitter police, no one asks for ID, no one gives fingerprints.
A person can have as many accounts as they want!

There are 3 kinds of posers:
1. Posing as another regular person
2. Posing as a celebrity account
3. Posing as an “official back up /private account.

Posing as a regular person
A forty year old man can say he is a 13 yr old girl and use a pic from the web!
A girl can say she’s a guy! A person can say anything on Twitter.

Celebrity Posers – Huge celebrities with lots of fans and posers can get Verified on Twitter. Stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift have verified accounts. They or their representatives have gone through a formal process and provided documents to Twitter. Some lesser known stars especially, kid stars, often aren’t verified. Often people pose as these celebrities and trick a lot of people. Skai Jackson and Caitlyn Carmichael have no Twitter.
Brenda Song and Taylor Lautner are two celebs who have posers with 1000’s of followers. Neither has Twitter!
If they did, they would be verified immediately.

Posing as a back up celeb account-
We have met over 300 celebs. We ask about their twitter and no one ever said they had a back up account.
Why would a celeb need a private account if they wanted to tweet their celeb friends they would text them!
This is just a trick posers use to get around Twitter’s system for verification.

My mom says teens like to feel special and smart. So this is why they believe that they were smart enough to find Selena or Taylor’s private account and that they are actually “chatting” with a famous person. Sorry, celebs love their fans but they don’t do this.
One helpful hint is fake private accounts tweet and follow other fake private accounts.

Signs someone is a poser:
1. No original pics just Google Images
2. They Tweet a LOT most celebs are busy with school, work, press events.
3. The cast of their show or other famous friends/family are NOT following them.

The next negative thing on Twitter are fakers
There are 4 kinds of fakers

1. People who fake having a disease.
2. People who fake attempting to kill themselves or faking actually killing themselves.
3. People who fake a death in the family.
4. People faking that they are on a new show that is coming on Disney or other channel.

People who fake having a disease-
A certain Disney celeb became friends with a girl on Twitter who had Cystic Fibrosis. He helped her get followers and when she came to LA, he visited her hotel and let her come to the set fir the day.
Shortly after, many people started tweeting that same star saying they had Cystic Fibrosis or cancer. Some posted pics of bald kids saying it was them. One person tweeted two pics of “herself” but the eyes were different colors. The person was using Google Images. One person tweeted “check my Twitter tomorrow at 2 when I announce whether or not I have cancer”
She went on and on about going to the hospital. At two she tweeted “it’s true I have cancer! Pray for me @______ celeb name and @___ celeb name.
She tweeted pics if her “treatment” they were actually pink ribbon pens in a basket!! Again a Google Image!
No one wants to doubt or question someone who is sick but there are signs someone is faking being sick.

1. They are “new” to Twitter but already have emoji’s , know how to RT block and post links.
2. The first people they Tweet is a celeb and they day they are sick right away.
3. They don’t really know about their disease. Kids who are sick grow up fast they don’t say doctor they say oncologist they know/ understand their treatment/ medicine
4. Their disease is all they talk about and they whine about it. Real sick kids are brave and tough and have real lives they like to talk about.

An important note about suicide!
This is a serious issue and we know many teens struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide.
We believe every so often one of these teens might use Twitter to talk about it and get help. But most of the tweets WE are seeing on OUR timeline seems fake. Most teens become depressed and don’t talk about their problems to anyone. They don’t want attention. They also would not want their idol Ariana, Selena or Demi to know they killed themselves. True fans wouldn’t want to make their idol sad!
Teens who are thinking about suicide need help from real people parents, teachers, relatives, friend’s parents, school staff, not other teens on Twitter and not a celeb. Instead if RTing and getting attention from a celeb – help the person by telling them to get REAL help– that is — if they really need it.

Fakers who say they are going to kill themselves– this is a sad sick new trend! There is a certain celeb who had an article published about how hard it was for her when a fan killed herself.
We noticed a HUGE increase of “suicides” in this stars fanbase the month the article came out. About two fans a day either “died” or “attempted” suicide. Most fans hearing the news on Twitter about their “family” RT’d #RIP____ and tried to spread the word, show support, let the celeb know, and get a trending topic for this “fallen victim of bullying”
The sad truth is many or most of these have been fake!!!
When you go back and read a few days back in their timelines you will see the clues!

1. No talk of bullying. The persons timeline has no hint of bullying or depression.
2. A history of trying to get attention
Some of the faker’s timelines look like this
@___ celebs name “I love you tweet me”

@______ celebs name “you notice everyone but me”

@_____ celebs name what does it take to get noticed by you

Hmm my mentions are dead..

maybe I’d be better off dead RT if you don’t think I should die

@____ celebs name I’m your biggest fan but you ignore me and everyone teases me for being your fan– it’s just too hard to go on!

@today’s my last day on Earth

@_____ celebs name sorry I wasn’t strong enough. I don’t deserve to be your fan

We have seen this and read this not exactly but many timelines like this..
Then sometimes we see this

Hi this is @____’s mom. I found her with a knife can someone help me understand what happened ??

Please know that twitter is important to me and you but a teen’s mom who found her child with a knife wouldn’t sit down and start tweeting!!

Then the timeline has this..
Hi it’s @_____ I’m back thanks for helping me and all your sweet tweets oh and I got a lot of new followers.

People faking their own suicide-
Remember people can have many accounts. Some people open one account. Then open another account and one account is a “bully account”
And one is a “victim” account.
So the tweets go back and forth and one account has an owner who “killed themselves”

Faking a death in the family.
Pretty much you can understand this.
Someone pretends that their sister/cousin someone dies tragically and wants to trend something or get celebs to RT #RIP_____
This is hard to prove unless the person is pretty dumb and messes up their story. Most people who lost a lived one wouldn’t really care about celeb’s RTs or being a Trending Topic-
The only sign would be a history of trying to get attention and not getting it.

There are a few kinds of haters
1. Real haters who hate one or a few people
2. Haters who hate everyone
3. Fake haters

I’ve had a lot of haters people get upset if they lose a fame I play with my followers, get jealous that I met their idol, get mad at me for busting them.

Twitter doesn’t really help with haters even if they cuss and threaten you. I had a guy make a you tube video with those cartoon characters saying he would take a gun and shoot my head off if he ever met me in person. The police and Twitter did nothing. They both just said block and ignore them.
That is good advice RTing and arguing with them gives them attention. That’s what they want. So think about it. I give people ONE chance because sometimes they didn’t understand something or were just bored! If they fight back then I block them.
Some haters have other regular accounts they use and just use the hate account to cause trouble.

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