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@matttissley a fake account pretending to have cancer and spamming celebs for attention

Update: after lots of tweets from angry people not believing him, “Matt” tweeted on July 8 that he was “cancer free”. The whole account has been nothing but lies all along who knows what the person running the account is planning to do now.

There is an account on Twitter that has 6,000 followers the person running it is pretending to be a young boy with cancer. The account gets lots of attention, RT’s and favorites.

Here is how the person running it is able to trick 1000’s of people.

“He” (we have no idea who is actually behind the account) was using pictures of real little boys who had cancer and were bald.


This was the picture “he” was using for a while. The real boy live in Australia.
When he was “caught” this was his reply


He claimed that his family met this boy but the real child’s family has never met anyone from this fakers family and doesn’t like knowing that their picture was used .. Misused in this way
click to see what the real boys family says about this account

He then changed his pic to this boy:


Well, the problem with using this pic is, this young man passed away at the age of 13.



He has now changed his pic to a yellow ribbon.

The other thing this account does is only follow verified accounts. All the people he follows are public figures like celebrities and sports figures and media sites!



So what this person does is log on to twitter a few times a day, check which verified accounts are tweeting and then he spams them with the same message.


He claims he “wants to share his story” the way to do that would be a website or blog .. He has neither.

This “share his story” is a trick to get celebs, sports people to follow him.

He asks them to follow him so he can DM his story, people can only DM each other if they follow each other.

I have actually tweeted with people he’s tricked and found out he never DMs people “his story” or emails them if they give him they email.

All he cares about is the attention and followers.

I hope this explains this crazy account! My aunt died of cancer last year and I have a friend who is VERY sick.



This is why I have NO patience or tolerance for this account and accounts like it. There have been several ..

This account is the most successful and hardest to take down which is my goal!!

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob I expose fakes and posers on Twitter and help people meet celebs .. With tips and an event website!


Another Faker @stjudetara pretending to be 19 yr old cancer patient

As my friends and followers know my aunt Patti has cancer. She may not live very long and watching her suffer is horrible. She tries to be strong and brave but no one wants to die and leave loved ones behind. She has a 19 yr old daughter, who is my cousin.

When someone on Twitter is pretending to have a disease to get attention it upsets my family and me. We are NOT afraid to question them if their story sounds suspicious or expose them if we have proof!

Earlier this week @gaystraightlive pretended to have cancer and be in the Memphis St Jude Hospital but my followers helped me out and we tracked down all her pictures from other sites! She deleted after I posted a blog here.

Today I got a tweet that said follow @stjudetara she has cancer and needs support. I checked her bio:


2 things caught my attention
1. St Judes is a Children’s Hospital a 19 yr old is an adult.
2. Who “lives” in a hospital?

I tweeted her and she replied I said something like the bill would be really high. She said:


I said how could she be there if she’s 19? She said:


Not at a Children’s Hospital.

I asked why she lived ther she said:


Nobody has chemotherapy everyday! It’s strong medication that is really hard on your body!

Also, she has posted pics that made her look real




But they were all stolen from a blog from a girl named Allison




It seems like she had fooled a lot of people and was even trying to get Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber to notice her.


This makes me SO sad that people Are lying and faking having cancer just to get attention on line. It’s really sad. Most people in Twitter are really sweet and want to help. These people are counting on that!
If they would use their energy to raise money to help cure diseases they would make the world a better place!

Thanks @st0p_posers for helping by finding the blog she was stealing from!

Sorry to write another blog about a negative topic but I will always work to expose these fakers! It’s disrespectful to the brave people who are sick and their loving, supportive families!

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob

@masonculp A Faker on Twitter UPDATE he’s back as @drewcook15 all these accounts were run by @mprest21 

Update 4/21 we just found out yesterday that these accounts were opened and run by a girl who’s twitter name is @mprest21

We figured she was involved because “Mason” asked a celeb to use “his cousin merest’s” email one time.

Well yesterday @mprest21 announced out of the blue that she had Lung Cancer.

Go straight to the bottom of this blog for a pic of her post. That’s how this site posts pics… Sorry they only post at the end.

She then sent a tweet to Davis Cleveland telling him she has cancer.

A person we know named Dani really has CF and has been monitoring these fake accounts with me. She was suspicious and e mailed Margaret (mprest21)

Margaret admitted she was faking it and that she was behind the other accounts.
She said she just wanted attention and felt ignored by celebs.
She hoped lying would get follows, attention and even e mails and autographs from them.

She began apologizing and deleted @drewcook15
But her apologies aren’t quite sincere. She said she set up @drewcook4 but he’s just a regular person..
see pic at bottom.

So it’s kind of sad to think this girl was using CF and cancer to lie to celebs for attention and follows. She didn’t care about people who really have this disease like our fans Maci, Caley and Dani.

She is apologizing but only because we exposed her…

I hate to say it but don’t believe anyone who tweets and says ” I have _____ follow me.”

Update: 4/15 sorry to say but this person who pretended to be a 7 yr old with Cystic Fibrosis is back on Twitter with a new name. This time “he’s” @drewcook15

I know it’s the same person because he/she is tweeting ALL the same celebs and using the same pictures of a boy named Drew with a broken arm that was stolen from a blog called life with little boys.. I’ll add the new stolen one to the bottom of the blog.

Faking having a disease to get attention from stars is wrong in so many ways! People we know who are really sick with CF are really hurt and insulted! The celebs they lie to just to get followed by are going to never know who to believe in the future.

It’s a terrible thing to do. Let @drewcook15 know we don’t want him on Twitter lying to us and faking having a disease!!

About a week ago a “7 year old boy with CF” opened a Twitter and is trying to get celebs to follow him. He’s faking and we can prove it.

If you are in a hurry go straight to the end to see where he stole the profile pics from

A while back kid star Davis Cleveland who stars as Flynn made friends with Maci Drewry a girl who battles a serious disease called cystic fibrosis. He helped her get followers, invited her to the set of Shake it up and has gotten involved in finding a cure for cystic fibrosis. He has raised over $35,000 and participated in walks that raise Money to find a cure.


Here, Davis had all the guys from Shake it up join him in a walk to raise Money to find a cure for CF.

Sadly, many fakers have popped up on Twitter, using cystic fibrosis to get attention and followers.
There are many clues someone is faking.

1. No personal pic. Kids with CF have a very distinct look– they look sick!
They are small and thin for their age. Their lungs and pancreas don’t function properly so they don’t get the oxygen and nutrition they need to grow properly.

2. No details about treatments. Kids with CF have specific treatments to help with all the symptoms. I’m not posting then here unless a faker is using this blog to be a better faker!

3. All their tweets are about getting followers. Read the timeline. Here’s what you’ll see.
@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

@______ please follow me I Have CF

4. No proof kids with CF could easily say what treatments they get, know specific medical words, take pics of their meds, or themselves at the hospital.

5. They lie. Because they are faking they lie to try to “prove” they have CF or they aren’t faking and they mess up trying to keep track of the lies!

6. The first people they Tweet are Davis Cleveland and Maci Drewry. They want them to get them followers! 

So let’s check @MasonCulp s profile
First of all he days he’s 7 ! Awfully young to be tweeting all hours of the day. And “he’s” tweeting random teen celebs that no 7 yr old boy would know Austin Mahone ? Ryan Beatty ?
This is more likely a teen girl who felt ignored on Twitter with a typical account.

#1 no personal pic


Mason was using a pic of Maci, Davis and Maci’s brother Blake
Why would a 7 yr old use this pic? 

#2 people have been asking for days what treatments he’s getting! Kids with CF would have at least 5 things they would be able to mention ( I’m not saying them in case fakers are using this as a guide ) Mason finally said Albuteral


#3 all tweets are requests for follows


#4 no proof
He says he’s tweeting from his moms newer iPad but doesn’t know how to add a pic when asked to post proof of meds. Everyone knows it’s super easy to post a pic and how did he get his profile pic?

#5 they lie
One day he said he had a cousin on Twitter then denied it



So which is it ?? If he lied about this why should we believe anything else ?

#the first people the tweet are Davis and Maci



How does a 7 yr old find Davis and Maci’s twitter the first day on Twitter? Most people’s first tweets are hi Twitter! I’m new here! And they are kinda lost. This 7 yr old was tweeting, following and DMing on his first day!

So I believe this is more than enough proof. Let @MasonCulp know you don’t like him/her lying and faking about this serious Life threatening disease! It’s is totally disrespectful to the kids like Caley and Maci and families that suffer everyday with treatments, hospital visits and health scares!

@MasonCulp posted this pic


People told him he was lying that the kid was obviously a actor/model for a pic and pointed out the watermark so he deleted the pic and posted this one instead


He also tweeted thus pic of his “friends but the kids all have name tags on and the names he gives aren’t even close!


One thing I noticed today is he has a “brother” named @julianculp who’s saying ” my brother @MasonCulp has CF follow us both!”

Update this is “Mason” s profile pic


He stole it from a blog called Life with Boys and the kid’s real name is Drew.


Here’s “Julian’s” profile pic


This kid is really Jacob.


One day “Mason” forgot he was tweeting from his account and thought he was tweeting from his “Julian” account. He slipped up and tweeted






Another crazy story of faking /lying/ hating

So I was checking Twitter and saw this tweet


As I always do I checked the timeline to make sure the story sounded real.
A couple of red flags went up for me.
This girl was stabbed in her right arm 14 times with a pen after she didn’t let him copy off of her paper?

Does that sound right to you? Would you have moved your arm, screamed, your friends or teacher would notice…



Then I saw she was trying to get a tweet from Ariana Grande


That seems pretty odd!
I’m might die. I’m in the hospital let’s get a tweet from Ariana ??

So I sorta said in Twitter to my followers , “I don’t believe the story that’s trying to trend you decide fir yourself if you believe it!”

Then it was the sister tweeting that she had ink poisoning. That didn’t sound right since pens have non -toxic ink.
Then the story changed to the pen broke.

Then other people were attacking me saying stay out of it shut up.
I’m only 8 blah blah blah.


So all I was saying was the story sounded unbelievable and when stories change it was infected no it was ink poisoning from the stabs no it was cuz the pen broke that’s more proof it’s fake.

Also the sister was saying the hurt sister wasn’t tweeting anything since before the incident but the tweets were “I _______” and “my______”

She said she was giving her iPod to her her sister to tweet. They were in the hospital room together.

Other people didn’t believe either and asked her to tweet a pic like of the hospital door, nightstand, IV bag. She did but they knew the pic was from Google Images. They busted her and she deleted the pic


I let it go and then this morning checked and the girl was saying she was only 10. She wasn’t allowed in her sisters room and that her brother LIED to her about the sister having ink poisoning because he was mad at her.


So that means SHE was lying about being with her in the room and giving her the iPod and of course the pic was fake so my point is why believe ANYTHING she’s said?

So then I was trying to move on do a follower party, game, announcing meet and greets and I kept refreshing my mentions and getting hate like this


And people telling me to let it go but they don’t let it go and They even threaten to report me for cyberbullying



So that’s the story!! If something sounds fake I will speak up. Especially if they are tweeting my idols like Ariana, Arianators. And my followers. It bothers me for so many reasons!
1 lying is not ok and people shouldn’t defend the liars!
2 people are getting hurt for real and have REAL diseases and because if liars and fakers we’ll never know who to believe!
3. I hate to think of people crying and being sad because someone is “dying” and it’s not even real.. That’s Not cool!

Ok that’s the whole story! I will ALWAYS speak up. I will also admit when I am wrong. All I’m saying is do research, read whole timelines not just single tweets. Ask yourself does this sound like it would really happen?

Thanks for reading this!!
Follow me @alexirob!

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