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Four Deaths in the Directioner Family in One day ? #ripolivia #ripemily #ripana #ripandrealucas ?

Fake suicides are happening all the the Time on Twitter Instagram and even Facebook. On June 25 there were reports of 4 suicides/ deaths and all in the “Directioner” Fan base.

The first one was #RIPEmily
She was an admin on a fan Facebook page


This seems a little dramatic. If this was true, this post alone would result in her father being under investigation and possibly arrested and prosecuted.


As you can tell even the other admins on the site don’t know if it’s true I not. They say if we don’t see her for a few months then it might be true.

People on fan Facebook sites are pretty anonymous. Some people said they were her “friend” or their friend her her neighbor. No one had anymore information about her. One post on a fan FaceBook page isn’t “proof” it’s real. I can’t say this one is fake for sure but it looks like it. Also, over dosing on pills isn’t a sure way to die. Depending on what pills she took, she could have just gotten very sick or if her family found her they would call an ambulance and they would pump her stomach. So why would people believe she was dead from this one post?

Then a few hours later on another Facebook fan page another Girl “killed herself” too.




So at first they were sure she was dead .. They talked to her sister .. Her sister would know. If a person dies at home the ambulance come, police come, and the coroner takes the body.

But . Wait . She’s alive ? And 4 hours later she went from seconds away from death to posting on Facebook.

There are a few things wrong with this .. If she was near death from cutting herself .. One of the posts said she used a knife she would be weak and getting transfusions . She would NOT feel like or able to jump on FaceBook.
If she wanted to kill herself a few hours before why would she care about what was trending on Twitter ?

Also, if she has tried to kill herself she would be on suicide watch .. No electronics ., no posting ..
Paris Jackson is still hospitalized after her attempt and she’s not on any social network sites.


There was also a random RIPAna. But there were no tweets about her separately she was just one of the “4 deaths” that day.

Then oddly people started saying that a girl named Andrea died the same day


Then she became the 4th Directioner to die on that day but checking her Instagram and Googling her you can see she died in February.


So again more examples of the need to be careful when you just press the RT or Like button .. Real Suicides are more rare than these fake ones thankfully. Not too many people who kill themselves do it publicly .. They are depressed and don’t care what anyone thinks anymore .. They may even delete their accounts ..
It’s the people faking suicide that say “I’m going to kill myself , tell me why I shouldn’t?” Or “unless I get 100 RTs I’m going to kill myself.” Then they RT people who say nice things.

It is sad that people usually teen girls get so down on themselves and want to feel loved and validated but this isn’t the right way to do it.

Ok just wanted to explain what was going on with all that .. Hope it helps people.

Another fake suicide this time to get Ed Sheeran’s attention #ripallison

There are several fake suicides on Twitter every week. Teen depression and suicide is a serious matter and this blog is to expose a fake suicide.

There are several resources and toll free phone numbers to help teens who are truly suicidal!
Here is one (877) 727-4747 – Toll free in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties.

There is also a National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK

Anyone who is truly suicidal needs professional help. They need to be OFF of twitter and be with trained mental health professionals and their family and friends.

People who are on twitter often want followers, attention, RTs, to be a trending topic. They see other fans get noticed and some get desperate.

I have seen several fake suicides one that seem fake and only when I’m 100% sure and show the WHOLE timelines to my mom and people I trust
I expose the fakes!

The one tonight was the first for Ed Sheeran And the first on Instagram

Here’s what happened!

Ed tweeted this:


People had no idea who Allison was and even guessed it was his friend.

Looking at the #ripxsheeranx hashtag I found screen caps from the instagram account @xsheeranx – (now deleted)
There was a collage of all of the next 4 pics but I’ll show them one at a time in the order they were written.


So we have to ask ourselves “does this sound like a suicide note?”

Or Like someone who was bored?

Most people who are so upset they want to DIE lash out at the people who have hurt them or explain why they want to die.. She doesn’t she has an idol, friends, followers and family.
She doesn’t say anything about being bullied, mean teachers, a boyfriend who hurt her.. Most people have some reason why life is so bad– she doesn’t

Then the “friend” writes this


Wow .. This is intense .. Ceiling fan?
Autumn Leaves?
Statistics show girls hardly ever hang themselves. They are more likely to use pills or cut their wrists. How could a ceiling fan hold her weight?
We don’t know how old she was but ceiling fans aren’t very strong. Also, if your mother found you DEAD do you think she’d notice what song was on??

Btw what happened to the razor idea ?
Also, the “friend” got on Allison’s IG account as soon as she found out and as she says had NO IDEA this was going to happen! Doesn’t she seem like totally ok and calm about it? I think I’d be freaking out not hacking my friends account and writing out the details.

Then she wrote this:


So she goes to the house where her friends dead body probably still is – remember the police have to come and rule out foul play – they have to cut the body down, wait for the Coroner to come take the body to the hospital for an autopsy or funeral home and she’s just typing as calm as if she just got back from a movie!
She also says she’s taking over the account — both accounts have been deleted.

So this story makes NO sense in real life — it’s great fanfic and teenagers can cry and say “how sad” but really?
She hung herself from a ceiling fan fir no reason and BF gets on her account and writes out the whole story then deletes…

People on Instagram want people to write ripallison on their wrists


There are over 1000 photos on IG tagged with #ripxsheeranx


I don’t Believe it so I Wanted to share my thoughts ..

This seems like someone who got bored and decided they’d be more famous dead than alive.

If anyone has anything they want to say leave a comment.

I’d love to know if anyone has screenshots from earlier posts before the accounts were deleted!

If anyone knows any more info on this I’d love to hear it —

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob
You can hate me and disagree too.

If there is a dead teen then there will be a newspaper article, and Internet story about a school who Is dealing with a student’s suicide, more people would know her ESP in the fandom.

Also, if this us real there will be an obituary funeral soon.

If you can, prove me wrong.

Fake Twitter Deaths and Suicides to get noticed on Twitter #riphannah

Everyone wants to be noticed by their idol on Twitter. People wait for years and even open fan accounts to get noticed but still they aren’t.
Sometimes, they get so desperate that they make up or death or accident or say they are cutting or going to kill themselves hoping to get the fanbase to join in and help the person be noticed.
Most People on Twitter just assume that everyone on Twitter is honest and kind like themselves. It doesn’t occur to most people that someone would be lying about such serious matters.

Well, they do! Something about the anonymity of social networking makes them think it’s ok.

The only way to know if the person you are crying over or wearing purple for or writing their name on your wrist us really dead is to read WHOLE timelines not just one tweet or even a trending topic!

Here’s one story.

There is a girl on Twitter who wants Justin Bieber to notice her. Well so do 36 million other girls.. And guys!



Then she gets a little desperate and says this


She’s feeling so frustrated and ignored and even says this


Then she’s getting some attention but wants more so she says this


So we are supposed to believe she tried to kill herself and cut her wrist/ arm and is TWEETING about it!!

Then her “co owner” gets on


I’m only 10 but even I know if a friend cut herself and wanted to die, I would be talking to REAL people my parents, friends, her parents, teachers!! Anyone!!
I’d call 911 not ask people to tweet the account


There are suicide hotlines, real professionals who are trained to work with suicidal people!!


So a little later she talks about going to the dr for her arm.


So we are supposed to believe her parents made an appointment for this arm wound and she’s taking a friend with her for the appointment-

Then she tweets this


Ok … Best friend hospital that’s a bummer. Then she adds this.


Wow someone with cancer is rushed to the hospital – scary!!

Then she tweets this


So she was rushed to the hospital and died! Yikes !

Then she tweets that before being “rushed to the hospital” she had time to write these sweet notes with cute happy handwriting




This is starting to look suspicious isn’t it?? Do people rushed to hospitals hours before they die write letters like this??
Oh and at some point her 20 yr old sister (non- belieber) gets on the account and starts tweeting!!


The “20 year old” was taking over the twitter trying to get #RIPHannah to trend and it did – because tons of beliebers really think a person named Hannah died today…

Do you?

I know I’ll get hate and people will say I’m a hater, a bully, too young .. How dare I .. What if it was my friend and no one believed me but guess what ?

I don’t care!

I know I’m right about this story!
If you believe it take this blog to an older person another person and they will agree with me!

These hoaxes always start with someone who is bored or wants to be noticed!

I’ve exposed many other hoaxes – guess what they say sometimes ..

Oh you’re right I got hacked. That was my brother, cousin, whatever who hacked my account!

Well think about it

Leave a comment and I’ll approve it!!

Please start thinking and asking yourself does this suicide, accident, death make sense??

This one doesn’t!!

Another suicide or another faker

So this is an UPDATE to this story!
About 4 weeks ago Some people on Twitter were saying a girl named Ryan @enchancers_sis took her life because of Bullying. Looking at her timeline you realized something wasn’t right! Her mom got on Twitter and tweeted the same night she and her husband found the girl dead? Then the account was only a month old and the account was supposed to be the SISTER of a Greyson fan but everyone called her an Enchancer. Things were definitely suspicious.

I went through the search to tell people who were sad and crying that it probably was a fake. Most people were like , ” oh , good , thanks !”

Only one person freaked out and said “yes it’s true ! I know her! How dare you say that” that made me wonder about her.
Even though it looked weird, people were hating me for doubting saying I have no PROOF it isn’t real. She got tons of followers and became a trending topic. People even changed their profile pic for her.

So my mom and I wrote the post below:

Then 3 weeks later guess what? “Ryan” got back on her account and says her sister hacked it and wrote the lies! This makes NO sense. If Ryan knew her account was hacked she could have found a friend with a twitter account or made a NEW account to tell everyone she was fine that same day or the next day NOT two weeks later.
No, she says she tried to log in for 2 weeks. Why would her “sister” an Enchancer want him and his fans to cry and be sad? Nope, none of that makes any sense at all. The account is closed now.

Well last night a few familiar names Popped up in my time line when I went to check it was the same girl and her friends.

It seemed like they were all laughing because I met Greyson the night before. He was in a hurry and when my mom took our pic about 10 girls were running up to him from behind my mom.
His face is pretty funny like “oh man take the pic, I gotta go! ”

They said “ew Alexi met Greyson again”

Then “He looks disgusted!! lol

And “saw the pic laughing = day made”

I tweeted a few of them
Saying “ouch” leave me alone”
Then about 3 -4 other of her friends all got involved picking on me saying 8 yr olds should be on Twitter attacking me and my friends, making up lies to anyone asking what happened. It was ridiculous. Those girls’ lives must be very boring to spend hours on line attacking me and my friends.
Hopefully, they will get a hobby soon and find happiness.
Yes, I kept checking their timelines to see if they were still talking about me. And they were. Every time.

Ok end of update. The rest of the post up the way we wrote it the day it all happened.

First we want to say suicide is awful ! Its very tragic and a real issue for many teens! Those teens need help from real people not to be a trending topic or to get a follow or tweet from a celebrity. We doubt that you will ever find someone who planned to kill themselves because their lives were so difficult and they felt helpless. Then because they got a tweet or became a trending Topic changed their mind.

You guys decide if this seems weird to you ? This person has been trying to trend this suicide and was VERY upset when I suggested it may be fake. Then they told followers to block and report me !!
Do you think it’s odd that the “mom” and supporter do the same (c) thing ??

#ripryan was trending for a while but with no proof of a suicide. We were suspicious that a mother would tweet the very night she found her child dead and not be able to spell. We don’t know any mothers who would jump on Twitter. We think they would be crying, calling family, calling a pastor.
It’s up to you if you believe or don’t
Our message is do research! Read timelines! Don’t just believe what you see on Twitter



You decide and sadly yes people fake suicide on Twitter all the time and simply open a new account.

If we are wrong and anyone knows Ryan and can send in a newspaper clipping or program from her service let us know!
I will delete the post and apologize

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