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Get Miss Caley to LA


Me (@alexirob) with Caley, Taylar Hender and Tiffany Espensen at a Dreamagazine party!

Hey Guys,
My friend Caley has Cystic Fibrosis. That’s a disease that affects her lungs mostly but makes her sick a lot! She has to have treatments, medicine and go to the hospital A LOT! Her birthday is coming up and her family and I want to make her birthday wish come true!

Dreamagazine is having a winter party 12/5/11 and Caley wants to come down with her family! Times are a little tough so Caley’s mom kinda joked in Twitter let’s get Caley to LA send a donation.

Well my mom and I think that with tons of awesome people on Twitter with kind hearts we can totally make this happen!

The thing about Caley is she is only healthy some of the time — if we just say let’s wait for another party another time — she might be too sick!

So let’s get her to LA this Monday!

The family needs $500 for food, gas and a hotel room.

If 20 people give $25 we got it!!

We aren’t asking for charity! We will actually be selling signed items and mail them to you!

Please tweet me at @alexirob and me and my mom will organize this so Caley’s mom can take care of Caley who now has a kind of diabetes that kids with CF get sometimes.

How will this work?

1. If you see an item you like and can use PayPal to donate the suggested price let me know I’ll let you know if it’s still available!

2. Use Paypal to donate put in the to: box
And the $ amount

3 let me and @camarillos6 know that you paid

4 we will confirm and DM you for an address

5 I’m working on twitter shout outs from celebs who follow me but can’t make promises yet!!
If they say yes then the same process will happen

Ask if its available


Let us Know

We’ll let the celeb know !!

Ok items available and suggested donations


$20 suggested donation pics are 4×6


$20 suggested donation 4×6

Allisyn Arm pic SOLD



Signed so random cast lanyard
$50 sterling knight
Tiffany Thornton
Allisyn Arm
Brandon Smith
Doug Brochu


Signed Script Cover Bella Thorne
Heat it Up
$30 Suggested Donation


Sonny With a Chance Cast Photo signed by Sterling Tiffany Allisyn
$35 Suggested Donation


Dreamagazine cover pic
Signed by Tiffany Espensen and Jadin Gould
$10 each suggested donation


signed Cody Simpson Poster
$40 suggested donation

Remember this is a fundraiser please don’t ask to buy the items cheaper. We need to raise $500 fast and cover postage.

Hope this works please share with friends. We want to raise a the Money by Saturday at 12 pm so the family can plan!

Found some more stuff !!


Signed Jessie script cover Debby Ryan
Zuri’s new old friend!

$30 suggested donation


Program from Ariana Grande’s 18 th birthday party
Has complete list of performances inside and is awesome for a huge Ariana Fan

$20 suggested donation


Adam Irigoyan as Deuce signed Photo

$20 suggested donation


Davis Cleveland

20$ suggested donation


Kenton Duty signed pic

It says Cure Found for CF

$20 suggested donation


Roshon Fegan
Signed pic
$20 Suggested Donation

A color COPY of a Shake it up Poster
The episode was Match it up so it has tons of autographs! It is a copy but looks great!!
$10 suggested donation
More than one available


Joey King’s Autograph

$10 suggested donation


Caroline Sunshine autograph
$10 suggested donation


Shout Out on Twitter from @tiffyespensen

$20 suggested donation


Twitter shout out AND signed pic from
Brendan Meyer, a Canadian teen actor, known for his role as Adam Young in Mr. Young and Nelson Ort in the television program Dinosapien.

Isn’t that sweet? Hope you are following him @brandenkjmeyer

Prom Premiere Cast and Disney stars / Rebecca Black

Prom Premiere Red CarpetRebecca BlackMy mom's parking passThe After Party was at Hollywood High School!Olivia Holt and Riley Dylan ScottChloe Bridges
Daryl SarbaMeaghan MartinAustin ButlerThomas McDonnellJosh SussmanNicholas Braun
Taylor GrayZachary Gordan

Prom Premiere, a set on Flickr.

I worked on the red carpet for Dreamagazine and interviewed lots of stars and after just hung out as a fan.

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