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CONTEST Please Follow the super sweet and talented @BrittanyCurran on Twitter

Britanny CurranBritany CurranBrittany Curran

Follow Brittany Curran, a set on Flickr.

Brittany Curran was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on June 2nd 1990.
She’s always loved acting and performing and even handed Cinderella a letter asking to be cast in a Disney movie once on a family vacation!
When Brittany was 11, the family moved to Hollywood and Brittany quickly began booking roles! She was in about 20 commercials, Mad TV and Power Rangers!

She went on to book roles in several movies such as Akeelah and the Spelling Bee, 13 going on 30, The Haunting Hour and The Adventures of Food Boy.

She starred as Carly on two episodes of Drake and Josh. Drake actually kissed her! Her character worked at a record store.

She also played Chelsea on Suite Life on Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck. Se played London’s rich friend!

From 2009 -2011 she has played Lucy, Ray Romano’s daughter. She’s been on many episodes.

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In some roles she plays a mean, rich girl , but in real life she is SO SUPER sweet! She supports several children’s charities and donates blood!

She loves to talk with fans on Twitter and has different contests to make following her fun!

Brittany is really sweet and down to earth! She loves Starbucks and had a pet rabbit who sadly passed away. Her mom, brother and dad love and support her! Please follow Brittany on Twitter and support her

Follow her @BrittanyCurran If you are a new follower, please let me know on my twitter @alexirob I’m trying to win a contest. I’ll be keeping track and giving shout outs!! Thanks!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! My mom and I work hard on writing them. I’ve met lots of stars and love to support them and help you meet them too!
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Sammi Hanratty

Sammi HanrattySammi HanrattySammi HanrattyChrissa DVD autographed by Sammi HanrattySammi HanrattySammi Hanrattty & Ryan Ochoas brothers
Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty, a set on Flickr.

Samantha “Sammi” Hanratty was born 9/20/1995 in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the youngest of 5 girls. She has worked on commercials, TV shows and movies!

She was on an episode of Drake and Josh called Foam Finger. She was in the flash back scenes of the boys at a stadium buying a foam finger. She also played Charlotte “Chuck” Charles in Pushing Daises.

Her first leading role was as Chrissa in An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong. This movie explored girl bullying and Sammi did a great job in it! She has filmed two movies that haven’t been released yet. In the Lost Medallian: The Adventures of Billy Stone, her co star is Billy Unger. She plays the lead character in The Greening of Whitney Brown.

We’ve met Sammi several times. She has lots of friends and enjoys hanging out with them, going to the movies, having sleepovers, and supporting her friends. Sammi is really good friends with Ryan Ochoa. The two of them worked together in A Christmas Carol, a CGI movie also starring Jim Carrey. Ryan and Sammi and her mom and his dad go to a LOT of the same events together. They are really good friends and support each other and all their projects!

Sammi is a huge supporter of charities and is an StarPower Ambassador for the Starlights Children Foundation. She’s always sweet to her fans and takes time out for pics and autographs.
You can follow her on Twitter at

I hope you enjoyed learning about Sammi.

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