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Meet Davis Cleveland and Buddy Handleson at Elvis and The Underdogs Book Signing June 2, 2013 Santa Monica

Shake it Up writer and producer Jenny Lee is also a published author.
She will be signing copies of her book
On June 2, 2013.

Check out info from the Barnes and Noble website!

Jenny Lee
Elvis and the Underdogs

Author Event
Local author and TV producer Jenny Lee presents her new book, Elvis and the Underdogs. Meet the author along with Disney stars Davis Cleveland (Shake It Up) and Buddy Handleson (Wendell and Vinnie).

( Technically, Wendell and Vinnie is a Nickelodeon show, but Buddy was in Shake it Up before he played on the new show)

Sunday June 02, 2013 2:00 PM

3rd Street Promenade
1201 3rd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401, 310-260-9110

This will be a great chance to pick up a great book and meet Davis and Buddy!
Plan on buying the book earlier that day and getting a wristband to make sure you meet everyone!

Here’s a pic of Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen supporting the book and Ms Lee at another signing event!


Davis Cleveland visits Houston Children’s Hospital

Davis Cleveland is a 9 yr old actor who is best known for his role as Flynn on Disney Channel’s hit show Shake it Up!
He plays a boy who is mischievous and a bit of a trouble maker. In real life Davis is mature and very sweet!

He has had a Twitter for a while and about 6 months ago learned about Maci Drewry and her struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. Like Davis, she is from Texas and is also 9. Unlike Davis she has spent a LOT of time in the hospital because of her Cystic Fibrosis.

Davis saw her inspiring video on You Tube click on the link to watch it.
maci drewy

He was so inspired that he helped her get followers on Twitter @MaciDrewy and even encouraged her come to LA and visit the set if Shake it Up.

When she was healthy enough to, she came. I got to meet her at an event and make sure she met all the celebs without having to wait too long.


Davis follows anyone who follows Maci and watches her CF video.

Davis didn’t stop with just helping Maci. Since learning about this devastating disease and how it affects people who
have it he has brought awareness to all his friends, family and followers. He even brought all the guys from Shake it up to a CF walk in the San Fernando Valley.


Lots of young fans were thrilled to see Davis at the event.


He has done other walks in Texas to support Maci and her team.

Davis is back in his home state Texas for the holidays. But CF doesn’t take a vacation and neither does Davis!
Today he tweeted that he’ll be visiting the CF unit at the Children’s Hospital in Texas.


I think this is a great thing that Davis is doing. Those kids in Texas are going to have a blast visiting Davis.

I hope you follow Davis and Maci and Davis Bird Rio on Twitter


And remember Davis has no 2 nd Twitter account OR FaceBook

Hope you liked my blog
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Meet Davis Cleveland in West Virginia December 3, 2011

The Huntington Mall in West Virginia is celebrating a grand reopening with lots of family friendly activities this weekend

This Saturday, Davis Cleveland, who plays Flynn on Shake it Up will be meeting fans at a free meet-and-greet from 12 to 3 p.m. in the newly remodeled Macy’s Court. He wu be giving autographs ( one per fan) and taking pics.

Later that day kids can meet Thor!

Sunday’s events include an appearance by Spiderman from 12 to 4 p.m. in the Cabell Huntington Healthy Kids Play Place.

Erik Estrada will be at a ceremony at the mall Sunday evening!

Check here for all the details

Hope you can make it to this fun event!!

Here’s a link about Davis’ meet and greet


Meet Davis Cleveland this Saturday 11/26/11


Davis Cleveland who is best known for playing Flynn on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up is meeting fans Saturday at Katy Mills Mall near Houston, Texas from 1-3 pm
The address is 5000 Katy Mills Circle

Davis is from nearby Sugarland, Texas and is home for the holidays!

Stop by for a picture and get an autograph from this talented, sweet 9 year old! You’ll be seeing a lot of this guy in the coming years!

Also Follow Davis on Twitter @DavisCleveland and help him help out his followers with cystic Fibrosis. Davis has a big heart and wants to help find a cure for this disease. He’s made friends with Maci Drewry who has CF and also from Texas. He has raised money for CF charities and gone on walks to help raise money and awareness.

What a great guy! Go meet him if you can tomorrow.


Davis is Back on Twitter with his own name @DavisCleveland

Me on the set of Shake it up!Shake it up cast signing autographs after a show!!Curtain call for Shake it upDavis Cleveland signing autographsDavis Cleveland and Mason CookDavis Cleveland and Adam Irigoyen
Davis Cleveland and meRoshon Fegen Davis ClevelandRoshon fegan and Davis cleveland meeting fans!!!Roshon Fegan and Davis ClevelandDavis Cleveland

Davis is NOT on Twitter, a set on Flickr.

UPDATE! I the middle of July Davis real name became available. He took back that name keeping his followers and tweet history.


Shake it up taping Season 2 5/24/2011

Me on the set of Shake it up!Curtain call for Shake it upRoshon FeganShake it up cast signing autographs after a show!!Adam IrigoyenBella Tjorne Chatting it up!
Kenton Duty signing autographsThe Shake it up set!The gate where you line up for the Shake it up taping!The stars of Shake it up Autographed my posterHailee Steinfeld gave me her autographKenton signing for fans
Davis Cleveland signing autographsHailee Steinfeld after a Shake it Up taping!!Hailee Steinfeld at a Shake it up tapingLA Center Studios where they tape Shake It UpShake it up line!!

On May 24, 2011 we were lucky enough to be able to go to the first taping of Shake it Up season 2. All the cast members were there except the guy who plays Gary Wilde, Brandon Johnson.
We took some friends and all met at LA Center Studios. We watched Model it Up on the monitors while the pages were helping everyone get to their seats, In that episode, a talent agents discovers Rocky and wants her to do a photo shoot! She comes as an angel and Cece tags along as a biker. The photo shoot goes really well and the talent agent want Rocky to move to New York! Bella tells everyone to pretend that they are OK with Rocky leaving.. in the end, of course. Rocky stays!! This episode was called Model it up!

Then the live taping started. It was fun watching them film, make mistakes, and tape the whole episode! Some scenes were in playback. My hip hop teacher Lindsay Taylor was a back ground dancer! Remi, Kailey Swanson, Hailee Steinfeld and Mason Cook were all there as guests!
The episode, called Shrink it Up, had three funny stories all together.
Gunter and Tinka decide to be nice to Deuce. Flynn buys a toy dinosaur that doesn’t work well. When he goes to complain he gets hired , along with Ty as toy consultants. Rocky gets annoyed with CeCe always getting her in trouble and deciding things for them both with out talking to her about things! The girls go to a therapist for help. The therapist is really funny. Near the end there are flashback episodes with a young Zendaya played by Jasmyne and a young Bella. We see when they first meet each other and even Gunter and Tinka are in the flash back episode!! SO CUTE!! The taping was awesome then after, we got pis and autographs for ourselves and our Twitter friends! We had a blast!!

Shake It Up (My experience at tapings and meeting the cast)

Shake It Up

Starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shake it up is an awesome new Disney Channel original series. It stars 7 young people and is set in Chicago! I’ve gone to two tapings of the show and met the young talented stars several times! It has dancing, music, friendships, comedy, drama, and everything you want in a show! In the pilot episode the girls who love dance get chosen to dance on Shake It Up a TV show based in Chicago. Stefanie Scott was originally cast as Tinka and then replaced by Caroline Sunshine. Each week, different guest dancers perform. One week , for the taping of Meatball it Up, Quest Crew were the guests. (We were at this taping. It was originally called “She Works Hard for the Money”) Other guests have been Kenton Boyd and Chris Trousdale. We were also at a taping called Match it Up where CeCe tries to find a girlfriend for Deuce.

The stars of the show:


Bella just turned 13. She plays Cecelia Cece

Bella was born in Florida and has 3 siblings. She got her first modeling job at just 6 weeks old! She been in over 40 commercials and modeled for Kohl’s and Justice! She co-starred in Big Love and got her big break in Shake it up! She supports charities and when she turned 13, she used Twitter to ask for donations to her favorite charity.

Her character Cece is outgoing, energetic and always takes risks. We found out in a recent episode that CeCe, like Bella, has Dyslexia and has fears and anxiety related to having this disorder. Cece has a little brother Flynn, played by Davis Cleveland. They have a single mother who is a police officer in Chicago!

You can follow her on Twitter at @Bellathorne143 . She tries really hard to reply to her fans. She tends to tweet late at night and after Tuesday tapings.

Zendaya Coleman

Roshon Fegan

Zendaya Coleman

She just turned 14.Her Twitter is @Zendaya96 . She hasn’t been too active but recently is tweeting a lot more. Follow her!

Her name means “give thanks”. Her mom is a teacher in Oakland. She has modeled for Macy’s, Mervyn’s and Old Navy. Her mother remains in Oakland and Zendaya is living in LA with her loving father. Happily, Zendaya goes home for the holidays and her mom can travel to LA often. Two of the times that we met Zendaya, her mom was here in LA as well!

Zendaya Plays Raquel “Rocky” Cece’s best friend, Rocky is timid, nervous and wants everyone to like her. Cece is always pulling Rocky along pushing her out of her comfort zone! Her brother ,Ty, is played by Roshon Fegan.

Roshon Fegan

Roshon’s dad is Roy Fegan, an actor. At 18, Roshon is the oldest actor playing a kid on the show. You may recognize him as Sander from Camp Rock And Camp Rock 2. He plays many instruments and is very talented! Roshon’s dad is African American and his mom is Filipino. He was also the “amazed kid” in Spider Man 2. He was born in LA. We have et him about 4 times and he’s always been a gentleman! His Twitter is @Yaboyro . I hope you follow him and show him your support.

His Character is Ty, Rocky (Zendaya’s) big brother. He’s a ladies’ man with a big heart. He tried to teach Flynn how to get a girlfriend and Gunther how to be cool! He took Tinka on her first date and was a sweetheart! He and Deuce (Adam Irigoyan) are good friends.

Kenton Duty

Kenton is 15 years old and plays Gunther, a really funny foreign exchange student. His sister is Tinka. They love dancing and dressing in really sparkly clothes. Tinka and Gunther are like Ryan and Sharpay in High School Musical. Their characters are really funny and silly. When they babysit Flynn, they don’t understand things and Flynn tricks them a lot. One of Gunther’s famous lines is “Hello Bay-Bee” When he says it, it’s really funny. We’ve met him like 5 times and his Twitter is @KentonJDuty There IS a poser @KentonDuty with 1,500 followers! Kenton is a really sweet guy who cares about his friends, fans and charities.

Kenton started acting at 9 in Dallas Texas. Kenton has been on Lost as the young Jacob and on Jay Leno as a teenager and as a spelling bee kid. He has been on Ctrl and Crazy on the Outside.

Caroline Sunshine


Caroline Sunshine is also 15. She plays Tinka. Gunther’s Sister. She is sweet and supportive of her brother. Her date with Ty was really sweet. She is a great dancer and has a big heart!

Caroline was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She has 2 younger brothers and supports several charities. You may recognize her from her role in Marmaduke.

Her Twitter is @4castissunshine she has some posers that have fooled many people. I promise you that we have met her and know her Twitter. She is busy and doesn’t tweet much but please don’t get tricked by the posers!!!

Adam Irogoyan

Adam plays Deuce ,a friend to Bella and Cece and Ty’s best friend. Deuce is always trying to sell the girls something strange to make a buck. On one episode, he sold them some clothes that were electrified and shocked them. Once, he sold them watches where one girl had the hour hand and one girl had the minute hand. In a upcoming show called Match It Up, Cece tries to find the perfect girlfriend for Deuce. She is JUST like him!

He is 13, born in Florida and played on Wizards of Waverly Place as a “New Conscience” . He has a brother named Jake. He has always been sweet when we’ve met. His Twitter is @AdamIrigoyan
Davis Cleveland

Davis is only 8. He has been on Zeke and Luther as Roy Waffles, Luther’s little brother. He played Chauncey on Pair of Kings (Big Kings on Campus, we were at this taping). He was also on Hannah Montana as “Funtopia Kid” He has also been on commercials lately. He just got on Twitter over Christmas break. His Twitter name is @SIUTexan. He’s awesome and tweets back. You gotta follow this cool guy!! In Match it Up Henry needs Flynn’s help to be a Scout.. It’s pretty funny!

His little friend , Henry is a cute actor named Buddy. his Twitter is @Budster925 He plays a really smart kid named Henry who tutors Cece.

This is a great show, really entertaining and sweet. We think it’s a little silly when kids can open their own bank account with no adult around, and Flynn seems left alone a lot.. but we understand it’s a t.v. show.. We’re excited about new guest stars.. Cat Seeley is playing a principal soon..

We are going to a taping on 1/18/11 and will bring you the up date!!

My mom and I worked on this together…..

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