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G Hannelius

G hanneneliusG HanneliusG. HanneliusG. Hannelius and Taylar HenderG. Hannelius and Taylar Hender

G Hannelius, a set on Flickr.

G (short for Genevieve) was born
12/ 22/1998 in Boston, She is an actress and singer.
She played Courtney in Surviving Surburbia on ABC in 2009.
G. plays Amy Little on Disney Channel’ s Leo’s Little Big Show co-starring Leo Howard. She is very expressive and funny. A few times she even sang on the show. Once, she sang a cool rap song.
G. starred in a lead role in Den Brother, a Disney Channel Original Movie also starring Hutch Dano. She has guest starred as Jo Keener on Good Luck Charlie. She started off as a bully in the earlier episodes then she got friendlier towards Gabe in other episodes. She also was a pretty regular guest star on Sonny With a Chance. Her character was a spoiled, rich girl named Dakota. Once she got a bike for her birthday and Sonny and Tawni ran over it. She had so many tantrums, her name became Sharkota.
She is set to play Wednesday Malone in a new Disney series that is a spin off of High School Musical called Madison High. If the show gets picked up her co stars would be Mark Indelicato, Kat McNamera, Leah Lewis, and Nolan Sotillo.
G also has a few song on iTunes
Two in a Billion and staying up All Night!
Her celebrity crush is Zac Efron. And she really loves Glee. She just went to Glee Live and had a great time!
I’ve met G a few times She is really very sweet! She loves her fans and loves to support charities
She recently co hosted an event called
A Window Between World’s and invited fans to meet her. Support her charity here.

I’ve met her and interviewed her. She really a great person. She has some strong opinions and isn’t afraid to express herself!

Follow her on Twitter @G_Hannelius Show your support her by buying her
songs on iTunes and watching any new shows she’s in!!

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