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Meeting the Cast of The Suite Life Movie

Dylan and Cole SprouseMatt TimmonsKatelyn and Kara PaccitoKatelyn and Kara PaccitoSteven and John FrenchMatt Timmons
Debby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby Ryan talking about Suite LifeDebby Ryan greeting fans
Debby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanDebby RyanSteven and John French from the New Suite Life movieDisney Nickelodeon stars beng silly
Shout to me from Dis/Nick StarsJohn and Steven FrenchMatt TimmonsSo cool bop magazine!Cole sprouseMatt Timmons

Disney Channel made a Suite Life movie. It was going to be called Suite Life: 2 for the Road, but in the end it was just was called The Suite Life Movie. We’ve met most of the cast:
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Kara and Kaitlyn Paccito
Steve and John French
Debby Ryan
Phill Lewis
Matt Timmons

It premiered March 25, 2011.
It is a comedy drama and science fiction movie.

The story takes place over spring break. The twins become part of a scientist’s research project called the Gemini Project. The Martin twins get tricked by a scientist who tells them he wants to create bonds between people to end evil in the world. The scientist has all of his twins in the program as helpers including the twins played by John and Steven French.
The twins go through experiments on the island and began to ‘merge’ they argue a lot and get into crazy situations.
Brenda Song’s character, London, eats some special fruit and can talk to the dolphins.
Mr Moseby , Baily, London and Woody come to the compound to rescue the twins.
In the end the bad guy gets arrested.
The show was pretty entertaining.
I love all the actors in it who I’ve met the Pacitto, Sprouse and French twins are all really sweet. Debby Ryan has her own new show on Disney channel called Jessie.
Read ALL about her show here:

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