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The Girls of Big Time Rush

The Jennifer's from Big Time RushErin SandersKelli GossErin SandersErin SandersDisney Nickelodeon stars beng silly
Rachael Bell and  Savannah JaydeErin SandersAmber lilyErin SandersErin SandersSavannah Jayde
Savannah JaydeKatelyn TarverKatelyn TarverRico Rodriguez, Tiffany espensen and Ciara BravoCiara Bravo Tiffany Espensen and meKatelyn Tarver
Ciara BravoTanya ChishlomSpencer Locke

The Girls of Big Time Rush, a set on Flickr.

Big Time Rush officially debuted on January 18, 2010, earning 7.1 million viewers, making it Nickelodeon’s highest-rated live-action series debut ever. The show is in its second season. On May 24, 2011, “Big Time Rush” was renewed for a third season of twenty more episodes.

We all know the main stars of the show are the 4 four guys:
Carlos Pena
Logan Henderson
James Maslow
Kendall Schmidt

I was lucky enough to win a set visit at a school raffle where I met all 4 guys, and Tanya Chisolm
I’ve met the rest of the cast (except Challen) at random places and wrote a blog about the show which can be found here

But this blog is about the
Girls of Big Time Rush

They are:
The Three Jennifers
Savahah Jayde
Kelli Goss
Denise Tontz
Spencer Locke (season 1)
Erin Sanders who plays Camille
Katelyn Tarver who plays Jo
Tanya Chisolm who plays Kelly
and Ciara Bravo who plays Katie.

The Jennifers 3 girls who are super pretty and popular. They live at and go to school at the Palms. hey are all 15-16. Some people think they are based on a movie called The Heathers and some people think they are a parody of the Jonas Brothers. The joke is that they walk in slow motion and have a fan on them so their entrances are really dramatic. Spencer Locke was an original Jennifer but left to film Resident Evil: AfterLife. She was replaced by Kelli Goss who still has the role. The Jennifers have had some big parts in some episodes.
In Big Time Fever Carlos almost became the new Jennifer. In Big Time Dance, they made Carlos into their perfect dates. In one episode, Carlos dated one of the Jennifers and everyone learned that the they depend on each other and must stay together as a trio!

Denise Tontz is Jennifer 1.
She was born in San Diego and has been a model. I met Denise at the Tenn Choice Awards. It was the only time I saw all three Jennifers together and was SO happy to get a pic with all 3 of them!

Spencer Locke was the original Jennifer 2. She starred in Resident Evil as K-Mart and many other shows such as Cougar Town, That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future. I’ve met Spencer only once at a charity event but I remember she was very kind!

When she left BTR she was replaced by Kelli Goss.
Kelli has starred in quite a few shows including I’m in the Band, Victorious, My Name is Earl, Hanna Montana, and True Jackson VP. She is going to star as Skyler in movie with Jenne Proske called Broken Silence. I met Kelli at a charity event called First Star. She was so fun and friendly!

Jennifer 3 is played by Savannah Jayde. She has also starred in Suite Life on Deck, Minor Details, and Corey and Lucas for the Win. Savannah is so sweet. She really cares about children’s charities and helps support them whenever she can. I’ve met her often and seen her at many events. She is very friendly and patient.

Katelyn Tarver Plays Jo, Josephine Taylor. She’s 16 and dating Kendall.
Their relationship has had some ups an downs and in Welcome Back Big Time, Kendall got very jealous of Jo’s new co star. In Big Time Break Up, it looks like Jo is going to fly away on a plane and Kendall rushes to the airport to change her mind.
Katelyn Tarver has starred as Jo and also starred in No Ordinary Family. She is also pursuing a career as a singer. Her EP is now available on iTunes.
She is the top billed cast in a movie called Mayhem set to be released in 2011. Katelyn is super sweet. I’ve met her a few times. She loves to connect with fans and is excited about her music career.

Erin Sanders stars as Camille.
Camille is a 16 actress who is known as the “method actress queen” There are feelings between Camille and Logan. Whenever Camille is going to audition for a part, she usually gets really into her part and involves Logan.
Erin began working as an actress at the age of 9. She was a regular on Zoey 101 and on The Young and the Restless. She has also guest starred in many other sows and won awards.
I’ve met Erin a lot of times. She and her mom are super sweet. She enjoys taking time for her fans and supporting charities. Stephen Lunsfund often attends events with her. They have a close friendship. She recently shared on her Twitter @ErinZariah that he helped her move her grandma into an assisted living place. Now that’s a good friend! Sometimes they make spoof movies together.

Ciara Bravo plays Katie Knight, Kendall’s little sister. She is smarter than her mom and is usually reluctantly helping the guys. She’s 11.
Ciara has done some voice work on shows like Special Agent Oso and Open Season 3. She was also in a few shorts called Washed Up and The Cafeteria. I met Ciara at the Teen Choice Awards and at Lollipop Game Day. She is very sweet and kinda shy in real life!

Tanya Chsolm plays Kelly Wainwright Gustavo’s assistant. She polite, honest and helpful. She always helps make sure the boys do what they should and that Gustavo isn’t too mean to them. During my set visit, she was trying to get Carlos to give up his helmet and he sent a bowling ball down the slide towards her.

Tanya has starred in Veronica Mars Ghost Whisperer and Legally Blondes. She played Jackie in High School Musical 2. She is very supportive and came to watch Katelyn Tarver at her concert in Hollywood!

I hope you enjoyed this blog about the girls of Big Time Rush!!
You gotta admit even though the guys are amazing, the girls all help make the show awesome!!

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Big Time Rush Set Visit

On January 17, 2011 my mom and I met the stars of Big Time Rush and toured the set on the Paramount Studios Lot in Hollywood, California. I was very lucky to have won a raffle at my school. It isn’t easy to get a set visit to this hit show! We were on set for about 2 hours and got to see all the sets and watch the cast, well the 4 guys and Tanya, rehearse a scene and tape it!

Big Time Rush or #BTR is show on Nickelodeon about friendship among four guys who used to be hockey players. They move from Minnesota to the Palm Woods Apartments in LA to become a band. They attend Palm Woods school with other kids and teens who want to be performers. The series premiered on Nickelodeon on November 28, 2009 with an hour long episode called Big Time Audition. There have been other hour long shows as well.

The creator of the show is Scott Fellows. He has a background in animation and also created Ned’s Declassified. This is why the show has a crazy, silly look. The guys do all kinds of hilarious situations, there are silly sound effects and dream/imagination scenes. This show is NOT filmed in front of a live audience. All the sets are in a sound stage, even the Palm Woods pool. There is a single camera and in the 2 hours we were there, they probably filmed 20 seconds of a scene.

The guys are all actually talented musicians and singers and have had concerts and meet and greets. They have released a CD and a DVD . The show has been nominated for Poptastic awards and Kid’s Choice Awards in 2010. It is playing in several countries and they will soon tour different countries in Europe including Germany.

The stars of the series

Kendell Schmidt as Kendall Knight

Kendell Knight the 16 year old leader of the band who keeps them from messing things up too badly!

When I met Kendell on set. He was really sweet! He liked my dress, necklace and ring. He said he was excited about going to Germany and was learning how to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in German. He says he’s pretty excited about the tour! He said I could eat whatever I wanted from the tent that had the food for the cast and crew!

James Maslow as James Diamond.

James Diamond is really handsome and thinks that every girl is attracted to him!

When I was walking toward Studio 27, James was riding a bike past us. Our guide asked if he was coming back and he said he was done for the day. When he saw I was there for a visit. He got off his bike took of his sunglasses and talked to us for a while. I had met James once before at Debby Ryan’s screening of 16 Wishes. He was really sweet that day too!

Carlos Pena Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is the shortest and youngest guy in the band. He wears his Hockey helmet for no reason.

The day I was on the set, they were filming an episode called Big Time Break Up. Carlos was refusing to take off his helmet and when Kelly was bothering him about it, he sent a bowling ball down the swirly slide to keep her from climbing up. I had met all the guys except him and it was getting late so our guide took me upstairs to meet him. He said, “Hi are you a fan of the show?” I said, “yeah” and I gave him a little present. He asked our guide if I could go down the slide she kept saying , “No” because they were still set up for filming but he insisted! It was pretty fun!! I have met Carlos before at a Hollywood Knights game. After the BTR concert at the Citadel Outlets he came to a celebrity basketball game with Samantha Droke and Francia Raisa. We took a pic that day and it’s my Twitter profile pic!

Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell

Logan Mitchell is the genius of the group and comes up with solutions to problems.

I met Logan on set he was really sweet and we talked for a little bit! He gave me a very nice hug!

The series also has many co-stars that add to the story lines. The only one I met on my visit to the set was was Tanya Chisholm . I have met a few other members of the cast at other events.

Ciara Bravo plays Katie Knight, Kendell’s little sister.
She’s really smart and likes to blackmail the guys.

Stephen Kramer Glickman plays Gustavo Rocque, the band’s producer and the owner of Rocque Records.
He’s always pushing the boys to be successful since he used to be big but hasn’t had a hit in years!

Tanya Chisholm plays Gustavo’s assistant, Kelly Wainwright,

She often has to help the boys focus in order to be successful. Tanya took a break from rehearsing her lines to come an d visit me. She said when she was little she wished her name was Alexi. She actually lied to a teacher and the teacher wrote Alexi on one of her certificates. She was also in Legally Blondes with Brittany Curran. She is very pretty and nice!

Challen Cates plays Mrs. Knight Kendell and Katie’s mom.
She tries hard to be a god mom but she is often too trusting

David Anthony Higgins plays Mr. Bitters.
He’s a strict mean manager who can’t stand all the boys silliness

Erin Sanders plays Camille Roberts

Camille’s a 16 year old who wants be be an actress really badly.

I’ve met Erin several times. She loves to support friends and charities. She and her mom are very close. You may recognize her from Zoey 101. She played Quinn on that show!

Katelyn Tarver plays Jo Taylor

Jo a singer/actress who dated Kendell.

Katelyn is really sweet. I’ve met her a few times!

Tucker Albrizzi plays Tyler Duncan.

He’s a little red head who hides from mom who is obsessed with getting him acting jobs.

Tucker is really cool. He also plays Jake on Good Luck Charlie. His mom says he loves acting but doesn’t feel that comfotable on red carpets and being interviewed.I met him at a charity event in Los Angeles.

The series is taped in Studio 27 on the lot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood California. The day after I visited the guys were going to film a new music video at an airport. I overheard someone saying that in December, they spent about a week filming an hour long episode at Malibu beach. Visiting the set and meeting the guys was a blast! I loved seeing all the rooms and areas where they film the different scenes.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog! My mom and I worked hard on it! I love meeting stars and going to events in Los Angeles !

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