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Happy Birthday Ryan Ochoa 40,000 4 @RyanOchoa

Ryan OchoaRico, Ryan and ZacharyBooboo stewart Rico Rodroguez Ryan Ohoa and Zachery Gordon playing JengaRobert and Ryan OchoaRyan OchoaRyan Ochoa
Autographed Script cover Pair of KingsRyan Ochoas Autographed pic from Pair of KingsRyan OchoaRyan Ochoa with a young fan!Jake T Austin Moises Arias Ryan OchoaGeno Segers and Ryan Ochoa
Ryan OchoaPair of Kings Curtain Call

Happy Birthday Ryan Ochoa, a set on Flickr.

Ryan’s birthday is May 17th!! Wish him Happy Birthday !!
We love Ryan!! We first saw him on iCarly as Chuck Chambers! He was secretly torturing Spencer! Carly got even by telling him about the new number discovered called Durf!
He’s now a main star in DisneyXD’s Pair of Kings! He plays Lanny and wants to be king. He always truing to find a way to get rid of Brady and Boomer!
We’ve met him and his loving, sweet families many times!
He is such a nice guy and his whole family is super sweet!
He loves Fans, Friends and Charities!
Follow him at @RyanOchoa and let’s get him to 40,000 followers !!!!

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