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Cristian Beadles gives Back in his Home Town of Atlanta, Georgia


Next Sunday, November 27, 2011, you can meet Christian Beadles in Atlanta, Georgia and make sure a kid in need gets a toy this Christmas!

Christian Beadles who has been close friends with Justin Bieber for years has a You Tube channel with over 15 million views. He also recently reached a milestone on Twitter. In just over 2 years, he has gained over 1 million followers.

Christian is humble, loves God, his family, friends, and fans! He is a very loving brother to his sister, Caitlin. There mom’s name is Sandi and she takes time to answer fans on Twitter. How sweet is that? They have a super cute puppy named Lil Dolche B. When he’s in LA, he often plans Meet and Greets at City Walk LA.
He also attends charity events when he can.

Christian is home in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been sick with the flu recently but still took time to plan this event for fans and kids in need! His birthday is tomorrow, November 21, and instead of asking for gifts, he’s giving back. He’s asking fans to join him at the Toys R Us on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta, Ga. At 1 pm. On Nov 27th. Toys collected will go to the local Ronald McDonald House and a homeless shelter.

If you are a big fan but can’t get to Atlanta next Sunday you can send a new toy or Toys r Us gift card to PO Box 681173, Marietta, Ga. 30068. Put your info so they can thank you!

Let’s make Christian’s birthday an awesome opportunity to help kids this Christmas!

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Christian Beadles Caitlin Beadles

Christian BeadlesChristian BeadlesGods Girl Caitlyn BeadlesChristian Foertune and Christian Beadles arriving for Waiting 4 U Tour

Christian and Caitlin Beadles met Justin Beiber when he moved to Atlanta. Caitlin dated Justin and Christian became friends with Justin before he got famous. They are also well known for their You Tube videos. They love God and are very close to each other. Cristian was in the Eenie Meenie video with Justin Beiber and Sean Kingston. Caitlin was in the video “One Time”
In 2009, Caitlin had a very serious jet skiing accident where she almost lost her leg. She actually was close to death and had a long recovery in the hospital. They spend a lot of time in LA. Christian is really comfortable with fans and uses Twitter to invite them to meet them up at City Walk LA.
I met them at the Cody Simpson/ Greyson Chance concert. Caitlin is a little more quiet and shy but she’s really sweet.
Christian also hangs out with Christian Fortune. They have a lot in common.
Their Twitters are @LittleCBeadles
and @GodsGirl8494
I hope you enjoyed learning more bout these 2 nice people.
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Waiting 4 U Tour Cody Simpson, greyson Chance, and Shane Harper

The marquee for the Waiting 4 U TourBella ThorneHayley KiyokoShane HarperBridget MendlerGreyson Chance
video from the waiting 4 U tourVideo of Cody SimpsonAriana GrandeSarah MShane Harper and Bridget MendlerChristian Fortune
Ryan OchoaChristian BeadlesGods Girl Caitlyn BeadlesChristian Foertune and Christian Beadles arriving for Waiting 4 U TourBradley s Perry high fiving fans

On May 11, 2011, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and Shane Harper all had a concert at the House of Blues LA. Concerts in LA are awesome because a lot of performers have friends who are actors, performers, etc and THEY come out to support their friend!!
The kids from the Good Luck Charlie cast came out to support Shane. So did Samantha Boscarino. Isn’t that sweet?? They also came out to support Shane when he headlined at the Roxy!!
I also saw:
Christian Beadles
Caitlyn Beadles
Cristian Fortune
Sammi Hanratty
Ryan Ochoa
Savvy and Mandy
Ariel Winter
Ariana Grande
and I hung out with my Twitter friends
What a fun night!!
The music was so good!! I loved all the songs!

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