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Meeting Lucy Hale

Lucy HaleLucy Hale giving me her autograph!!Lucy Hale autograph

Meeting Lucy Hale, a set on Flickr.

I love Lucy —- Hale from Pretty Little Liars!! She is so pretty and sweet! I met her at a restaurant on March 12, 2011. We try not to bother celebs when they are eating or with friends…but it was Lucy Hale!!! We asked for a pic and she left her seat and her friends to talk with us. We talked about Sasha Pieterse because we know her and have met her a lot. Lucy said “Oh You know Sasha? Isn’t she sweet? And she’s only 14!!
Then we asked for an autograph. We just happened to have a PopStar Magazine with us!! She’s awesome!!!
Watch her and support her!!!
We took a short video while she signed my magazine!!
follow her on Twitter @Lucyyhale show her your love!!
She’s awesome!!

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