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Meet Stars at Charity Events

Another great way to meet celebrities is at charity events! Many stars support certain charities and are even ambassadors for them. Selena Gomez represents Unicef. Doug Brochu works with Habitat for Humanity. Many celebrities support different charities.

There are different types of events you can attend:

1. A carnival/festival.

We recently attended Kids Helping Children. The event took place at the Anaheim Hilton and had activities like face painting and bounce houses. Many stars were on hand to meet, take pics with fans and sign autographs! We met Malese Jow, Chelsea Staub, Joey King, Caroline Sunshine, Shane Harper, Brandon T. Russell, Savvy and Mandy and others.

2. A run 5k 10k etc.

For these events, you need to sign up in advance, pay a fee, and raise money. You can sign up the same day but expect crowds and long lines. We met Jane Lynch and Dakota Fanning at 5ks.

3 Project Based

Sometimes a charity event isn’t raising money but asking for you to come and volunteer. We recently attended a Habitat for Humanity event where we walked to a site, planted plants and put up a few pre-made walls. When we walked back to the original place, food was served and performers entertained us! We met Bristol Palin, Mark Ballis, Doug Brochu, and Joey King at the Habitat for Humanity event. We also packed food for poor people in Haiti. We were in charge of green beans and helped put the boxes together on an assembly line. This was the first time we met Sasha Pieterse, Erin Sanders and Ryan Newman.

4. Concert/ Performance

Sometimes a charity will put together a whole concert or show and charge money for tickets. These events may not include a meet and greet so check before you pay. This is how we met Ariana Grande the first time! She and other performers from Broadway put on a show at the
Music Box in Hollywood!

There are other types of charity events as well. Ariana Grande and Joey King both worked as waitresses at Chili’s to raise money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We’ve gone to fashion shows as well.

Charity events are great way to meet stars! Some events are very expensive and sometimes meet and greets are only included in VIP packages. These can go as high as thousands of dollars! Other events such as the service project ones are free. Just remember nothing is guaranteed. Check out the websites ahead. They usually state policies. If you plan ahead you can email or use Twitter if you have questions about an event!

What’s nice about meeting celebs this way is you are also helping out people or animals who are less fortunate!

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