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Our Favorite Celebs to Meet and Tweet

Our favorite stars to meet and tweet!

First, we have met over 200 stars mostly at premieres, signings, meet and greets, and charities.

Alexi is seven, blonde, tiny and cute as can be. I, her mom, carry the camera , tap them on the shoulder and ask for a pic or autograph.. Many stars recognize her now as she is one of the youngest who actually does this for a hobby. We are always kind, complimenting them on their careers, and don’t bother them for more than a minute.


Many stars recognize Alexi and give her extra hugs, really sweet pics and even pick her up or walk around a barricade to get to her!

Demi Lovato (away from Twitter for now – formally @ddlovato)

I honesty think that Demi is the sweetest most sensitive celeb out there! I wonder if that led to her being in rehab. She tries so hard to make everybody happy and really cares what people say about her! When she was at Shop til U Rock at the Glendale Galleria she was kept busy by press, interviews, and people wanting her to promote their products! She was working non-stop and didn’t seem to want to disappoint anyone by saying “no”. She posed with disabled fans first then tried to see tons of fans as quickly as possible. She left Twitter for now and as we know, people can be cruel, so we totally understand.
Selena Gomez

She was at 1027KIISFM and came out to pass out AUTOGRAPHED Year Without Rain CDs to the fans who were around.

At her signing for Kiss and Tell, She was scheduled for a few hours but stayed until she met every last fan. If you look at You Tube video from the event, she smiles and greets fans for hours even though she had just gotten new extensions after cutting her hair short.

Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

This sweet teen goes out of her way to tweet to her fans, attends charity events and even promises “free hugs”. She plays Cat on Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

We met her at an event in Hollywood and she served as a waitress at a Chile’s to help St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. She starred on Broadway  and is an amazing singer!

Booboo Stewart (@mammarazzi1)


This guy is always tweeting about events he’s going to and invites you all to meet him! When you do, you will get a pic, hug and autograph! He plays Seth Clearwater on Eclipse. He has an amazing family! His Dad is like his bodyguard, his mom  is like his publicist his sister Fivel is always with him and his little sister, Saige is super cute!

Sasha Pieterse (@Sashaapieterse)

At only 14, Sasha plays a character on Pretty Little Liars. We saw her first on Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Her co-star was Taylor Lautner! Sasha goes out of her way to reply to fans on Twitter and apologizes if she can’t get to everyone! We see her at events often with her sweet mom! She signs autographs and takes pics whenever she can. She’s working on launching her own line of jewelry! She supports charities such as!

BellaThorne (@BellaThorne143)

Bella, the star of Shake it Up, has tons of energy and is amazing about tweeting her fans and replying to everyone on Twitter. If your lucky enough to meet her in person, you’ll get a beautiful smile, hug and picture!

Alyson Stoner (@alysonontour)

This busy star of Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 is also a singer and dancer. She has always been super sweet with Alexi!

Ashley Argota (AshleyArgota9)

Ashley plays Lulu on True Jackson VP. She attends lots of charity events. When she saw Alexi at the Hollywood Christmas parade. She gave her an extra big hug and asked if she was warm!

Doug Brochu (@DugyFresh)

Doug who plays Grady on Sonny with a Chance, loves to support charities. He has always been sweet to us and even gave Alexi a video shout out and a few extra signed head shots so we could give them to fans.

Joey King (JoeyLittleKing)

Joey co-starred with Selena Gomez in Ramona and Beezus. We met her at a signing and 12 of our Twitter friends wanted her autograph! She personalized each one and gave one fan a video shout out!

We’ve also had great experiences with

Erin Sanders (@erinzariah) stars on Big Time Rush!

Josie Loren (@josloren) star on Make it or Break it!

Cody Linley (@CodyLinley7) Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana

The whole cast of I’m in the Band esp. Caitlyn T Love (Loganyeah785, @thegbakes, @stevevalentine, @caitlyntlove, )

Allisyn Arm (@allisyn_a_arm) Zora on Sonny with a Chance!

Ryan Newman (@ryrynewman) guest star on GLC and a great kid!

Bailee Madison (@FollowBailee) will star in season 4 of WOWP

Ashley Greene (@AshleyMGreene) Alice on Twilight

Romi Dames (@TheRomiDames) Tracy van Horn on Hannah Montana

Brooke Scher (@Brooke_Scher) she also has a cool boutique online

Zoe Myers (@zoemyers)

If you want to see who else we’ve met

follow us on Twitter @Alexirob

look on Flickr and You Tube put in Alexirob in the search

I’m happy to say that overall we have tons of fun and happy experiences with our hobby! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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