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Ariana Grande’s 18th Birthday Extravaganza

Ariana Grande the day before she turned 18! at her partySigned pic of Ariana GrandeThe performers at Ariana Grande's  18th birthdayThe program for the concert part of Ariana's 18th birthdayFrankie GrandePatti Labelle singing Happy Birhday to Ariana
Iyaz and Ariana Duet unreleasedPatti Labelle singing Somewhere over the RainbowAriana Grande at her birthday party meet and greetPhoto Booth at Ariana's PartyWaitresses and cupcakes at Ariana's PartyEric Lange
Ariana's  party took place at the courtyard area of Paramount Studios.Ashley Argota and Ryan OchoaRachel FoxAvan JogiaLiz GilliesMatt Bennett
Gage GolightlyTaylor Gray, Rebekah and Dillon LaneTaylor GrayAriana Grande at her meet and greet at her 18th birthday partyIyazLeon Thomas III

On June 25, 2011 Ariana Grande celebrated her 18th birthday in style.

The party was on the Historic Paramount Lot on Hollywood, California.

We love Ariana! We’ve met her a few times at charity events and concerts. She plays Cat Valentine on Victorious. She and Cat are a little alike. They are both sweet and love their friends, but Ariana is way smarter and more talented than Cat.
She is so funny and talented. One time at Greyson Chance ‘s concert we saw a group of shy girls walk up to her and they finally got brave enough to ask for a picture, Ariana said “No” and the girls were shocked! Then she smiled and said “Just Kidding! of course we can take a picture!!”

Ariana, her brother Frankie, and Popstar Magazine invited fans to participate in a contest to win tickets to the party. 35,000 fans entered and Popstar picked 35 winners. Each winner was able to invite 3 guests.

We got an email that said we were allowed to attend! We invited our sweet friend Rebekah who really likes meeting stars too. She lives far away from LA and has had some bad luck at tapings that were canceled and other things that didn’t go well.

We arrived at the check in and were given pink t-shirts with Ariana’s party logo, a heart with AG 18 in it. We were also given water and a boxed meal and then we had to wait to be walked over. They walked us over in 3 groups and we were seated in a theater.

The program was on our seats and the line up was AMAZING:

Ariana Grande
Greyson Chance
Taylor Dayne
Liz Gillies
Aaron Simon Gross
Neil Haskell
Patti LaBelle
Taylor Parks
Graham Phillips
Miranda Sings
Leon Thomas III

After a little while, the party guests came into the theater. We saw the cast of Victorious (except for Victoria who is filming Fun Size in Cleveland). We also saw Ashley Argota, Dillon Land and Taylor Gray stars of the new Nick Show, Bucket and Skinners Epic Adventures. Ryan Ochoa and Mitchell Musso walked in together. Rico and Raini Rodriguez came in with their parents. Keke Palmer sat in front of us. We noticed Drake Bell sitting with his date and Nat and Alex from the Naked Brothers.

The concert was amazing! Frankie was so funny and sweet as the Emcee. Their Nonna and Grandpa were introduced as out hosts. Ariana’s mom, Joan, sat next to her in the front row.

Ariana stars in Greyson Chance’s video Unfriend Me. They played the video then sang it for us. Taylor Dayne sang. IYAZ sang two songs then Ariana joined him and they sang an unreleased duet.
Miranda Sings number was really funny.

At the end Patti LaBelle came out. She is an an AMAZING lady. The next day she was going to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BETs! She sang Happy Birthday to Ariana, Over the Rainbow and a duet of Lady Marmalade with Ariana!!

At some point during the concert, we had to move because IYAZ and his family and friends were given our row! The people organizing the event felt bad. They said, “We need to move because IYAZ wants to be together with his family. We’d like to make it up to you by INVITING YOU TO THE REST OF THE PARTY!

So after the concert , the guests returned to the party and Ariana had a quick meet and greet with the fans who won the contest. Each guest went up got a pic with her a signed picture and a cupcake. When it was my turn, she recognized me and said, “I’m so glad you could come.” She hugged me posed for a pic and gave me her signed picture.

We then waited until all the fans met her and went out to the party!!!


There were tables of cakes and candy.There were two photo booths. At one photo booth, they made flip books. There was home made ice cream and a DJ. There were even waitresses in old fashion clothes on skates!!
We were able to say hi to some of the guests and get some pics with:

Ariana Grande
Frankie Grande
Liz Gillies
Leon Thomas
Avan Jogia
Matt Bennett
Erik Lange
Dillon Lane
Taylor Gray
Ashley Argota
Rachel Fox
Ryan Ochoa
Drake Bell
Josh Peck

The concert ended at 11:30 and we stayed till 1:30. It was the best party I’ve been to in my WHOLE life.

I forgot to say that every guest got a pink Snuggie with Ariana’s birthday logo on it as a gift.

I’m very thankful and grateful to Ariana, Frankie and Popstar Magazine for allowing fans like me the chance to be part of Ariana’s special day!

Meeting Ariana Grande

Ariana GrandeDaniella Monet and Ariana GrandeDaniella MonetVictorious cast and executive producer Dan SchneiderOur Waitress Ariana GrandeErik Lange
Dan SchneiderAriana GrandeAriana Grande pick up hug!!Ariana Grande "Free" hug!Adriana GrandeAriana Grande
Adriana GrandeAdriana GrandeAdriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana Grande
Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana GrandeAriana Grande

Ariana Grande , a set on Flickr.

Ariana Grande is am amazing actress, singer and person. She is well known for playing Cat Valentine on Victorious. She has a brother named Frankie and her mom is Joan. She started off on Broadway in a play called 13. She is always posting new covers of songs on You Tube. Recently, she started working with Nick Jonas. She also loves to support charities especially Broadway in South Africa.
Follow her on Twitter @ArianaGrande
I’ve met Ari many times. She is so friendly, sweet and kind to everyone she meets!!
The times I met her:
1. Ariana served as a waitress sat Chili’s to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. Daniella Monet, Dan Schneider, and Eric Lange came out to show support!
2. We also met her at an event to help stop domestic violence. She sang two songs from Broadway! She has an amazing voice!
I’ve met her at a Charity Event and her sing Lucky me!!
3. I also met her at Never Say Never Premiere on my birthday.
4 At The Mint when Leon Thomas 3 had a small concert and the Victorious cast and other Nick people came!
5 I also met her at Lollipop Game Day on May 7th She was so pretty and kind walking the purple carpet and hanging out with fans and patients who the charity helps!!

6.We were able to go to Ariana’s 18th Birthday on 6/25/11 as well. It was at th Paramount Lot. Her co stars  attended as well as stars from other Nick shows. Josh Peck, Drake Bell, Keke Palmer, Nat and Alex, Ryan Beatty, Ashley Argota, Gage Golightly, Mitchel Musso. There was a concert with Patti LaBelle, IYAZ, Miranda Sings, Neil Haskell, Leon Thomas, Graham Phillips, Taylor Parks, Taylor Dayne, Greyson Chance. We got to celebrate with Ariana It was a great party!
I hope you all have the chance to meet Ariana some day.

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