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Cyber Bullying hate and threats towards an 8 yr old

cyber bullying is NOT ok!a cyber bullies tweets to an 8 year oldOur Cyberbully uploaded a hate threat videoHe deleted his hate threat video when he knew we called the policeWe called the police because his video threatened to shoot AlexiCyber bully being very bad!!!
A different cyber bully who was an poser we exposedAccomplice to cyberbullyingG Hannelius helped Alexi feel better by following and tweeting this.

We love to meet and support celebrities and help others meet them too. If we can, we’ll even get autographs and shout outs for fans who can’t come to events. Because we meet celebs, we can ask if they have a Twitter and expose them. Sometimes people who were the poser get angry. Sometimes people who were tricked by the poser get angry at us!! Some people are just jealous of Alexi.
Here are tweets from two bullies and an accomplice. We called the police because one made and posted a video that had threats in it and we weren’t sure where he really lived or if he could would really hurt Alexi,
G_Hannelius followed Alexi and sent a special tweet to end cyber bullying.
We must have laws to protect us and Twitter needs to step up and help us too. Please share this with news agencies, Ellen, Dr. Phil, anyone who will listen. Kids and teens are killing themselves because of bullies on the internet who are cowards hiding behind screen names and computer screens. End cyber bullying for Alexirob and all the kids/teens on social networking sites!!! Thank you!!
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Thank You

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