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Another Suicide in the Arianator Army #RIPArianatorJade ????

UPDATE: 1/8/13 this post is getting 1000’s of views a week, not sure why but if you are reading this thank you!!

I love Ariana Grande, her fans and feel terrible about anyone who has really been raped, abused or molested!

I just noticed that there were a lot of FAKE suicides and stories that were made up to get attention on Twitter!
This story is a good example of “red flags” things most people could use to see it was fake…. We have to think before just believing every story on Twitter and Facebook!

When We read a new story like this its ok to ask .. Does it make sense? Could this really happen? Does it seem real? Would my friends, family, sister, mom, friends, do that?

We know THIS story was fake but 100’s of more stories are REAL!!
Check out the comments! So sad!

UPDATE : 10/27

There never was a “Jade” the pictures of the pretty brown haired crying girl was of an innocent girl named Robbi K. She had no idea her pictures were stolen from her instagram and used in the hoax. Robbie is COMPLETELY innocent and had NO idea this had happened until a friend who recognized her from the “Jade” story told her.

I feel bad because some people were saying “Jade was really Robbi”
That isn’t true at all and they just meant the pics of “jade” were really the stolen pics of “Robbi”.

As I said from The beginning. This story if it were true would be sad but it had SO MANY red flags that when you look at ALL of them, no one should have believed it.

There will be more fake suicides on Twitter and in the Arianiator army.
We HAVE to be careful what we believe.

People actually cried and wrote “Jade” on their wrists. All for a girl who never existed.

The biggest red flag was no one really knew her. Everyone swore she was “my best friend.” “a real arianator” but no one would say where she lived, what school she attended, anything that people really know if they are “best friends”

I got SO much hate for posting my doubts – people called me a b*tch
C____, and of course said stupid stuff like “go play with your Barbies”

It feels good that now more people know the truth!

Here’s the whole story:


I love Ariana Grande, Frankie, Joan and the whole fan base!
I was at her 18th birthday, concert, and many other events.
I support her and help fans meet her through my Twitter @Alexirob
She’s meeting fans in Vancouver this Sunday and will be in a play at Pasadena Playhouse in the LA area 12/13-12/23.

Ever since a magazine wrote a story about Ari crying after finding out a fan committed suicide, there have been many suspicious “suicides”. Often, they were proven to be fake. Someone said the account was hacked or the person was revived in the hospital.

On 10/24 a strange story came into my timeline-

A girl named Jade “was dead”.
#RIPArianatorJade was popping up all over!

I checked her timeline and Jade had a “secret”


If a 6 yr old was RAPED it would be hard to keep that a secret — there would be blood, pain, and no Child would be able to just carry on as usual. Her mother would have noticed something.

So she told this story that even though her uncle raped her from 6-10 she had just acted like things were fine with her family
But now ..


For some weird reason a 14 yr old needed a baby sitter – and her uncle was going to babysit her.


She was so upset that he was going to babysit her – she finally told her parents.

Then she went to the police


Does this sound right? The Police went to the store and bought her Oreo Cookies? Also, men wouldn’t be talking to her – with girl sex abuse victims the police get women police for them to talk to.


There’s NO way she would know it was her “last” day at the police station.
She would most likely have to go back while the case went though the court system.

She says Uncle David texted her this:
Would a rapist admit it and threaten her in a text?


As if this wasn’t enough she then said she was being bullied.


Again to cyber bully this way is pretty dumb for the bully! And HOW did the kids at school find out? The police aren’t allowed to say anything!


Just not sure how the students would know?


According to her story the uncle was in jail. So he’s in jail the whole school knows but it isn’t in the news??

Everyone wanted to trend #RIPArianatorJade and everyone said they were her best friend – but no one would say how she killed herself – why her sister jumped on her account all kinds of unusual things.
A bunch of accounts tried to trend About it and get Ariana’s attention.

I posted my doubts and got ATTACKED !!

People were mad that I doubted this story.

I’ve just seen so many fake stories about suicide. This one doesn’t make since. No one is saying how she died. Het sister never tweeted until the morning she “died”. People don’t die of “coma” –



Then the account was hacked.. but not really ..

So this story seems very suspicious. If it were is true there would be a service for her, an obituary, a news story about the uncle. The cyber bullies would be suspended or Expelled. The sister would be more helpful – not just jump on her sister’s account for a few tweets.

Make up your own mind.

Do 14 yr olds need to be babysat?

Would her school know about it and bully her in such an obvious way?

Could a 6 yr old be raped and her mom not know? Then be raped 100 times over 4 more years?

Do police buy Oreos for victims?

Do rapists admit what they did and threaten in texts?

Do people die of “coma”?

If your friend or sister died would you care if anyone wrote her name on their wrists or if she was a Trending topic?
Would that stuff matter?

Up to you guys.. Decide for yourself

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