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Disney and Nick stars Believe in Girls!!

Palm Springs Convention Center was filled with thousands of Girl Scouts, troops, leaders and parents for the Believe in Girls Expo.


There were several exhibits, samples of cookies, demonstrations, vendors, and activities.


Samples of Girl Scout Uniforms through the years.


A rock climbing wall

Several performers and actors came out to support the Girl Scout Event!
They signed autographs, met girls and some performed.


Roshon Fegan was very popular. He sang a few songs and signed autographs.


Ashley Argota returned for a 2nd year, sang and signed autographs.


Damian Hass, Audrey Whitby and Allisyn Arm from So Random were busy meeting fans and signing autographs at two sessions!







It was a really fun day for Girl Scouts and sweet of these busy Actors and Actresses to show their support and give a whole day to us girls.


Meeting the cast of Sonny with a Chance

On February 8th, 2009 Disney premiered a brand new comedy called Sonny with a Chance.

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Sonny with a Chance is about a teenager named Allison Munroe “Sonny” (Demi Lovato) who is the new star of a show called So Random!. Her co- star’s are Nico, Grady, Tawni and Zora. A rival show called Mackenzie falls films on the same lot. The star of that show is Chad Dylan Cooper. He is very full of himself and thinks every girl is in love with him!

The show is really funny and since it’s a show within a show, crazy things are always happening.

Joe Jonas, G. Hannelius, Allstar weekend and Shaquille O’ Neil have been some of the many guest stars!

G plays a recurring role as the daughter of the head of the studio. Her character is also known as Sharkota- since she has quite a temper and if a member of the cast makes her angry, she says her dad will fire them.

I have met every member of the cast at least once. Allisyn Arm and Doug Brochu support SEVERAL charities so I have run into them several times!

The cast is really fun, sweet and talented!


Demi plays Sonny, the main character. She has a lot of energy and loves to do sketches with her cast masts. She writes music and is nervous about sharing the songs with her friends. She dated Chad Dylan Cooper then broke up with him! One character she plays is Sicky Vicky.

Demi Lovato is 18 years old and began acting on the Barney show. She also is a talented singer and has had concerts. She also played Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. She also co-starred with Selena Gomez in Princess Protection Program. I met her at a free concert in Glendale as part of Shop Til U Rock last summer! She signed my Friends for Life poster. When she saw I didn’t have Selena’s autograph, she said, “Maybe I can help you with that!” I also saw her as part of the Camp Rock 2 /Jonas Brothers/ Demi Lovato concert in September, 2010.

Demi has no Twitter right now and is getting treatment for some issues she’s having.

Demi at the Irvine Camp Rock 2/Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato concert


Sterling plays Chad Dylan Cooper. Chad is really confident and thinks he’s a super guy and thinks all girls everywhere are in love with him. He is really self-centered but sometimes shows a softer side of himself to Sonny. In one episode, Chad said he had a double who did all the dangerous things like play darts, eat Mexican food, ride a bike.

I met Sterling at a charity event called Falling Whistles. He, Tiffany Thornton and Allstar Weekend hung out with about 100 fans in a big backyard for an afternoon! In real life Sterling is pretty shy. He’s really nice and quiet too. He signed my Converse!

His Twitter is @S_Knight05

I also met him at a signing at Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim. He was very nice meeting many fans that day and signing my Friends for life poster!


Tiffany plays Tawni Hart. She is really a diva and thinks she is so pretty and perfect. When Sonny first comes to So Random! she is jealous and hides all of Sonny’s fan mail. The two become friends and help each other out now.

In real life, Tiffany is 24. She was born in Texas. She is a great singer. She sang at the Falling Whistles event and was awesome. You can find videos of her singing on You Tube! She has acted in a show called Quintuplets and Hatching Pete a Disney Channel Original Movie. She was nominated for a
Teen Choice Award in 2010.

Her Twitter is @TheRealTiffany

Tiffany at the 16 Wishes Screening

Allisyn Ashley Arm

Allisyn plays Zora Lancaster. Her character is the youngest. She is always popping out of unexpected spots and surprising people. She is very clever and uses Sherlock Holmes type skills to solve mysteries on the set! She dresses in really original outfits and her hair is in interesting styles!

Allisyn was born in Glendale, California and has been acting since she was four and a half. She loves supporting charities and attending premieres. I have met her 6-7 times. She and her dad are super sweet to my mom and me! I think Allisyn is amazing, working on a show with all older people and supporting so many charities!

Her Twitter is @Allisyn_A_Arm

Allisyn at the Step Up 3D Premiere

Allisyn after the Hollywood Christmas Parade


Doug plays Grady Mitchell. Nico played by Brandon Mychal Smith is his best friend. Grady can be a little dumb and gets tricked easily. He plays silly character in So Random sketches. He likes to eat and hates to exercise. He comes up with lots of reasons to just hang out with Nico.

Doug Brochu is a REALLY NICE GUY! His brother is Chris Brochu and his mom and dad come with him for some of the charity events he’s involved in!

I’ve met Doug about 4-5 times. He is so cool. He wants to help people less fortunate and has a HUGE heart! He walked with us at Habitat for Humanity, planted plants and raised walls. I’ve also met him at premieres, the Hollywood Christmas Parade and he came to Mitchell Musso’s first concert at the House of Blues. He was at a charity event called Drive Out Hunger. He was hanging out with Ashley Argota, Rachael Bell, and Steven and John French who are going to star in the Suite Life Movie called Two for the Road! Doug has guest starred on Pair of Kings, iCarly, and Zoey 101.He loves to play video games. His good friend is Nathan Kress.

His Twitter is @DugyFresh

Doug as Oogie on Pair of Kings

Doug after the Hollywood Christmas Parade


Brandon plays Nico Harris, Grady’s best friend. He thinks he’s a lady’s man but he always ends up striking out! he often jumps into Grady’s arms when things go wrong!

Brandon was born in Los Angeles. He has been in Starstruck, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future. He attends charity events and premieres too. I’ve met him about 3-4 times. He’s always been a gentleman. He began on Skating with the Stars but had to quit due to health problems.

His twitter is @BrandonSmithCEO

I’ve really enjoyed this show! It premiered on my birthday last year. We really love and support Demi Lovato. We hope she gets all the love, support and help she needs! We would love to see more episodes of Sonny with a Chance!

I hope you follow the stars of #SWAC on Twitter and show your support!

I hope you enjoyed this Blog. My mom and I write them together!

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