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  Tyler Oakley Meet and Greet Barnes and Noble at The Grove LA October 28, 2015


Tyler Oakley will be having a special meet and greet to promote his new book at the Barnes and Noble located in the Grove LA.

Here’s information from the store’s website: 

Author Event (Biography) 

Tuesday October 28, 2015 6:00 PM This evening we welcome YouTube star Tyler Oakley for a very special photo-op. Tyler will pre-sign books and take a picture with you. This will be a wristband event. You must purchase your book at Barnes & Noble at the Grove  on the day of the event to receive your wristband. You’ll receive your pre-signed copy upon exiting the event. 
Tyler is very popular so if you want to meet him at this event, plan to line up extra early! The Grove allows fans to line up outside of the store before it opens. 


Bethany Mota Meet and Greet Mall of America October 20, 2015 

Bethany Mota will be at The Mall of Anerica in Minnesota supporting Together Against Bullying Day on October 20, 2015.  
The meet and greet doesn’t start until 6pm but fans will be lining up in the early morning hours. The doors open at 6am and wristbands will be passed out at that time. 

Gather your friends and make an adventure out of it! Bring water, snacks and a portable charger. 

The Mall of America hosts many events like this so security will be ready to help out and keep things safe and organized. 

Here’s are the official guidelines for the event!
Click here for more info :
60 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN

A Teen/Tween Survival Guide to BeautyCon NYC October 17, 2015


BeautyCon NYC is happening on October 17, 2015 at PIER 36 MANHATTAN 299 South St, New York, NY !

Here’s how they describe their event on their website:

” At #BeautyConNYC, hundreds of content creators and celebrities will come together to network, mingle, discuss the future of online media, hang with you and participate in panel discussions + Q&As. Thousands of beauties will attend BeautyCon NYC to participate in interactive presentations, watch performances, create content, shop, play games, learn about new products, and above all, mingle with some of their favorite content creators!”

Some of the confirmed guests are Bethany Mota, Teala Dunn, Meg Deangeles, Sprinkle of Glitter and even Marnie the Dog.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two Beauty Cons so far in LA in 2014 and 2015.

I had a great time at both events but wish I knew some tricks and tips to make the event even better, so that’s what I’m going to do for YOU!

BeautyConNYC tip 1

Bring an extra person!
Think of a fun, easy going adult like a parent or aunt to go with you and stand in lines for you. Buy the $35 GA ticket for them. They can hold your spot in the longer lines while you run around looking for YouTubers who might be walking around or you can grab some of the many awesome free samples, enter contests, watch a performance or play games!

BeautyConNYC Tip 2

Check the weather and be prepared. You may spend time outside in lines.
According to the map, some meet and greets and the Outdoor stage are, you guessed it, outside . Also, with 1000’s of guests, there’s just no quick way to get everyone in the venue quickly. If you’re sensitive to the sun, use sunscreen, wear a hat, or bring an umbrella for shade.

BeautyConNYC tip 3

Take public transportation.
It’s better for the environment, and better for you! You’ll have more time to enjoy the convention without the stress and expense of parking.

BeautyconNYC tip 4

Have a Plan!
Are there 2-3 YouTubers or creators you really want to meet or some specific vendor you want to check out ? Write it down, put it in your phone’s notes. Check the schedule and map. Once you get there, you’ll get distracted and might get side tracked by all the events, booths, activities.


BeautyconNYC tip 5

Have a plan B/ Be Flexible .
You won’t be able to meet everyone or go to every panel. Panels, Meet and Greets, and Q and A’s fill up or schedules conflict. Everyone will want to meet the more popular YouTubers but not everyone can. If that applies to you , change to plan B and make the best out of the situation.

BeautyconNYC tip 6

Keep your eyes open!
I know you’ll be tweeting and Snap Chatting, but you never know who might walk right by you. Upcoming YouTubers will be happy to meet subscribers but might not have formal meet and greets scheduled. They’ll be walking around and might tweet where they are for an impromptu meet up. Also, YouTubers tend to bring friends and family members to BeautyCon and they’re fun to meet too!

BeautyconNYC tips 7

Bring a portable charger!
Beautycon knows we need charging stations and will have them but you don’t want to be stuck by a plug and missing out on all the fun!

BeautyconNYC tip 8

Bring snacks.
Again, you don’t want to have to take a break from going to panels, Q and A’s and Meet and Greets just because you’re low on energy and getting hungry! Pack some nuts, breakfast bars whatever you like that quick and easy!

BeautyconNYC tip 9

Bring Sharpies!
If you are the kind of fan who likes autographs bring your own Sharpies. I’ve seen some fans but or bring a t-shirt and get everyone’s autograph on it. If you plan to meet a You-Tuber who has written a book or been on a magazine cover, bring it to get signed!

BeautyconNYC tip 10

Bring water.
See tip 8!

BeautyconNYC tip 11

Smile and make new friends👭👯 ! EVERYONE at #BCTNYC has lots of things in common and are beautiful! I can pretty much guarantee everyone you meet has a favorite YouTuber, and loves fashion. Start a conversation and see what else you have in common.

BeautyconNYC tip 12

If necessary, be a ninja!
Having a hard time meeting YouTubers ? Missed your fav? Find where they enter, exit or park but be nice! They might not be expecting to see fans and caught off guard. If they are making eye contact and smiling at you, that’s a good sign to approach and say “hi”. But, if they’re looking down, on their phone or looking straight ahead walking fast, they might not be ready to meet people. They might not feel ready for pics if they are just arriving or feel tired if they are leaving. I don’t recommend this unless you just had no luck meting who you wanted to the regular way!

BeautyconNYC tip 13

Be a Fangirl!
Are you meeting your fav ?
Do you love Bethany Mota or Teala Dunn? Show them YOU are their biggest fan by wearing their merchandise. Are you excited for BeautyConNYC? Make a poster or T-Shirt. Here’s some things I made and took a pic of for Beautycon . They loved it and put it on their Instagram!


BeautyconNYC tip 14

Keep it short and sweet .
I know meeting your favs is going to be amazing but try not to take up too much any YouTuber’s, creator’s or vendor’s time. They want to meet as many subscribers, fans or customers as possible and they have a limited time. Show them your love but move on. If there’s someone who really means a lot to you and you want to express your thoughts to them, you can write a letter ahead of time and hand it to them.

BeautyconNYC tip 15

Always have your camera out and ready! You don’t want to make a YouTuber wait or miss a pic with someone walking by.

I hope my tips can help some of you!
Here’s the website to find out more about BeautyCon NYC.









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