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I didn’t watch Pretty Little Liars from the beginning but my friends kept talking about it and telling me I would like so finally this fall and winter, I’ve watched every episode of every season on Netflix and got caught up for the current season!
I’m obsessed with the show and follow all the theory and rumor accounts.

My mom knows I love the show and my birthday is coming up so she arranged with one of her friends for my friend and I to visit the set yesterday.

Pretty Little Liars airs on ABCFamily and is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania but films their episodes on the Warner Brothers Lot. The pilot was shot in Vancouver, Canada but the show soon settled in Burbank, CA.
Gilmore Girls was filmed using many of the same buildings.

As soon as we got though security, we saw sound stage 6. We didn’t know it at the time but that’s where all the inside taping happens. All the scenes that happen in their bedrooms and classrooms happen in there.


The first building we recognized was Rosewood High School.


So much of the show happens here and even on this porch. When Emily was trapped in the school, she escaped through one of the front windows.


Right around the corner from the High School is the City Hall.



The two buildings are actually part of the same building although they are filmed as two separate buildings.


The next building we found was the church where SO much happens



We were surprised to find the door open.


Some buildings are just facades or actually offices that are only used for exterior shots but the church was wide open and looked awesome!



We saw a golf cart that was for the producers and jumped in for a few pick pics!




We even found a message from “A” !


We thought Toby’s, Allison’s, Hanna’s houses would be by the church but they weren’t. We set it to find more sets from Pretty Little Liars and found other sets like this one from ER:


We found the Apple Rose Grille which looks a little different without furniture and the signs


Apple Rose Grille, better known as The Grille, is the local Rosewood restaurant where the girls frequently hang out when they want a bite to eat. They went there often in Seasons 1 and 2 but have only been there a few times since.


We came upon the steps where this very intense conversation happened!


Here’s Radley’s Sanitarium all cleaned up.”>IMG_5873.PNG



Radley Sanitarium is a mental institution where Mona Vanderwaal was sent, after her reveal as A. Spencer Hastings was also housed there for a time, being placed in the same room as Mona was, and Marion Cavanaugh was also there for some time before the start of the series. It was a key place and location in Season 3.

We still hadn’t found any of the houses, barns or the lake and it was getting dark but we kept exploring.

We finally found something that looked familiar!
Lost Woods Resort!



The Lost Woods Resort is a motel located somewhere outside Rosewood. Mona brought Alison here after her attempted murder, and convinced Ali to disappear and pretend she died. This was also where Alison went after Duncan flew her from Hilton Head. Also, It was formerly “A’s” secret lair. The Liars visit this place because they thought “A” was following Alison here. –
There was a creepy barn nearby.


We even found one a “A” lairs.


And a very important fireplace.



We found the lake by the Hasting’s cabin. But I guess when they aren’t filming there it’s drained! We walked right though it.




It was getting really dark by now but we found the greenhouse too.

“The Greenhouse is an abandoned structure somewhere in Rosewood. The girls went there in Season 2 when they wanted to meet in secret after their seperation.”



The next familiar building we found was Hanna’s house!




We looked around for other houses but it was getting really dark and we were getting scared, so we headed back to the entrance.

We stopped by the sound stages where all the interior scenes are filmed.




We had a great time exploring “Rosewood”.
Hope you enjoyed this blog – follow me on Twitter @alexirob and IG @alexi.rob

There are tours available at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank for about $50 not sure which of the PLL sets and buildings you’ll be able to see but I’m sure you can see the church, high school, city hall and The Grille. You might even see things we didn’t get a chance to see.

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