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Most people I know love Disneyland AND love meeting celebrities so how cool would it be to meet a celebrity AT Disneyland?

Many celebrities visit Disneyland each day. I’m pretty sure Disney Channel, ABC, and ABCFamily celebrities get to go for free as a perk of “working for the mouse.”

One of the best tips I can give you is to follow @DisneylandCeleb on Twitter.
They are great at checking Twitter and Instagram and letting their followers know who is in the parks on any given day.

You can also just do a quick search of the hashtag #Disneyland and check your favorite celebs’ timelines for mentions about upcoming trips to Disneyland.

Once you are at the parks, keep your eyes open. Celebrities look like the rest of us and could walk right by you. Many bigger, more popular celebrities/ athletes will be escorted through the parks by “a plaid”, a cast member who guides the celeb to rides they want to go on and provides information about shows, restaurants, characters and anything else the celeb wants to know.

Sometimes, a celebrity is staying at a Disneyland Hotel and you might run into them in or around the lobby.

A few times during the year, casts of Disney Channel of ABC shows come to the park to film something like the Christmas Parade.

Social Media celebrities and YouTubers are VERY likely to visit the parks around the same time as VidCon in July or other conventions that draw that group!

Many celebrities come to the parks around the holidays. December seems to be a very popular time for celebrities to visit!

Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove seem to be visiting the parks a few times a month.

OK, so now you know how to find out IF a celebrity is at Disneyland .. Now what?

Please remember that many celebrities just want to be at Disneyland and enjoy the rides and attractions with their friends and family without being stopped for pictures or to sign an autograph.

When it’s probably a good idea NOT to approach a celebrity at Disneyland.

If a celebrity is:
walking with young children
looking straight ahead
focusing on family/friends
turning their back to the crowds
not making eye contact,
wearing sunglasses / hat / scarf
using their phone
not posting that they are at Disneyland

These are signs that they aren’t feeling like being social with fans. You can still try to say “hi” but don’t let it ruin your day if they ignore you or don’t respond.

They know that if they appear friendly and social and agree to take a pic with one fan, other fans who are around might ask too and then cause a scene.

When it’s probably ok to approach a celebrity at Disneyland.

The celebrity has posted on social media that they are there.
He/ she is smiling and making eye contact with people.
He/ she is wearing something that reflects their show / channel/ act.
(Some celebrities are at Disneyland hoping to meet fans and promote their projects)
He/ she looks relaxed, friendly “approachable”.

If you are able to find a celebrity and they look approachable, here are some tips on speaking with them.

Scream / yell
Call them by their character’s name
Ask them for their autograph, a selfie AND to call your dog and sing “Happy Birthday”
Touch / Hug them without asking
Over share – you may know everything about them but you are a stranger to them
Bring up personal info – even if you may know that they just had a break up or loss.
Take up a lot of their time

If possible approach them in a non crowded area .. Not in the lines
Or the middle of a crowd.
Let them know how you know them
/why you love them “I love your YouTube Channel I’ve been watching since____” “I love you on _____”
Be respectful of their space.
Be respectful of their time.
Keep your time with them short.
Ask for a picture if you want and they seem friendly and take it quickly, quietly.
Thank them for their time.

I hope I helped you meet a celebrity at Disneyland!

Remember to follow @disneylandceleb

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob I help fans meet celebs by posting info about fan friendly events .




Here’s Calum Worthy pretty much proving my case. He visiting the park on January 17 and posted often – he also took pics with fans!


Here Nathan Kress has tweeted he’s going to Disneyland – so you pretty much if you see him there he’ll be happy to meet you!



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