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(This was they way my mom and I helped but you can also help by donating to the LA Mission or your local homeless shelter or food bank.)

It’s been getting really cold in LA and all most of us have to do to cope with the weather is put on the heater, add a blanket to the bed and get our jackets out of the closets.

For people who don’t have homes, it isn’t that easy! They are out there all day and night. They have a hard time staying warm.

My mom and I decided to help out some people on December 31, 2014.

We came up with a plan that wouldn’t cost too much for us but help them a lot.

First, we collected all our recyclables and got cash for bottles and cans.


We didn’t get too much but every little big helps.


Next, we looked around the house and car for all our loose change and took it to a Coinstar machine.


Because we shopped right after the holidays, we found a lot of discounts on candy and holiday bags.

The 99 cent store had gloves, beanies, and socks, for .. You guessed it for 99 cents. We also thought Chapstick would be helpful in the cold, windy weather. 6 pairs of gloves, socks 6 hats, 6 chapsticks and Kleenex cost around $28.

Our local McDonalds has a special where people can get 3 pancakes with butter and syrup for only 1 dollar so we got 6 gift cards for $5 each – total $30




Because it’s SO cold at night we found these hot packs that only last for 7 hrs but 2 only cost $1 so we added those to each bag.


So each bag cost about $15 but we got about 1/2 of that money from our change and recyclables.

Next, we drove around our city and Hollywood and found some nice people who seemed like they’d appreciate a little gift bag.

The guys we found were so sweet and really appreciated the bags.



One gentleman who we pass often on our way home has a dog . We made sure we had dog treats in his bag.


I was really happy to help out these sweet guys. We kept a few bags for the next time we see a person who doesn’t have a home.
I’m thinking about having my birthday party be an event where instead of gifts people bring coats, blankets, gift cards and things people without homes need. I’ve planned and hosted other celebrity / charity events so it will probably happen. If it does if will be in February, 2015. Follow me on twitter @alexirob for updates and more information.


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