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Joey Bragg and Caroline Sunshine Join Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas in The Outfield


Fullscreen Films is bringing Disney stars Caroline Sunshine and Joey Bragg together with Viners Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas. The four are starring in a movie about a baseball team called the “Owls”.

Here’s info from Fullcsreen’s website:

“The Outfield” starring Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas kicks off production this weekend. I’m personally very excited, after developing this for over a year with them specifically in mind. We’ve got a great team behind it, and the story is personal to me since I based it on the small town where I grew up. Follow more about the film while in production at

Here’s IMDB’s description of the plot:

“Three Varsity baseball players, who have been best friends since childhood, enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field.”

To learn more follow the stars and @outfieldmovie on Twitter.

Here are pics from Twitter:






Are you excited about “The Outfield”?
It’s scheduled to be released in 2016.

Visiting the Pretty Little Liars Set

I didn’t watch Pretty Little Liars from the beginning but my friends kept talking about it and telling me I would like so finally this fall and winter, I’ve watched every episode of every season on Netflix and got caught up for the current season!
I’m obsessed with the show and follow all the theory and rumor accounts.

My mom knows I love the show and my birthday is coming up so she arranged with one of her friends for my friend and I to visit the set yesterday.

Pretty Little Liars airs on ABCFamily and is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania but films their episodes on the Warner Brothers Lot. The pilot was shot in Vancouver, Canada but the show soon settled in Burbank, CA.
Gilmore Girls was filmed using many of the same buildings.

As soon as we got though security, we saw sound stage 6. We didn’t know it at the time but that’s where all the inside taping happens. All the scenes that happen in their bedrooms and classrooms happen in there.


The first building we recognized was Rosewood High School.


So much of the show happens here and even on this porch. When Emily was trapped in the school, she escaped through one of the front windows.


Right around the corner from the High School is the City Hall.



The two buildings are actually part of the same building although they are filmed as two separate buildings.


The next building we found was the church where SO much happens



We were surprised to find the door open.


Some buildings are just facades or actually offices that are only used for exterior shots but the church was wide open and looked awesome!



We saw a golf cart that was for the producers and jumped in for a few pick pics!




We even found a message from “A” !


We thought Toby’s, Allison’s, Hanna’s houses would be by the church but they weren’t. We set it to find more sets from Pretty Little Liars and found other sets like this one from ER:


We found the Apple Rose Grille which looks a little different without furniture and the signs


Apple Rose Grille, better known as The Grille, is the local Rosewood restaurant where the girls frequently hang out when they want a bite to eat. They went there often in Seasons 1 and 2 but have only been there a few times since.


We came upon the steps where this very intense conversation happened!


Here’s Radley’s Sanitarium all cleaned up.”>IMG_5873.PNG



Radley Sanitarium is a mental institution where Mona Vanderwaal was sent, after her reveal as A. Spencer Hastings was also housed there for a time, being placed in the same room as Mona was, and Marion Cavanaugh was also there for some time before the start of the series. It was a key place and location in Season 3.

We still hadn’t found any of the houses, barns or the lake and it was getting dark but we kept exploring.

We finally found something that looked familiar!
Lost Woods Resort!



The Lost Woods Resort is a motel located somewhere outside Rosewood. Mona brought Alison here after her attempted murder, and convinced Ali to disappear and pretend she died. This was also where Alison went after Duncan flew her from Hilton Head. Also, It was formerly “A’s” secret lair. The Liars visit this place because they thought “A” was following Alison here. –
There was a creepy barn nearby.


We even found one a “A” lairs.


And a very important fireplace.



We found the lake by the Hasting’s cabin. But I guess when they aren’t filming there it’s drained! We walked right though it.




It was getting really dark by now but we found the greenhouse too.

“The Greenhouse is an abandoned structure somewhere in Rosewood. The girls went there in Season 2 when they wanted to meet in secret after their seperation.”



The next familiar building we found was Hanna’s house!




We looked around for other houses but it was getting really dark and we were getting scared, so we headed back to the entrance.

We stopped by the sound stages where all the interior scenes are filmed.




We had a great time exploring “Rosewood”.
Hope you enjoyed this blog – follow me on Twitter @alexirob and IG @alexi.rob

There are tours available at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank for about $50 not sure which of the PLL sets and buildings you’ll be able to see but I’m sure you can see the church, high school, city hall and The Grille. You might even see things we didn’t get a chance to see.

Meet Peyton List in New York January 24, 2015


Check out this fun event where fans can meet Peyton in New York!
This info is from the Mall’s website:

Meet & Greet with Peyton List
Saturday, January 24th
1:30PM to 4PM inside The Princess Shop
New Hartford Shopping Center
120 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 732-4171

You may know her as Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie… or Holly Hills from the film series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Come meet your teen idol!
Peyton List was hand picked for Red Pages’ 2012 U.S. ‘Hot 100 list’ which predicts the up and coming talent in the world of film, TV, music, fashion, sport, literature and politics.
Peyton plays Emma Ross, a bubbly teenager eager to reorder the world as she sees fit. She is the only biological child to a high-profile celebrity couple, in the Disney Channel comedy series “JESSIE.”

List is also recognized for her role as Holly Hills in the feature films “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.” Additional film credits include Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” opposite Nicolas Cage, “Remember Me,” with Robert Pattinson and Chris Cooper and “27 Dresses,” opposite Katherine Heigl.

Her small screen credits include Lifetime’s original movie, “Secrets in the Walls” as well as guest starring roles on “Gossip Girl,” “Saturday Night Live” “Law & Order: SVU” and “Cashmere Mafia.”

Click here to win VIP passes to meet Peyton

Last Chance to get discounted tIckets for Tween Stars Live from BYOU Magazine


Check out this great deal from BYOU Magazine!

EXCITING NEWS! BYOU Magazine is the official magazine partner for TWEEN STARS LIVE, a fun family variety show extravaganza featuring some of your fave teen CELEBRITIES!
The next upcoming shows are in the Chicago, IL and Merrillville, IN areas on January 24 & 25th!

We have a great 2 for 1 deal on tickets…and we’re giving away a pair of VIP TICKETS to meet the stars at each event (see below!)
You’re invited to meet Disney and Nickelodeon’s best and brightest teen celebrities at:

Tween Stars Live!
Chicago’s Patio Theatre in Illinois on Saturday, Jan. 24th from 3:00-4:30 PM
Star Plaza Theatre in Indiana on Sunday, Jan. 25th from 12:00-1:30 PM
Here’s your chance to meet:

PIPER CURDA – “Jasmine” on I Didn’t Do It (see Piper in next issue of BYOU Magazine!)
DOVE CAMERON –”Liv & Maddie” on Liv & Maddie
CALUM WORTHY –”Dez” on Austin & Ally
SPENCER BOLDMAN –”Adam” on Lab Rats & “Jackson” in the Zapped movie
KARAN BRAR – “Ravi” on Jessie
NOAH MUNCK –”Gibby” on iCarly
RYAN MCCARTAN – “Diggie” on Liv & Maddie
Tickets start at $15 and are available for purchase at Use code MYARTVAN at checkout and you’ll get two tickets for the price of one!

This highly interactive family variety show extravaganza features 90 minutes of surprised-filled pure family fun, wild and wacky entertainment, PLUS the opportunity for kids to interact with their favorite TV stars. This jam-packed variety extravaganza features comedy, music, improvisations, fun and unpredictable in-audience Q&A sessions, behind the scenes secrets (shhh), and totally tween trivia (better get the answer right!). Plus, a chance to act out scenes on stage with the actors. There’s prizes, surprises, and a whole lot more!

VIP Autograph and Photo Session: Get up close and personal with the Tween Stars. Following the show, hang out with the stars get their autographs and take pictures with each of them! A limited number of tickets will be available. Parents do not need a ticket to attend the VIP Party.

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Meet Peyton List in Missouri February 14, 2015


Peyton List, best known for her role on Disney Channel’s Jessie will be meeting fans at an auto show on February 14, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The information is on this website!

Hope you have fun meeting her!

Tips for Meeting Celebs at Disneyland


Most people I know love Disneyland AND love meeting celebrities so how cool would it be to meet a celebrity AT Disneyland?

Many celebrities visit Disneyland each day. I’m pretty sure Disney Channel, ABC, and ABCFamily celebrities get to go for free as a perk of “working for the mouse.”

One of the best tips I can give you is to follow @DisneylandCeleb on Twitter.
They are great at checking Twitter and Instagram and letting their followers know who is in the parks on any given day.

You can also just do a quick search of the hashtag #Disneyland and check your favorite celebs’ timelines for mentions about upcoming trips to Disneyland.

Once you are at the parks, keep your eyes open. Celebrities look like the rest of us and could walk right by you. Many bigger, more popular celebrities/ athletes will be escorted through the parks by “a plaid”, a cast member who guides the celeb to rides they want to go on and provides information about shows, restaurants, characters and anything else the celeb wants to know.

Sometimes, a celebrity is staying at a Disneyland Hotel and you might run into them in or around the lobby.

A few times during the year, casts of Disney Channel of ABC shows come to the park to film something like the Christmas Parade.

Social Media celebrities and YouTubers are VERY likely to visit the parks around the same time as VidCon in July or other conventions that draw that group!

Many celebrities come to the parks around the holidays. December seems to be a very popular time for celebrities to visit!

Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove seem to be visiting the parks a few times a month.

OK, so now you know how to find out IF a celebrity is at Disneyland .. Now what?

Please remember that many celebrities just want to be at Disneyland and enjoy the rides and attractions with their friends and family without being stopped for pictures or to sign an autograph.

When it’s probably a good idea NOT to approach a celebrity at Disneyland.

If a celebrity is:
walking with young children
looking straight ahead
focusing on family/friends
turning their back to the crowds
not making eye contact,
wearing sunglasses / hat / scarf
using their phone
not posting that they are at Disneyland

These are signs that they aren’t feeling like being social with fans. You can still try to say “hi” but don’t let it ruin your day if they ignore you or don’t respond.

They know that if they appear friendly and social and agree to take a pic with one fan, other fans who are around might ask too and then cause a scene.

When it’s probably ok to approach a celebrity at Disneyland.

The celebrity has posted on social media that they are there.
He/ she is smiling and making eye contact with people.
He/ she is wearing something that reflects their show / channel/ act.
(Some celebrities are at Disneyland hoping to meet fans and promote their projects)
He/ she looks relaxed, friendly “approachable”.

If you are able to find a celebrity and they look approachable, here are some tips on speaking with them.

Scream / yell
Call them by their character’s name
Ask them for their autograph, a selfie AND to call your dog and sing “Happy Birthday”
Touch / Hug them without asking
Over share – you may know everything about them but you are a stranger to them
Bring up personal info – even if you may know that they just had a break up or loss.
Take up a lot of their time

If possible approach them in a non crowded area .. Not in the lines
Or the middle of a crowd.
Let them know how you know them
/why you love them “I love your YouTube Channel I’ve been watching since____” “I love you on _____”
Be respectful of their space.
Be respectful of their time.
Keep your time with them short.
Ask for a picture if you want and they seem friendly and take it quickly, quietly.
Thank them for their time.

I hope I helped you meet a celebrity at Disneyland!

Remember to follow @disneylandceleb

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob I help fans meet celebs by posting info about fan friendly events .




Here’s Calum Worthy pretty much proving my case. He visiting the park on January 17 and posted often – he also took pics with fans!


Here Nathan Kress has tweeted he’s going to Disneyland – so you pretty much if you see him there he’ll be happy to meet you!


Meet Laura Marano at an Auto Show in Alabama February 7, 2015


Laura Marano from Austin and Ally will be meeting fans, taking pictures and signing autographs at an Auto Show in Birmingham, Alabama.

Click Here for more info:


Meet Calum Worthy at an Auto Show in Tennessee January 10, 2015


Calum Worthy from Austin and Ally, Mostly Ghostly 2 and The Coppertop Flop Show will be meeting fans, taking pictures and signing autographs at a car show this Saturday, January 10, 2015.

Click here for info and to buy tickets:


Meet Laura Marano at a Car Show Pittsburgh, PA January 25, 2015


Laura Marano will be meeting fans at an Autorama Car Show on Sunday
January 25th.

The auto show will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Click here for more info and to get tickets:


Meet Laura Marano in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Car Show January 11, 2015


LAURA MARANO “ALLY DAWSON”: From Disney’s TV Show “Austin & Ally”- Sunday 12-4pm

Laura will be meeting fans at the Cavalcade of Cars Auto Show in Ohio!

Here’s the link for more info:


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