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I blurred out al the info saying who this person was or pretending to be because if it was all for attention I don’t want to give her more but it’s so interesting I wanted to blog about it ..

You see my struggle?

You see all kinds of weird stuff on Twitter and it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake. People get bored and want to be noticed so they say the have cancer or are gonna cut or start a fan war.
Here’s an account that got pretty interesting .. The term “that escalated quickly” comes to mind.

Nov 8 at around 9:30 am a new account opened with a pretty mean hashtag ..


This person was saying she was a 5th Harmony fan who wanted 5SOS fans to cut themselves .. She went on to call them fat and ugly and emo. She searched out 5SOS fans and sent about 100 tweets like that. She even tweeted the guys, especially Ashton directly.

Then if anyone argued with her she insulted them even more.

Soon she was RTing people’s tweets who were getting mad at her and being rude back.

She then began acting like she was the victim saying she had been cutting for 6 yrs and that she was bullied for being half black at an all white school.

She tweeted a pic saying she was going to kill herself with a tiny razor blade.


Does she look half black here ? I’m not saying all half black people have darker skin but she asks someone else “Do I need to show you my “big ass nose or crazy hair?” So you’d think her skin would be a little darker than in the picture. Also, if she’s been cutting for 6 yrs how old was she when she started ?


No one ever knows for sure but things are looking very suspicious she started apologizing and people said she should just delete the account not kill herself .. Remember this account was just hours old ..
She then went in to say she started the account to get people mad at her so when she took her life people wouldn’t blame her mom they would know it was because the hate she was getting in Twitter ..


This makes NO sense at all! If she wanted people to find out about her account and not blame her mom .. Then why keep all those tweets explaining that ??? Anyone reading her twitter would know she killed herself because of her mom and the account was just a cover.

So anyway she says she’s going to take pills and drink bleach . She apologizes to the fandoms



Then hours later “Anna’s” sister tweets from the account . She uses the same format as the sister two long notes in a tweet – she uses % and “5sos” lower case letters like her sister ..

The sister says it was the pills that killed her .. Not the Windex or bleach. How would she know that? Even drs would have to do an autopsy. When a celeb dies it takes weeks to find out the cause of death not a few hours.

No ONE single thing points to this being fake but you have to wonder .. It’s a new account.
Started just 2 days ago as a hate account, turned into this dramatic, cutter, suicide threat .. Then says she’s half black and bullied but posts pics of a very light skinned person. Says she’s trying to have a fake reason for killing herself and that she’s sorry for all the hate but never deletes the tweets ..
Sister jumps on Twitter and says she doesn’t know if she’s “doing this right” but does it perfectly and just like her “big sister”.
Up to you guys ..



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