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Sweet Bailee Madison is starring as Clementine in an upcoming Hallmark Channel movie called Northpole. There are tons of awesome stars in this movie including Max Charles, Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Lori Loughlin, Josh Hopkins and Robert Wagner as Santa Claus.

Bailee tweeted that the premiere would be at The Grove in LA on November 4. The Grove is a great place to go to shop, eat and / or catch a movie so we decided to head over there after school.
The premiere was at one of the restaurants there called La Piazza.


Bailee was doing press all day and keeping fans up to date on her Twitter account. Around 6:15 she said she was on her way to the premiere. The premiere was starting at 7:00 and all the other stars were arriving.




A few fans were waiting at the valet area for Bailee and more stars arrived. Bailee posted she was stuck in traffic!

She finally arrived in a beautiful cream colored dress but had to rush to the premiere to meet the press waiting there. She took quick pics!


Her parents were apologizing and said if we waited Bailee would take pics after the red carpet.

So we watched her get pics taken and do interviews.


Her mom was explaining to a few fans who were waiting that Bailee had to fulfill her obligations and then would come over. Soon Bailee came over to the edge of the patio and took pics with fans.


Bailee always appreciates her fans and takes time to meet them. She took several selfies with me.
Here are some of my favorites.


After taking pics with us, Bailee and the rest of the cast went to the theater to watch the movie on the big screen!

The night was magical and Bailee and her whole family are SO sweet ! If Bailee ever tweets about a premiere or event just go and you might meet her too!


I first met Bailee after she starred in Bridge to Terabithia, Drake and Josh’s Christmas and Wizards of Waverly Place. I loved her as Young Snow White on Once Upon a Time and as Callie’s sister on The Fosters. It’s SO fun to see her in new roles and projects.
Bailee is also a huge supporter of charities mostly for kids and animals. She’s a great role model.

I hope you guys follow her on Twitter @baileemadison and maybe even meet her one day!



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