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Unicef and Thirst project are great charities that are helping people in countries where kids don’t have enough food, water or medicine!

Thirst Project builds wells in villages providing life giving water. Without wells girls and woman must walk miles and miles a day on dangerous roads. The girls often can’t go to school if they are the ones who are in charge of getting water. Also, when people drink water from lakes, it is dirty and filled with animal feces and parasites. Millions of people especially children die from the diseases they get from dirty water.

Unicef gives food, water, shelter and medicine to people on need. The Ebola outbreak is killing 1000’s of people in some African countries and kids are becoming orphans. Unicef is finding and helping these kids.


I meet a lot of celebs and go to a lot events where I can get autographs and promotional merchandise !

I have special gifts/ prizes I’ll be sending to people who donate to either charity on MY page.

For a $5 donation I have these cool stickers from WildFlower cases and tattoos from Shake it Up.


I also have Hobbit Bookmarks and Harry Potter trading cards for $5.00 donations


I have tons of stuff from Beauty Con, D23 Expo, charity events, conventions. Follow me on Twitter @alexirob and let me know what thank you gifts you are interested in and I’ll let you know if I still have it. Somethings like the One Direction headband and Kian Lawley shirts will be gifts for $20 donations – the cards are gifts for $10 donations. I have Pretty Little Liars, 5th Harmony, Switched at Birth.

I have limited amounts of things – I’m not selling them- just letting you know how much I appreciate your donations by sending these as thank you gifts!





Here’s the link to my donation pages – I’m trying to reach personal fundraising goals so the thank you gifts are only for donations to my pages .

Thanks! If you have questions ask me on twitter @alexirob or Instagram @alexi.rob

Thanks for helping me help these kids who really need it!

Here are some things I can send for donations .

Depending on how rare they are or how big the celeb is, I’m hoping for donations of $20-$50
Tweet me and let me know how much you can donate and which item you want. DON’T JUST DONATE AND ASK FOE ME TO MAIL YOU SOMETHING. I may have already promised it or someone may have offered a bigger donation for it.










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