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I’ve loved Bethany Mota for a long time. She had less than a million subscribers on You Tube and it was way before her clothing line, perfume and bedroom collection. I’m obsessed with her style and watch every video as soon as she loads it.

I was so happy when I first heard she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars then I heard it was just a rumor. I was so mad and disappointed! Then I finally found out the rumor was true!

I watched the cast be announced on Good Morning America and saw her pics from New York.

On September 6, my mom and I went to the rehearsal place in LA. We got there at 12 and waited. Her last tweet said she was coming back to LA and most other dancers and professionals were arriving at the studio. We met Lea, Janell, Alfonso and few other dancers but no Bethers …





At about 3:30 we decided to leave. You never when when the cast will arrive at the rehearsal place and her partner Derek wasn’t there so it didn’t look like they were coming.

We went to the Grove for about 2 hrs. Then on the way home decided to stop back by.

When we got there we found out Derek and She got there about 1/2 hour after we left! The other people there said Derek drove her and they took pics.

Most teams rehearse for 4-5 hours which meant she wouldn’t be out till 9pm. We decided to wait even though almost everyone else left and it was getting dark!

About 2 hrs later Derek left .. But no Bethany .. We thought maybe he went to get drinks or snacks but he never came back. Then about 1/2 hour later Bethany’s dad drove up.

They stayed inside for a while. Maybe Bethany gave Mr Mota a tour .

Finally, Bethany came out eating a banana and looking gorgeous even after rehearsing for 3 hours!

A few autograph collectors were waiting with us and asked her for autographs. She gave her banana to her dad to hold and headed toward us!


She started signing autographs for the 2 guys and her dad said “one each guys”. The guys weren’t fans; they just wanted to get autographs to sell.


When she looked at me we asked for a picture and congratulated her for getting on the show!


She said Thanks! Nice to see you !


After we came home she tweeted that she was exhausted so I said thanks for the pic and she RT’d the pic of us!! SO COOL!!!


So sorry but I’m not allowed to give out the address of the rehearsal place. It would get out of control since she has so many fans . I hope you all meet her soon! She goes to conventions for You Tubers and Beauty conventions so it is possible to meet her! Don’t give up!

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob I always let people know when and where celebs are meeting fans!!

Make sure to watch Dancing With The Stars on ABC September 15, 2014!

There will be a special number to call and text to vote for Bethany and Derek!

Check out Bethsny’s line at Aeropastale


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