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Is #RIPMariam real or fake

Update : This post was written Monday night. On Tuesday, lots of people said Miriam was fake and that she faked her own death – she’s alive .. She texted a friend, etc. Technically she didn’t “fake her death” she tweeted something out of frustration and a few big accounts assumed she was dead with NO proof and it got all around the Selenators timelines esp when Alfredo Flores tweeted about it.
So last night everyone was crying for her and today they are hating on her –

It really isn’t her fault! So many people tweet things like “I’m better off dead” “no one would miss me if I died” then log off for a bit – if other people just started tweeting #RIP___ and saying you were dead, that wouldn’t be a case of you “faking your own death”.

Too many people just assumed it and tweeted about it. It isn’t fair to be mad at her about it.

Original post:
Before you read this, my point is the story might be fake or real or a just a misunderstanding – the girl might just be feeling bad and tweeted stuff and got off the computer for a while – My point is there is NO proof she committed suicide so trending something and getting people upset over suicide and bullying is premature.

This Labor Day weekend on Twitter gas already been crazy! Someone leaked nudes of celebs – some were fake some were real and there was a crazy story of a girl who had a heart problem. People didn’t know if “Sofia” was real or if she died. Shawn Mendes and Carter Reynolds noticed her so it was all over Twitter.

Monday night Alfredo Flores tweeted about RIP Miriam a Selenator who committed suicide or did she ?

It takes a while to find out if someone actually killed themselves! It might be in the news or relatives and friends might be able to confirm hours later or the next day.

From tweeting about killing themselves to having solid proof takes time ..
️the body is found, police or ambulance are called maybe the person goes to the hospital .. The family and friends are in shock. It takes a while to get the information on social media.

The Account is a girl who speaks Spanish so a lot of tweets from her and about her need to be translated.


If I understand the translation right ..
she wants her stepmom to tweet that she’s dead ? That’s kinda weird! If she tells her stepmom she’s suicidal she’s gonna get her help and not let her hurt herself .. Not just sit around till after she’s gone them tweet about it.

Ok so on her Instagram account it says one account told her to kill herself so she did ..


Does that make any sense to you guys? If an account told you to kill yourself would you just go do that ?

It’s weird because Selena gave an account with almost the same name a shout out today


We have no way of knowing if this girl killed herself or not today.

I think most people found out about her from this account, but read the tweets in order.


She hears about ” another Selenator ”
But then just two minutes later she knows it’s her friend and that she’s already passed.


A few minutes later ..


Wait what ?? She’s asking her to reply .. But she already said she passed.. There’s no new tweet but then


As soon as people saw the hashtag #ripmiriam they all just RT’d it without doing any research .. One “news” article wrote about the girl who “reportedly” killed herself – but Epoch Times is a blog like this .. They just get info from social media so even though it makes the story look real there’s still no proof ..
The article from Epoch Times:
Just putting it out there and you guys can decide if you believe it or not ..


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