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Don’t believe any new accounts claiming to be her – just trolls
Update: well Sofia must be the unluckiest girl in the world if you believe her that is –
Just found an email from the Dr telling her basically “too bad” about her heart – there’s too much gun crime in the area of Royal Hospital for them to help her- go to the end of the blog to read it. Also her home was broken into and she’s had death threats from her dad’s side of the family!

The original blog:
There are some really sad situations out there. Some people have diseases, accidents, are suicidal or self harm. Some people talk about these personal issues on Twitter or other social media sites.
Sometimes celebs notice them and people who have been trying to get noticed by that celeb get really jealous. They want mentions, a trending topic or a shout out / reply from their favorite celeb too!
It’s surprising for a lot of people to think people should fake things like diseases, suicide, self harming, eating disorders but they do. Some people want to be noticed so badly and get so desperate and frustrated that they do crazy things.

This weekend I saw a trending topic: Pray for Sofia #prayforsofia

It was about a girl who said she has a heart problem.
She got noticed by Shawn Mendes and Carter Reynolds so it was all over Twitter. There were 1000’s of tweets about her – sometimes these are true and sadly sometimes they are fake –

I’ve exposed a few fake stores and get tons of hate so I’m NOT saying it’s fake or not.

I’m just going to put out some of the tweets and facts for you to see what you believe.

The account is @fuckyeashawn

She had been tweeting about health/ heart problems for about a week


She said the hospital gave up on her


She said she was being sent home for one day before her surgery


She said the surgery messed her up


These tweets are so confusing and contradict each other – she also says she only has 1-2 weeks to live


Recently she was back in the hospital she was asking people to send her emojis so she could reply to them


She started sending her “last tweets”


As I said Shawn noticed her:


Then after her “last tweets” she was off the radar for a while – about 24 hours – most people said she was in surgery and of course lots if people were “praying for Sofia”
She also said someone (a guy friend) was going to take over her account and wanted everyone to accept him)

Somehow some people said they knew her “personally” and said she was in surgery but had a slim chance of surviving


Finally around 10 am west coast California time she’s tweeting again:




Some people thought she was suicidal since she was sending “last tweets and having someone take over her account.
Some people thought she had surgery overnight and got a pacemaker out in since she never said anything about having a pacemaker before

But she says her surgery was 2 weeks ago not recently


She sure is happy about being noticed my Shawn and Carter and having tons of mentions.

So what do you guys think ?

Here’s how someone described her heart problem:


That’s not what an aneurism is ..

Do hospitals give up on patients?

Do Dr’s send heart patients who need surgery home for a day?

Why do you tweet your “last tweets” and set someone else up to take over your account if you aren’t suicidal or having surgery?

If she had a pacemaker all this time why wait till today to mention it ?

Draw your own conclusions …
Let me know what you think by leaving a comment

The story just gets more and more weird – saw this somewhere DMs from Sofia saying she didn’t tweet all those “last tweets” then who did??


The story is falling apart – Sofia is supposed to be 16 she’d be at a children’s hospital. She just said she was in the hospital – saying it was really cold now she’s saying she was home .. And went to sleep ..

Now she’s saying she was home with her family yesterday Aug 30 she had chest pains ..( but was tweeting the whole day and never mentioned family or pain) and after she fell asleep her mom took her to the hospital to make sure she was safe .. She was in the hospital on 8/28 and never talks about leaving to go home


I’m sure the account will block me but I just went further back In Sofia’s timeline check out this email from the hospital:


I know it’s impossible to read it but you can screencap it to zoom in – basically the dr at this hospital ) for adults ) is saying they can’t help her with her heart problems because of the increase in gun crime in the area – Does that sound right ?
First off a 16 yr old wouldn’t be a patient there.
Second dr’s don’t email minors they might email her parents but they would NEVER say they can’t help her because of the increase of gun violence – this would be all over the news if it was true – also the dr spelled cooperation wrong.

Also, poor Sofia had another scare when an intruder broke into her house


My goodness – this kid is the unluckiest person I know – who would make death threats against a family member with a heart problem ??

Sometime between 1-2 pm on Aug 31 she deactivated her account –

Looks like some people who believed her are really feeling betrayed and posting DMs from her



Also accounts are popping up saying they are Sofia – if she really opens another account she could prove it by going back on her original account posting it then deleting it ..

All so crazy – some people still believe her and say she’s talking to them in group chats .

This account is pretending to be Sofia

It already has almost 400 followers but it isn’t even her – she says she was dared to pretend that she was going to die in 2 weeks or else she would have to tell the principal someone was bullying her –



So fake – we all know you don’t really have to do the “truth” on a dare.

Also she never said she only had 2 weeks to live – her real account was talking about heart problems with way too much detail to just come from a silly dare. Also the “real” Sophia knew how to spell and wouldn’t misspell principal or myself.

Can’t believe 400 people are following a fake account of a girl who faked a disease.

She still has some “friends” who are trying to defend her. They say she’s texting then on group messages.

But they are lies too
Technically, she didn’t tweet that she was there but the email she got from there talks about her going there and being there and that they can’t help her any more since the crime in the area is increasing and her condition is so bad.



Comments on: "Was the Sofia @fuckyeashawn story Fake ?" (4)

  1. wow…i was praying so hard for you. everyone believed her. she trended on twitter for days. SHAWN EVEN NOTICED HER. HE BELIEVED HER. HE PRAYED FOR HER. i feel so bad for him…people will do anything for attention. god…

  2. Wow. I’m not even in you guys fandom. I’m a belieber, but I saw this and I prayed for her. I feel fucked over. This is a disgrace

  3. What the heck SMH this girl disappoints me

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