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So on July 31, 2014 sweet Kian Lawley tweeted a message that the guys moved out of their old house and that he had found some old merch he never sold.


The old house is in Encino and we live 30 minutes away so my mom and I drove over. We got there at 1:30 there weren’t any boxes or bags around about 40-50 t-shirts and 20-25 bracelets in a pile on the driveway


I have friends who love Kian and I’m a huge fan so I took 4 shirts and 6 bracelets.

Then I looked around. There were maids cleaning the house. There were 2 yellow cars with the companies name on them. I also saw some fans in the backyard. I thought that was pretty weird so I looked over and saw the side gate was open.

From that spot at the open gate you can see the trampoline the guys just bought and their pool so I snapped two pics.



We saw some girls going through their trash but we didn’t do that!

When we were leaving we heard a girl talking to a guy who said he was with the maid company. I think they were asking if they could go in but we left.

I posted the pictures I took on my twitter and Instagram @alexirob . A did a contest to give away the bracelets because so many fans were really sad they lived in different states and couldn’t go to the house. Soon I was getting serious hate .. I didn’t even know why – then finally hours later I saw that someone posted this


Somehow Kian saw this lie and RT’d it so tons of people saw it and believed it!
Before I even saw there was all this drama someone asked me if I stole the shirts and I thought they meant the 4 I had and in thought they were joking so I said “yeah”. Didn’t realize that was proof I stole 100 ..
Also when I said “left me merch” it
Was another mistake it was just a typo – I was distracted and wrote “me” instead of merch then wrote merch again .. Why would I try to say Kian left stuff just for me ???? Everybody saw his tweet.

So, I don’t even know how this rumor started. It really bothers me how the person who started it said RT it with out even checking for facts.. Witnesses.. Proof .. There weren’t even 100 shirts when I got to the house. Also, my mom would kill me. The shirts would weigh more than me. The girls there would have chased me down or at least taken a pic of me running down the street with a huge box of shirts.
I think if someone did steal a bunch of shirts it would have to be someone who got there really early or maybe the 1st person there. Otherwise, I think other fans were argue with them or at least take a picture and post it. People were saying I vandalized the house, trespassed, was guilty of breaking and entering again, I’m 11 my mom was with me the while time so no .. I didn’t do anything illegal.

People are still posting hate, bullying and spreading lies about me.

There were girls who came later who said the maids let them in when they left and some took everything dishes, clothes, blankets. Someone even has video of an adult man taking the rabbit cage out of the garage. Some people say that girls swam in the pool, took showers, and tore out parts of the wall that was already damaged.
There were rumors that people were taking showers and baths. I doubt that would happen with random fans coming in and out. I read a lot of fans were inside then when new people showed up they saw the door open and fans inside taking stuff so they thought it was ok too. They figured the guys moved out and left everything so the stuff would be thrown out anyway.

All of this happened after I left. Kian tweeted he was disappointed and did a snap chat saying he would never be able to do anything like this again since people ruined it.

It started out as such a cool thing and really sweet of Kian but some fans really ruined it and made the fan base look really bad by doing stuff to the house. But I think people hating me and lying about me when I didn’t do anything wrong, really makes the fan base look bad too! Some people who think I stole the 100 shirts are even asking to buy them from me.

Well this is what happened. Believe it or not!

And I really want to say thanks to all the cool and amazing people who have been sticking up for me, defending me and making me feel better. Being called a “f’ ing b*tch” is not fun. Also people just won’t accept that maybe they are wrong so I reply back like 10 times explaining what happened and they still go after me saying I should be arrested, ashamed, that I ruin the whole fan base..

I don’t want to back down. I wanted to just delete everything but I think that would make me look guilty and then the bullies win so I won’t !

Looks like Kian has deleted all his tweets about the whole incident. I hope he and the other guys she tagged don’t believe what she said said .. It’s SO unfair!!

I know most of you don’t know me – I’m 11 and was with my mom.





This is a small fraction of the hate I got. All these fans just assumed I was guilty even with no proof . They didn’t even ask they just attacked.


Comments on: "Visiting the old O2L House – when fans attack!" (4)

  1. Aw, I’m so sorry love. I hope everything turns out okay. x

  2. oh my god! that’s so unfair.. I’m 20 and think it’s so sad how immature people can be. I think people should respect you and believe you when you say you took what you did. People shouldn’t make up things, they don’t have the right to, especially without proof! It really sucks that Kian saw only their side too and not yours 😦 I’m really sorry!

  3. Ashleigh said:

    Aww so sorry! Hopefully things will get better!!! People can be so rude. Love you!!! 😘

  4. Alexi I believe u ur my idol and i love u so much and always will #forever #uhavepower #webelieveu #teamalexi

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