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I am my first Comic Con and have to say they really out did themselves at the Walking Dead Experience!

The building is Terminus.


One side has a few walkers behind fences.


One side has the map to Terminus


The front is the train tunnel that so much happened in near the end of season 4. There are a few walkers played by actors.



There is one male walker (not played by a live actor) lying down facing away from the tunnel with an outstretched hand.
You can also see the messages Maggie wrote to Glen.


Lastly, there is a female walker trapped in the rubble from when the ceiling was shot down.


As fans came to pose for a picture with the male walker they were given a fake mouse to use to “feed” it.


The exit was through Terminus which was through the tunnel!




You can see that there are mini shrines set up for people with
A candle
Their first and last name
The city they came from
A few of their belongings

There were toys, teddy bears, a trophy a doll . One might guess that if the people at Terminus are cannibals, these might represent each victim .. And it appears they were children .

There were some awesome fans who were portraying characters as cosplay – here’s a great “Merle”

Don’t you think this guy deserves a hand ??

Even the nearby Hilton Hotel was transformed for Comic-Con!


Pretty much the entire cast came to do a signing on Friday.


And they released the trailer for season 5 which will premiere in October !

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