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I’m at Comic-Con this weekend. It’s my first time so I didn’t know that to expect. We found out Samsung is hosting a “Mocking Jay Experience at the 207 at the Hard Rock near the convention center.

Being huge fans, we headed over. The line was like an hour long then we finally got inside. There are 8 stations.


The first was Peeta’s Bakery and Haymitch’s Elixers


Then people could make shirts with which district they wanted.


There’s a Gallery of Heroes:






You can take pics w “Peeta” “Joanna” and a few people in Panem.


Peacekeepers were all around
If you got out of line or too loud – they got really mad


Then you took a pic with Holgram Images on the actual chair from the movie


And as a reward you got a mocking jay pin.


The first 30 people who went back today July 25 at 9 am were going to be able to watch the trailer with some of the cast – rumors are it’s Jen Josh and Liam .. The trailer is going to be released at 12pm!

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  1. I Seen Part Of Comic Con 2014 On The News Thursday And Friday. Enjoy All The Sights That You Will See At Comic Con. Hope You Met Some Of The Stars From The Series Bates Motel. Have A Good Friday And Weekend With Your Mother Alexi. I Hope There Is More Movie Premieres Next Week And In August. Hope That Madison Pettis Read Your Birthday Tweet That You Tweeted Her. Tiffany.

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